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Good afternoon!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sundays.

Mine is being sorta funny in that I want to be lazy, but I want to be busy, too.  With school starting tomorrow and me being anxious as heck, I can’t sit still — I’m full of restless and anxious energy, but at the same time, part of me is saying, “Take it easy today because tomorrow, you won’t get the chance to breathe.”

I pottered around outside after breakfast, trying to tackle some yard work, but after about five minutes, my stomach informed me that it was about to digest itself and if I didn’t get food in there, stat, things could get ugly.

Funny how hunger sneaks up on you like that, ne?  By the time I sat down with my huge salad beast, my hands were shaking so much that it was hard to snap a photo.

Call Guinness, guys: this is the World's Largest Salad!

I threw in an entire large head of romaine, a couple servings of broccoli and cauliflower, a half a large tomato, a large mushroom, a cup of peas, and a heaping half cup-ish of chickpeas.

I threw on about a quarter to a third of a cup of hummus (didn’t measure, just eyeballed it) and a generous splash of hot sauce.  Or two or three.

I rounded off my lunch with a perfectly ripe pear.  (Yes, sister.  This time an actual pear, not a mislabeled plum.)

Wonderfully ripe and juicy Bartlett pear.

And since my lunch was light in the fat department, I stuffed two dates with a heaping tablespoon of peanut butter and shoved another spoonful into my mouth.

Love dates.  Seriously better than any candy.

That huge two pound tub of them that I got from Costco?  Nearly empty.  Le sigh.  I dread the day I run out.

Oh, and speaking of large tubs from Costco, since Amor bought those epic jars of peanut butter for me a couple weeks ago, I’ve already decimated one 28 oz jar (by myself!) and am steadily working my way through the other.

Clearly dates + peanut butter are an addictive combination.

Can't stop myself, and I don't wanna!

I tried to go back outside to finish up my chores, but alas, the poor hedge trimmer had died.  It’s currently on the charger now, but I’m feeling lazy.

I attacked some of the larger weeds with the oversized scissors designated for that particular chore, but they were dull and I have no idea how to sharpen them.

So I came back inside, and now here I am, vegging on the couch.

Almost out of these, too.

I ate this lemonhead, and now I’m trying to brainstorm on how I’m going to do this whole packed-lunch business.

My first class is at 11:30, and from there, I have three back-to-back classes until about 4:30.

I have a ten minute break between classes, but during each one of those breaks, I’m going to be hauling behind to the next class across campus.

I’m trying to figure out how I’m doing to do this lunch thing.  I’ll be getting up early enough that I can enjoy a large, healthy breakfast, but I get hungry very quickly, and will be starving before my first class.  I don’t know if I could eat in class, and besides, I think snacking down on large, stinky salads would be frowned upon.

What do you pack for meals when you’ll be out and about all day? I can’t eat sandwiches (no gluten, and GF bread is too expensive to eat every day) and I’ve ran out of bars.  What should I pack?

I’ll be at school until late into the evening as well, so I’ll have to pack enough to last me about eight hours or so.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz



Where have I been?


Okay, I’m still sick, but I’m like, a content sick.  Being chronically ill sorta forces you to go through the stages of grief, curiously enough.

First, I was in denial.  No, I’m not sick.  I eat tons of veggies, lean protein, whole grains!  How can I, the model vegetarian, be sick?

Then there was, of course, the anger.  I was — and still am, occasionally — livid at my body and even at God for putting me through this.  Why me?  What have I done to deserve this?

Then bargaining.  Okay, I’ll give up soy.  Okay, dairy.  Now gluten.  Nightshades?  C’mon body: I’ll do anything!  Just make me well!

Then the depression struck.  I cried.  A lot.  And I sat on the couch, eating too much chocolate and peanut butter, and only ventured out of the house for doctor’s appointments and work.

And now?  Acceptance.

I’m sick.  Now to get better!  Easier said than done, but I’m determined to do everything I have to in order to properly heal my body.  I have an appointment with a social worker in a couple weeks, and she’s going to help me get insurance.  Then, a couple weeks after that, hopefully they’ll start some tests for me.

Gotta keep my chin up, right?

Today, my appetite has been through the roof, but it was definitely warranted.

First!  Return of the salads!  (Can you tell I’m excited by this?)

My lunch (more on that in a few) held me over an amazing seven hours.  That’s including four insane hours of yard work.

When I came in, I immediately hopped into the shower, scrubbed off about ten pounds of grime and dirt, whipped up a quick dinner for Amor (going seven hours without eating, for him, is no big — for me?  it’s epic, yo), then threw myself together the largest salad the world has ever seen.

Oh, how I missed you, my beloved salad!

I stopped eating salads there for a while.

Without nightshades, they just weren’t fun.

But now, they’re back — I still have awful edema, but I haven’t noticed any improvement after making dietary changes (taking out eggs, taking out legumes, taking out nightshades — still sick, so adding them back).

And salads are yummy again!  This one contained an entire head of romaine, half of a large tomato, a crimini mushroom, a cup of peas, tons of steamed green beans, half an avocado, two or three huge blobs of hummus, and a generous splash of hot sauce.

Ate. It. Up.

Two ripe, juicy plums.

Since I had done four hours of intense yard work and went an entire seven hours without eating, my appetite caught up with me with a vengeance.

For the record, I also ate two rice cakes smeared with tons of applesauce and peanut flour (higher fat, not that low-fat rubbish) as I sat down to type this.

I inhaled two plums, then went into the kitchen for more.

Peanut Butter Pandas and Chocolate Koala Krisp, shoved into my mouth by the fistful.

As I prepared another snack of dates stuffed with peanut butter and dark chocolate, I ate a few handfuls of cereal.

Nothing tastes better than delicious, filling food after working all day, that’s for darn sure.

I love this chocolate forever and ever.

Okay, funny thing about this chocolate.

I really need to do a post called, “A Bajillion and One Reasons I Love Amor.”  While we were at the natural food store, I spotted this chocolate on the shelf, picked it up, and pined for it.

Then I remarked that I didn’t need any more chocolate, and put it back on the shelf.  Without missing a beat, Amor said, “Yes, you do,” plucked it off the shelf, and threw it in the cart.  I love this man.

Then, I ate a piece, enjoyed it…then promptly forgot about it.  I found it tonight while desperately scrounging up some chocolate.  It was hiding under a box of baking supplies, obviously hiding in wait for a day that I truly needed it.

That was tonight, clearly.

Dates + peanut butter + chocolate = match made in Heaven

After I snapped this awful-no-good-very-bad picture, I threw these dates into the microwave for about fifteen seconds.

I let them cool for about a minute, and then enjoyed every single drippy, melty bite.

My shirt enjoyed it, too.  Oops, sorry, Amor.  Was that your shirt?  My bad.

More chocolate was consumed, of course.

Okay!  Backtracking now.


Spiced cooked apples, peanut butter, and creamy buckwheat groats.

Breakfast may be a new favorite, but the jury’s still out.

While they deliberate, I’ll share the details of what I had for breakfast.

I bought some raw buckwheat groats at the store when I had stocked up on my kasha, but after googling it, I found that some people didn’t like them, claiming that they had a bitter taste.

Since I’m getting a wee bit burnt out on kasha, I decided I might as well try something new.  If I don’t like these untoasted groats, I can always have a bowl of cereal, right?

Could be my new favorite hot cereal, this.

Okay, first off, raw buckwheat groats take longer than kasha to cook.

These took fifteen minutes, about the same as quinoa.

However, they were far more voluminous than quinoa, but not as fluffy as kasha.  The taste, however, was fantastic.  No bitterness whatsoever.  It actually tasted mild and sweet, like oats!

I’m thrilled!  After being oatless for several months, I may have found a suitable replacement for my favorite breakfast staple.

I cooked my groats with a cup of water, vanilla, cinnamon, one whole egg, whisked in some almond milk, then topped it with spiced apples (cooked with a teaspoon of cornstarch, to thicken it like a pie filling) and two tablespoons of peanut butter (turned onto a sauce, with almond milk, and a bit of nuking to get the right consistency.)

I know what I’m having for breakfast again soon!

Okay, now here’s what I’m all excited about, guys.


Oh, boy: lunch.

What is this?

I recently contacted Nogurt, a company that produces a vegan, soy-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and gluten free probiotic yogurt alternative, and expressed interest in their product.

They replied back quickly, and generously offered to send me a few flavors to try.

This is insanely perfect timing, especially with my doctor recommending me to start taking probiotics to restore balance in my tummy.

Well, those samples arrived today.  (Just to clarify, these are free samples given to me from Nogurt, and my review of them is merely my own opinion of them.  There — hopefully I haven’t incurred the wrath of the FCC.)

Wooks: What is it? Oso: Can I eat it?

I immediately tore open the package.

Their arrival couldn’t have been better — they arrived a few minutes before my typical lunch time, so I was more than ready to try one.

Nogurt was extremely generous, and sent me four samples to try out.

Thank you, Nogurt! 😀

Unfortuntely, the pomegranate one had asplode in transit, and I had to throw it out.

However, being the weirdo that I am, I smelled it before tossing it, and it smelled delicious.  If I were slightly less OCD, I would’ve ate it anyway — I almost did, thought, but prudence won out for the time being.

However, that left me with two chocolate and a blueberry to enjoy.

Want to guess which one I went for?

Chocolate, of course!

Psh, chocolate, of course!

No doubt, ever, of that.

Check out the amazing nutritional stats:

Short, simple ingredient list? Check.

As you can see, it doesn’t have a lengthy ingredient list full of weird gums and stabilizers.

This is awesome for me, since I’m very sensitive to gums.  I tried another brand of coconut milk kefir once, if you recall, and had to give it away because all the stabilizers they put in it tore my poor tummy to pieces.

Nogurt doesn’t have any weird stuff in it, which is like, uber-bonus points to me.

Talk about dedication!

I also liked that it’s sweetened with cassava syrup and banana puree.

Anyway, I’m rambling.  I made a long list of my initial thoughts of Nogurt, which I’ll share with you guys tomorrow.

The question is, how did it taste?

Chocolate Nogurt.

As you can see, Nogurt is not yogurt.

The texture is more like kefir than yogurt, which I am fine with.  You’ll see in a moment how I put it to use.

The taste was, in my own opinion, very good.  Delicious, even.

Here’s why I liked it: it was sweet, but not too sweet.  Yes, it has 9 grams of sugar per serving, but as you can see, much of that sugar is probably from banana puree.  I also could taste the banana, but it was very mild and faint.  However, I love the combination of chocolate and banana, so that was not a problem for me.

I also liked that it had a strong chocolate flavor — it wasn’t just sugar with a hint of chocolate, which you might find with other products.

Another thing: it wasn’t tart.  It didn’t taste like yogurt — it was almost like a lightly sweetened chocolate-banana pudding, with emphasis on the chocolate.

I ate about half of it, liking it more and more with each bite, before I realized I had better incorporate it into my lunch lest I spoil my appetite.

Oh, I love dessert for lunch.

Since I wanted my lunch to complement the chocoatey-banananess of the Nogurt, I went ahead and prepared a quick microwave muffin.

I threw together 3 tbs peanut flour, 2 tbs cocoa, 1/3 cup applesauce, 1/4 tsp baking powder, and an egg, then nuked it for about two minutes.

I sliced it up, then layered it onto the bottom of a bowl.

The muffin soaked up the Nogurt like a yummy chocolate sponge.

I topped it with a small banana, sliced, then drizzled the rest of my Nogurt all over it.

I topped it off with about a heaping tablespoon of peanut butter sauce.


This rocked, seriously.  The muffin soaked up the Nogurt, and each bite was a chocolate-peanut-butter-banana explosion in my mouth.

And, like I said, I ate this at 2:30 and didn’t get around to eating dinner until 9:30, and this in including four hours of hard manual labor in the yard.  No sugar crash or anything.  Score!

Melty, drippy, delicious, sweet yumminess.

I can’t wait to try the blueberry one!

The other chocolate Nogurt is in the freezer, by the way.  I have evil plans of running it through my food processor with a banana and seeing if I can’t make a wicked banana soft serve out of it.

Okay, so I’m rapidly approaching 2000 words here, and haven’t really talked about what I’d like to do with thisere blog.

I know this sounds selfish, but I’d like to make this blog more about me, if you guys can dig that.

I felt guilty for being sick, which I think is not entirely atypical of many people.  I worried about dragging you down, but you guys rock.

Thank you, each and every one of you, for the warm and kind comments you left on my last post. I smiled as I read each one of them, and felt so cared for and loved!  You guys are awesome!

But yes, I’d like to personalize this blog.  The fact is, you guys know virtually nothing about me, and I think I’d be more interested in sharing myself with you guys.

Is there anything you’d like to know about me? Or am I being a total narcissist?  Feel free to hit up my FAQ page and ask/tell me about stuff you’d like to see me talk about on this blog.

For starters, if you guys are cool with it, I want to talk a bit more about how I recovered from my ED (binge eating disorder).

I’d also like to talk about any discoveries I make about myself as I journey forth to heal my sick body.  For instance, I think I may have figured out one major factor in why I’m so sick: low stomach acid.  It’s just a hypothesis, though, and I can’t wait until the doctors start testing me.

I’m also perhaps going to reduce my posts to twice a day: perhaps a quick morning post, if my breakfast so fancies me, then a nighttime post to highlight my lunch and dinner.

I need to figure out a way to streamline commenting, too.  It takes me like, two hours each day to comment, because I actually read everyone’s blog before commenting.  I’m not part of the tl;dr crowd.

How do you budget your time for blogging/commenting?

Anyway.  It’s late — after 1 am, and I work tomorrow.  Today.  Yikes.

I’ll be up early tomorrow to catch up on you guys.  I missed you!  All of you! ❤

Thanks for reading!  And thanks for being so awesome!

❤ Kaz


Unpictured: tons of chocolate.


All this yumness:

My addiction. Can't get enough.

Fresh from my yard. My reward for mowing the lawn.

Bed of romaine, cup of peas, 2/3 cup chickpeas, 1/2 HUGE avocado (blended with about 1.5 servings spinach, hunk of onion, garlic, cumin, and lemon juice) and smothered in hot sauce and tons o' hummus.

Largest, sweetest plum ever -- the size of my fist, no joke.

Frozen, of course.

Snacky day. I love bananas.

Keeps my mouth amused. Love 'em.

Without peanut butter = just meh. With? Can't stop eating 'em.

I’m loving my makeshift guacamole, with the spinach in it.  It’s full of fat, creamy, delicious, and healthful.  I definitely prefer it over salad dressing.

Yep.  It was a crazy-snacky day, but I’m struggling with a tummy ache right now.  Something I ate last night disagreed with me.

(I can hear it in my tummy right now defiantly arguing, “No I did not!”  Eternally contrary, ’tis, my food.)

What’s the yummiest thing you ate this weekend? Definitely for me, the dates, and my sister’s spinach guacamole.  Yum!

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz


Okay, so, you know how when I worked last, I was like, “Omg, most awful stressful day at work EVAR?”

I lied.

Today was.

Even my boss turned to me and said, “No offense, but we always have the most crazy days when you’re working.”

Or something like that.

I can’t disclose anything, but boy.  I’m glad to be home.

Pictures o’ food?  Sure, you betcha.

Mid-morning snack. Held me over nicely, suprisingly.

Head of romaine, cup of peas, tons of broccoli and green beans, 3x serving of hummus, and tons of Frank's.

Pretty much demolished these while at work (before and after lunch snackage). Warning: salted mixed nuts are dangerous when dealing with a stressful, fast-paced environment.

Snacked on two rice cakes with peanut butter and applesauce before returning to work.

Yay for having my medjools back in my life! Ate two, and it was a miracle I didn't eat more. I was FAMISHED when I got home.

Sweet potato the length of my forearm, roasted into pillowy medallions, and topped with ~2 tbs almond butter (mixed with ~2 tbs almond milk to make a glaze).

Organic red grapes -- so sweet and juicy and good! Yum. Wasn't hungry, but they were too yummy to resist.

Favre-watch, anyone?

How do you unwind after a long day?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz


This afternoon, as I sat on the couch, preparing to blog, two kittens settled onto me and all bets were off.

I fell asleep.

I slept hard, for two straight hours, and lemme tell you — I needed it.

Lunch was amazingly delicious.

A delicious assortment of fruits and veggies.

On top of a bed of romaine, I added a mix of:

1/4 cup quinoa

1/4 cup golden raisins/craisins

1 cup of peas

6-7 small roasted sweet peppers

1/4 cup chopped onion

1 pear, roasted

1/2 avocado


The sweet peas, peppers, and pears perfectly pleased my picky palate.


I ate all of it, of course.  My sweet tooth was satisfied.

Until my nap, of course.

I love savory/sweet food combinations.

I woke up from my nap with low blood sugar and covered in sweat, most likely due to the two warm furry purr beasts sitting on me.

After chugging a tall glass of cool water, I poked around the kitchen for some simple carbohydrates.

I raided the freezer and scrounged up some cookies left over from last night.

A bit dry, but the taste is fantastic.

I ate two and a half.

I also found a leftover baggie of black, seedless grapes that I had picked up at the store yesterday for my lunch after my doctor’s appointment.

Oh, re: my appointment?  A n0-go.  They can’t help me.  They wanted to refer me to another clinic, and looked visibly relieved when I told them I had another one set for Thursday.  My doc mentioned something about making sure my kidneys are working, which of course, now has me all sorts of new afraid.

I love grapes!

So yeah.

Keeping my brave face on, but I am scared as to why I’ve been so ill for so long.

What’s your favorite kind of cookie? I love chocolate chip.  I see myself eating them for dinner tonight.  No shame.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz

Good afternoon!

Breakfast did not hold me over, unfortunately, so I did have to snack.

Then lunch brought big hunger with it, which needed remedied with some carbs, protein, and fat — stat!  (Whoo!  I rhyme!)

Explosion of happiness in my mouth.

Lunches like today’s are exactly why I’m a food blogger.

It was so good, I have to tell everyone about it.

It was a simple variation on last night’s dinner because yep, I thought that last night’s dinner was that good, too.

Who needs boring salads with icky dressings anyhow?

I brought 1/4 cup of quinoa to a boil with 3/4 cup of water, which was too much, but it worked out in the end, I promise.

In a separate skillet, I sauteed a stalk of celery with a huge hunk of onion.

When the quinoa was cooked, I dumped in a cup of peas, and my sauteed veggies.

Mmm, so yummy!

Since it was so soggy, I decided that, instead of draining it and losing all those awesome flavors, that I’d dump it all back into the skillet that I had cooked my onion and celery in.

Oh, wow, fantastic idea!  My mistake begat a definite winner.

While the quinoa would have picked up all sorts of wonderful tastes from my cooked veggies, by dumping it back into the pan, the extra water de-glazed the onion and celery residue, thereby infusing the flavor all throughout the quinoa.

Very sweet and juicy, despite not being in season.

I dumped it onto a bed of chopped romaine, then topped it with avocado and 2 tbs of hummus (diluted with water to make a drizzle).

One of my best salads to date, no doubt.

I was craving sweets after lunch, so I foraged up the last orange (rhymes with sporange, by the way, so now next time somebody tells you that nothing rhymes with orange, you can say, “Nuh-uh, it rhymes with sporange, and I’m smarter than you, so there, hah!” because you’re ornery like myself) from my fridge.

Fact: don’t really care for cold fruit.  I tried to let it come to room temperature, but was antsy.  My teeth suffered the chill for my impatience.

I love this peanut butter!

I also snacked on a brown rice cake smeared with my favorite peanut butter, the Kirkland Organic.

Omigosh, I could eat this peanut butter smeared on shoe leather…except I wouldn’t, because…it’s leather, and I’m sorta a veggie, so that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

But, if I had to eat shoe leather, this peanut butter would make it palatable.

And chocolate was mandatory.

Love these dark choccy meltaways!

So, I went ahead and made a doctor’s appointment.

I’m excited and anxious — I hope they find out what’s wrong with me, but I’m worried that they won’t actually perform a battery of tests on me like I hope they will.  I’ll be sure to insist on it, though.

The appointment’s not for two weeks, though, which is actually quite reasonable for a sliding-scale open-door clinic with a non-emergency issue.

The only downside?  It’s on my birthday.  I don’t mind, actually.  Birthdays really mean nothing to me, anyway.

Do you like your fruit cold, or do you prefer it eaten at room temperature?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz

Green, for the lack of a better word, is good.

Hah!  Name that twice-butchered quote!

(Twice butchered because, for some strange reason, people like to omit the appositive.)

How’s everyone’s Saturday going?

I’m really diggin’ mine.

Mmm, best leftovers ever!

Yesterday’s lunch was delicious and satisfying and very filling, but I was unable to finish all of its yumminess.  However, there was too much to throw away —

(– throw away?  Never!  Not on your life! –)

— so I stored it in the fridge today and bulked it up with fresh mango and avocado, more black beans and peas, and for some strange reason, I had a hankering for some sweet pickles, so I threw those in, too.

Dare I say it was even better today?

Same as yesterday, I served it over a bed of chopped romaine.

If you haven’t tried this yet, do give it a go.  It really is that delicious.

I also grated a touch of ginger over the top of it, and enjoyed every single bite.

Very filling and tasty!

I had a bit of a sweet tooth after lunch, but there was no fruit in the house.  Yep, I still haven’t gone grocery shopping yet.

But, being the enterprising little smarty-pants that I am, if the food won’t come to me, I will go to the food.

My back yard, to be more precise.

Want one more gratuitous salad shot? Here ya go!

Long story short, either a squirrel or a bird got ahold of a blackberry and then hopped into my yard and evacuated said blackberry in the corner of my yard by the fence.

Last year, when Amor was cutting grass, he suddenly called out, “Hey, Kaz, check this out!”

Evidently the seeds that were, um, dropped in our yard took hold and started to grow.

They’ve pretty much taken over our back yard, and I reluctantly admit that it’s growing out of control and needs to be pruned back, but not before I eat my share of it!

The fruits of my labor.

Besides, all the brambles and snarls are keeping me away from my delicious fruit.

I spent the better part of a half hour, snapping pictures and apologizing profusely to a spider whose web I accidentally broke while clumsily reaching for a berry, and managed to procure only a small handful of the delicious, tart little berries.

Defeated, I came inside, still wanting a snack.

The only fruit in my house right now are frozen strawberries, a jar of applesauce, and another bit of avocado that I didn’t turn into salad.

Oh my mouth-bliss!

Hey, I’m a clever girl, right?

In my food processor, I whirled together several heaping globs of applesauce (and ate several bites in the process, yum), the last of the avocado, a couple tablespoons of cocoa powder, and peanut butter.

If you google “raw avocado pudding” you’ll probably find several similar recipes, but I rather liked the volume and mild sweetness that the applesauce lent to it.  If you’re wondering, no, you can’t taste avocado or applesauce.  It tastes like chocolate peanut butter fluff.  So tasty!

I poured my pudding over a bed of peanut butter sauce (peanut butter and almond milk, nuked then stirred) and crumbled half of a Nutiva chocolate hempseed bar over it.

Like I said, green…is good.

I’m happily full now, and looking forward to a cozy night in with the Amor.  We rented Fantasia, and there might be some grocery shopping in my near future.

Perfect date night, no?

What’s your favorite “healthy” dessert? Between banana soft serve and this choco-pb-avocado pudding, I’d call it a toss-up.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz

Afternoon, everyone!

So, yeah, as I was thinking of what to type, for some reason Bill Nye popped into my head.

Did you ever watch Bill Nye the Science Guy growing up?

Just me?


Well, he had a segment that was prefaced by: “Did you know that?”

Then he would proceed to teach you all sorts of random but interesting factoids.

Mixing bowl's worth of salad.

Did you know that…I had a huge salad for lunch?

I did.  A head of romaine, a fistful of spinach, the last of some green leaf lettuce, two mushrooms, a whole tomato, a half an avocado, a half a can of chili beans, a wedge of bell pepper…

What else is in there?  I have no idea.

Took ages to eat, but so worth it!

Did you know that…I had watermelon for dessert?

It was wonderful.

It was perfectly ripe, sweet, and juicy, and I ate half of it in one sitting.

Strange but pretty swirl in the flesh of the melon.

And did you know that…I experimented with vegan baking this afternoon?

It’s an okay recipe, loosely based on the flourless peanut butter cookie recipe that’s been circulating these days, but I made a few adjustments.

It needs work, still, though.

Very crumbly, but also very peanut-buttery.

Did you know that…I ate two of them?


I did.

The segment would always end just as dramatically as it started: “Now you know!”

So, did you know that…I enjoyed every last bite of my salad, watermelon, and cookies?  Now you know.

Plus, inertia is a property of matter.

What TV shows did you watch growing up? Any other children out there of the PBS generation?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz

Afternoon, everyone!

Remember those onion rings I made a couple nights back?

Well, I had no idea, but apparently my microwave has a “crisp and sizzle” setting on it.  Thirty seconds in the nuker, and my onion rings were just as delicious several days later as they were straight from the skillet.

Mexican-inspired salad, topped with leftover onion rings.

This is valuable knowledge, you know.

Onion rings make fantastic salad toppers.

Though, I admit that I am somewhat embarrassed that I’ve had this microwave for over two years now and never noticed the “crisp” option until now.

And topped with heaping blobs of Newman's Own Cilantro-Somethinganother salsa.

And, admittedly, it was a bit unnerving to watch my onion rings essentially simmer in all that extra oil that was enveloping it.

At least the paper towel soaked most of it up, right?


Delicious, ripe cherries.

I tried to make an epic salad, too, and was disappointed to discover mold growing on two out of three heads of romaine in my fridge.

I had to bin them, of course, which reduced my salad size by like, half.

Shame on you, Winco, for selling rubbish produce.

And the last of my delicious pears. Oh no! How will I survive?

At least the cherries and pears were pretty dang spot on.

However, somehow when I was minding my own business, I got a thought.

Thoughts, with me, are few and far between, so when I actually get one, it’s an exciting moment, and I tend to act on it lest it slip away and I never get another thought again, ever.

This happened spontaneously, and I am not to be blamed for any drooling that may occur.

My thought was this:

I love peanut butter cups.

I love coconut cups.

Why not combine the two?

Now that's what I'm talking about.

And so I did.

There’s no recipe because it was ridiculously simple.  A recipe would be laughable.

I melted dark chocolate chips in the microwave, then placed the melted chocolate in candy liners.  Then I mixed a blob of coconut butter and a blob of peanut butter in a ramekin, and melted it.  I poured it onto my chocolate, and stuck it in the freezer to harden.  Ten minutes later, I poured another layer of chocolate over it, and then ate it.

That simple.

I’m lucky I only made two, and have already sworn one to Amor.  These things are nothing short of habit forming.

And, my bike!

Isn't he handsome?

I’m still trying to name him.

But isn’t it a lovely bike?

What’s your favorite anti-recipe? You know, that recipe that’s so easy that it shouldn’t even be a recipe?  Please share!

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz

Hey, guys!

Sorry for being away today.  I have no valid excuse, except that I’m an immature brat and I was off pouting all afternoon.

You see, I’m not only terribly impatient, but I’m also terribly spoiled.

So ripe that it had cross-hatching from hanging in my fruit basket.

I’ve been pining away for months for a bicycle, and have finally saved up enough money to buy a cheapie from Target.  I don’t need anything fancy — just a nice, little starter bike.

However, when I got to Target, I was struck by a mad bout of OCD and was totally unable to make such a decision to pick out a bicycle to take home.

Amor, seeing my anxious plight and indecision, decided to come to my rescue.  (To clarify, I did ask his advice on the matter.)  He casually suggested that perhaps I research what I’m looking for, then come back and get a bike later.

Delicious salad with the last of yesterday's homemade hummus.

Being the highly volatile and emotional woman that I am, I interpreted that as, “No bike for you,” and I promptly threw a temper tantrum.

The way I throw tantrums, by the way, is shutting down, getting silent, and skulking around broodily.  No walls were damaged by high-speed, projectile tantrums being hurled about by my temper.

He was trying to be helpful, and I know that.  And I truly appreciate it, too, and everything about him.

Perfect salad. Yum!

The silly thing was, I knew what kind of bike I wanted, but when it came down to plunking down the money for it, I froze.

I can’t make decisions for the life of me.

It terrifies me, and for major choices and purchases, I need to consult somebody else to sort of “confirm” that I’m doing the right thing.

Enjoyed on the way to Target.

Amor interpreted my indecision as perhaps I wasn’t quite ready for a bike, and to prevent me from making a choice that I might regret, he suggested I sleep on it and make my purchase later, with confidence.

However, since I was so excited about finally getting my bike, being told I may have to wait an extra day crushed me.

I told you, I’m a spoilt, immature brat.

These took four days to ripe, but this nectarine was absolutely worth it.

After I got home, I went into a full-blown pout for a good hour or so.

Tonight, after dinner, Amor and I were talking, and I somehow got onto the subject of the bike again.

Very clearly, I explained to him my exact needs and specifications for a bike, and the fact that Target had a bike that met all of my criteria.

Snacked on while I tried to decide what to make for dinner. I love sweet potatoes, burnt or not.

He listened attentively, and when I was finished speaking, he said, “You sound like you know what you’re talking about.  Why don’t you get your bike tomorrow?”

Yay!  I’m getting a bike!

Amor is wonderful, and is the most kind and sweet person I know.  I feel extremely happy to have him as my fella, and validated that he understood me.  I also feel very foolish for allowing myself to get upset about being delayed a day for my bicycle.

First blackberry of the season. Very tart, but so very good.

Anyway, this is all very personal, but I guess I needed to sort of confess.

99% of the time, I’m cool and level-headed, then about 1% of the time, I regress into full blown prat.

I think it was the stress of these past few weeks finally catching up with me, but I’m sure that once I get my bike, I’ll be able to get out of the house, get some exercise, and burn off some of this restless energy.

Peas, a red potato, and melted rice cheese. So good!

After my pout, I moved into the kitchen to start dinner.

Somehow, I didn’t budget my groceries very carefully, because the  only veggies I have left are salad fixings and broccoli.

A quick survey of the freezer revealed frozen (how else?) peas.

Great.  I have peas.  Now what?

This was so very tasty!

I decided to boil a potato, and mash it with some peas.  Très exciting, no?

I also thought that sauteed onion might taste good with it, grabbed one and started chopping.

However, as I chopped, I suddenly and randomly thought about how much I liked onion rings.

One or two bites were left, so I finished it off.

And hey, onions are a vegetable, right?

On a whim, I pulled out a mixing bowl and started throwing random ingredients into it.

I didn’t consult a recipe, but based this recipe on what I thought onion rings should taste like.

Can't get enough grapes.

I knew they needed some leavening, or else they’d be heavy and greasy.

I also knew that they had to be somewhat like a pancake batter, but thicker, so that they would stick to the rings.

Amor was amused to know that, as a Southerner, I didn’t know how to deep fry.

I can’t be the only person born and raised in the South that lacks that skill, am I?

Em, your chocolate is in danger!

All in all, I’m extremely impressed with how they turned out, and Amor actually ate half a batch of them by himself.

I asked him if he’d eat them again if I made them again, and he readily agreed.


More like onion ringlets -- my shallow skillet wouldn't hold full-sized onion rings.

Gluten-Free Onion Rings:

1/2 cup garbanzo bean flour

1/2 cup brown rice flour

10 cracks of fresh ground black pepper (1/4 tsp-ish?)

1/2 tsp paprika

1 tsp minced garlic

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 cup water, minus 1 tbs

1 tbs balsamic vinegar

1 tbs olive oil

1/4 tsp salt, to taste

Combine dry ingredients in a mixing bowl.  Pour 1 tbs vinegar into a measuring cup, then fill to the 1/2 cup mark with water.  Add wet ingredients to dry, then stir until mixed.  You may need somewhat less water, or more, to make a thick batter (you’ll want it to be almost like wallpaper paste, rather than like pancake batter).

Coat onion rings, then fry about a minute each side on medium high heat.  (I used a skillet filled about a quarter inch with oil.)

Enjoy!  Let me know if I should clarify this recipe, or if you have any questions!

What kind of person are you when it comes to choices and decisions?  Are you spontaneous, or do you mull things over before committing to a decision? I’m telling you, for the life of me, I cannot make even the smallest choices sometimes without help.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz