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Good afternoon!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sundays.

Mine is being sorta funny in that I want to be lazy, but I want to be busy, too.  With school starting tomorrow and me being anxious as heck, I can’t sit still — I’m full of restless and anxious energy, but at the same time, part of me is saying, “Take it easy today because tomorrow, you won’t get the chance to breathe.”

I pottered around outside after breakfast, trying to tackle some yard work, but after about five minutes, my stomach informed me that it was about to digest itself and if I didn’t get food in there, stat, things could get ugly.

Funny how hunger sneaks up on you like that, ne?  By the time I sat down with my huge salad beast, my hands were shaking so much that it was hard to snap a photo.

Call Guinness, guys: this is the World's Largest Salad!

I threw in an entire large head of romaine, a couple servings of broccoli and cauliflower, a half a large tomato, a large mushroom, a cup of peas, and a heaping half cup-ish of chickpeas.

I threw on about a quarter to a third of a cup of hummus (didn’t measure, just eyeballed it) and a generous splash of hot sauce.  Or two or three.

I rounded off my lunch with a perfectly ripe pear.  (Yes, sister.  This time an actual pear, not a mislabeled plum.)

Wonderfully ripe and juicy Bartlett pear.

And since my lunch was light in the fat department, I stuffed two dates with a heaping tablespoon of peanut butter and shoved another spoonful into my mouth.

Love dates.  Seriously better than any candy.

That huge two pound tub of them that I got from Costco?  Nearly empty.  Le sigh.  I dread the day I run out.

Oh, and speaking of large tubs from Costco, since Amor bought those epic jars of peanut butter for me a couple weeks ago, I’ve already decimated one 28 oz jar (by myself!) and am steadily working my way through the other.

Clearly dates + peanut butter are an addictive combination.

Can't stop myself, and I don't wanna!

I tried to go back outside to finish up my chores, but alas, the poor hedge trimmer had died.  It’s currently on the charger now, but I’m feeling lazy.

I attacked some of the larger weeds with the oversized scissors designated for that particular chore, but they were dull and I have no idea how to sharpen them.

So I came back inside, and now here I am, vegging on the couch.

Almost out of these, too.

I ate this lemonhead, and now I’m trying to brainstorm on how I’m going to do this whole packed-lunch business.

My first class is at 11:30, and from there, I have three back-to-back classes until about 4:30.

I have a ten minute break between classes, but during each one of those breaks, I’m going to be hauling behind to the next class across campus.

I’m trying to figure out how I’m doing to do this lunch thing.  I’ll be getting up early enough that I can enjoy a large, healthy breakfast, but I get hungry very quickly, and will be starving before my first class.  I don’t know if I could eat in class, and besides, I think snacking down on large, stinky salads would be frowned upon.

What do you pack for meals when you’ll be out and about all day? I can’t eat sandwiches (no gluten, and GF bread is too expensive to eat every day) and I’ve ran out of bars.  What should I pack?

I’ll be at school until late into the evening as well, so I’ll have to pack enough to last me about eight hours or so.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz



Another weekend comes and goes, right?

But hey, the week offers all sorts of promise, and I can be hopeful.  I officially start working again this week, which could be entertaining on so many levels, and of course, my doctor’s appointment is this week.  Oh, and my birthday.  I’m old!

Tonight, I decided I wanted pupusas for dinner.

I told Amor what I was having, and he arched a brow at me and stated, “That just sounds wrong.”

Pupusa.  It does sound rather…naughty, does it not?

My first pupusa attempt.

Maybe I’m just immature.

Goes to show, birthdays don’t mean nothin’.  I may be approaching the scary side of my 20s, but I can still snicker at the word “pupusa”.

Since all I had was medium-grind corn meal, I had to improvise and make my own corn flour.

I threw about a cup-ish of corn meal into a tall cup and went at it with my hand blender.  It did a pretty darn good job, but the stick blender heated up the corn meal and my entire house smelled like a stable — ganky horse feed, basically — for the rest of the evening.

Served alongside a some pinquitos.

Not too bad for my first try, but I think I made the dough a bit runny, since it stuck to my hand, despite oiling it up.

I ate my improvised pupusa alongside a heaping cup and a half of pinquito beans.

However, dinner didn’t satisfy me, and I was foraging up dessert as soon as my dishes hit the sink.

Very ripe Bartlett pear.

I noshed away on this extremely ripe, almost too ripe, pear.

Then I wanted some grapefruit, and went for it.

It was almost past its prime, but was still very juicy and delicious.

Awful lighting in my forgive me.

My makeshift dinner held me over for a couple hours, then the cravings for chocolate and peanut butter and, well, just plain fat kicked in.

My dinner was sort of low in fat, so yep.  A bit of fat was definitely in order.

Since I’m not one wont to chug directly from the olive oil bottle, I went for a more palatable form of fat.

A curious find.

This bar was something I picked up on Friday, after my doctor’s appointment, on a whim.

It was decent, but seriously lacked in the chocolate department.

My craving unsatisfied, I whipped up an improvised mousse, which tasted great, but at that point I realized I wasn’t hungry, and the mousse would not be appreciated for all of its delicious glory.  I stuck it in the freezer for future use.

Delicious organic peanut butter and dark choccy meltaways.

Then I asked myself, if I just want peanut butter and chocolate, why don’t I just have some peanut butter and chocolate?

Problem solved.

No, I wasn’t hungry.  Yes, I wanted chocolate and peanut butter.

My diet philosophy?  Eat what I want, when I want it.  I find if I deny myself my cravings, I’ll wind up eating around that craving until I cave in and eat what I want.

So I eat what I want, whenever I want it.  It makes me happy, and therefore is a win-win philosophy.

(That said, I could never be a meal planner, because my mood and hunger and appetite changes by the minute.  Sure, the schedule may say tonight is mashed potatoes and green beans, but my tummy tells me it’s a beans and rice sort of evening.)

Do you have a food philosophy? Please share it!

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz


My tummy has been knotting, clenching, and threatening me all afternoon, so my lunch came late.  I don’t doubt that sleeping in today also helped knock my appetite back a bit.

Around four-ish or so, I grabbed a pear.

Pears are so delish!

Instead of my usual D’Anjou, Bartlett’s were on sale this week for 88 cents a pound.

I have to say, if a person imagines what a pear tastes like based on what manufacturers want us to taste (for instance, I’ve never tasted a grape that tasted like grape candy), this is it.

I think Jelly Belly based their “Juicy Pear” on Bartlett’s, because this one was both sweet and tangy.


Then I wasn’t hungry again until about half-past five, when the only thing that didn’t sound absolutely repugnant was tinned pumpkin.

Pumpkin custard with molasses, peanut butter, and coconut milk.

I should clarify — I still have a solid appetite, and food in general doesn’t sound nauseating, but most things come off as mostly ‘meh’ to me right now, and some things are making me want to hurl.

Like, doing the dishes.  Gagged pretty fierce on that one, but serves me right waiting two days to clean ’em.

So, I had tinned pumpkin.

Now what?

A wee bit too tart for my delicate tummy, but delish nevertheless.

I threw a cup of tinned pumpkin, a half a cup of unsweetened applesauce, a teaspoon of cinnamon and vanilla, a teaspoon of blackstrap molasses, and a dash of nutmeg into a pan.

When it was heated through, I cracked a whole egg into pot, and stirred until thick and creamy.

I topped it with a huge glob of peanut butter, more molasses, and two tablespoons of full-fat coconut milk.

Mmm, so good!

Good, but next time I make it, I’ll use banana in the place of the applesauce.  The apple was a tiny bit too tart for my tummy today.

So, the girl I was covering for at work on Saturday was very sick.  I’m guessing I maybe caught her sick on top of whatever else is making me sick?  That, or I’m having a food sensitivity reaction.

On a side note, I tried to bump up my doctor’s appointment by a few days, but it was a no-go.  My doc is out of town.

However!  When I called to make my annual, the girl on the other line asked me how I was feeling.  I told her honestly, not so well.  Turns out they don’t do annuals when their patient is already sick, but since the doctors there specialize in many areas of a women’s health — and I just so happen to be a woman — I’ve managed to snag myself a doctor’s appointment for Friday.

Score!  I told her my symptoms, so hopefully they can take a look, rule some stuff out, and maybe refer me out somewhere else if it’s out of their realm of knowledge.


What do you eat when your tummy hurts?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz


My appetite has been so strange today.

After my huge breakfast, I was famished not even an hour later.  Dude, body?  You’re confusing me.

I chugged water, and after it didn’t silence my demanding tummy, I ate half of a Boomi Bar.

Then I was hungry again.

Golden delicious apple.

So I had an apple.

Then I was hungry again.

All I wanted was okra — crispy, roasted okra.

Dipped in ketchup, mustard, and BBQ sauce.

Instead, I had sodden, floppy okra.


My protesting stomach tried to choke it down, but none of my condiments tasted “right”.

Ate it anyway.  Hungry, remember?

Boomi bar and pear.

Then I was still hungry, and had the other half of my Boomi bar and a pear.

I just filched a piece of Amor’s chocolate with almonds.

My stomach keeps flipping back and forth between hunger and nausea.

Body, why do you hate me so? (Might have something to do with the buffet yesterday, actually.  Who knows what gets cross-contaminated, right?)

I’m counting the days til my doctor’s appointment, that’s for darn sure.

Do you prefer your chocolate plain, or do you prefer it with something like fillings, fruit, nougats, or nuts embedded in it? I’m a plain purist, but sometimes my cravings steer me elsewhere.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz

Hey, guys!

I need to make this quick; I leave to get my mum in about two hours, and the is still some work that needs done (mopping, dishes, make the bed, et cetera).

Today was very busy, but extremely productive.

As I was throwing some ingredients into my blender, there was a knock at the door.

It was Em and Kay, bearing gifts.

These tasted so sweet and amazing!

From the garden where she volunteers, Em had a bag full of fresh produce for me.

These peas were like candy.  I ate countless amounts, and they were insanely good.

Also in her bag was more of those amazing lemons that she had shared with me before.

I squeezed half of one (which produced something like a quarter cup of juice, no joke) into the blender and whirred it up.

The BEST smoothie ever!

I packed the smoothie to the brim with spinach, half a carton of coconut water, half a banana, half bag of frozen cherries, a hearty splash of almond milk, two scoops of rice protein powder, and the juice of a half a lemon.


I kid you not, that lemon juice MADE this smoothie.

Em and Kay each took a sip and agreed that it was pretty dang good.

Cranberry lemon MIM with coconut butter.

Then Kay and Em did me probably the world’s best favor in the entire world.

They volunteered to help me haul two years worth of recycling to the recycling center.

Wow.  Dude, we had 26 pounds of aluminum cans, and 126 pounds of bottles and jars to be recycled.

Is that insane or what?  That’s 152 pounds that aren’t going into landfills, our oceans, or to pollute the earth.

It paid pretty well, too.  We walked away with a cool fifty bucks for our work.

Perfectly ripe and juicy.

I came home feeling peckish, and snacked on a couple of carrots before preparing a MIM to hold me over.

I mixed in a handful of craisins and the juice of half a lemon into the mix, then topped it with coconut butter.

Not bad!

And, about a half hour ago, I was hungry again (polishing the floor is hard work!  I had the windows open and I was sweating in 55 degree weather) and enjoyed an extremely ripe and juicy pear.  Delish!

Creamy, sweet, crunchy, delish!

And, I just ate two rice cakes with a quarter cup of peanut flour and the last of my applesauce and cinnamon.

It satisfied all my cravings, but now I’m still a bit hungry.

I’m probably going to nibble on a Larabar (I woke up starving last night and ate half before going back to bed) and who knows what else.

Two hours until I get to see my mum!

Do you recycle?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz

Good evening, everyone!

I had a pretty fun day; I hope yours was, too?

My breakfast held me over until about four-ish this afternoon, at which point a light lunch was necessary before I headed out to run some errands at Target.

Rice cake with almond butter.

I ate a dense rice cake with a smear of almond butter and snagged a pear to snack on in the car.

A lemonhead also went undocumented into my mouth.

Properly fueled, Amor and I went to Target for one or two “essentials”.

Yeah, funny how things sort of leap into your cart and add up, ne?

I love pears. Yum!

Our bathroom tissue, kitchen cleaner, and television cables turned into new movies and chocolate bars.

Hey, that’s not bad at all.  Now I can say that my future will be chocolately and entertaining, and if I grow bored, I can clean the kitchen or, eh, use the facilities.

However, as we were leaving Target, my hunger kicked in full force, and I suggested to Amor that we find a restaurant to scrounge up some eats for us.

This is where my camera cuts away, alas, since I did not grab it on the way out because I had no idea that I would get so hungry while out.

We went to our favorite hole-in-the-wall Thai place, and I ordered rice noodles with veggies and peanut sauce.  I’ll admit it, I order that dish for the peanut sauce.  I pretty much licked the dish clean.

See? Told you. Pretty dots!

However, my hunger would not shut up, and as soon as I got home, I prepared a second dinner.

In my blender, I mixed a serving of spinach, a cup-ish of frozen cherries, a serving or so of frozen strawberries, a scoop of brown rice protein powder, and two scoops of cocoa.

I mixed a heaping teaspoon of coconut butter with a bit of sweetened vanilla almond milk, nuked and stirred, then drizzled it onto my smoothie.

So fun to eat!  I have hereby dubbed it “Cold Cocoa,” seeing as it is chocolate-y.  Plus, you know when you get hot cocoa and it comes with those emaciated little dehydrated marshmallows in it?  Yep, that’s what my little dots looked like.


Strangely enough, I was still hungry.  I’ve been such a bottomless pit as of late, but a quick verification does indeed confirm that I do have a bottom, but it’s just not visible when I’m sitting.

Just in case you wondered.  You know.  About my behind.

Yep, moving on.

While reading Chelsey‘s blog today, I read that she froze her Larabars.  Okay, I love frozen foods.  You know diet gurus tell you to freeze trouble foods to deter yourself from eating them?

To me, that makes them all the more irresistible.  I freeze frosting, cookies, muffins…just so I can eat them frozen.  To keep myself from eating things…well, I guess that doesn’t happen.

Either way, frozen Larabars are absolutely insane.  Yum.  If you’re not freezing yours yet, do it.  Now.

Genius, Chelsey.  Genius!

Now I’m finally full and comfortable, and I think I’m going to go curl up with Amor on the couch or somthing.

Do you like frozen foods? Or do your foods have to be served according to conventional instructions? It’s a texture thing, I think — frozen cake is simply dangerous, especially with huge layers of frozen frosting.  So yumtastic.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz


I hope your Saturday was as nice as mine.

My dinner, however, was not nice.

But!  I didn’t let it get me down.

For dinner, I was seriously craving roasted sweet potatoes.

Looked great, but they were soggy and mealy.

They look yummy, do the not?

They were not.  They were soggy and flavorless and bland.

Yech.  I choked down half, and threw the rest down the rubbish bin.

I also attempted a smoothie, and there is no picture because it was simply that awful.

At least this tasted good!

Finally, I pulled my almost empty jar of peanut butter (that I was saving, dang it!) and filled it with one and a half rice cakes.

I heated up some applesauce and dumped it upon it.

Finally, I topped it with raisins and cinnamon.

Tasty, but not filling.

Strangely, it's too sweet for me?

Finally, I conceded, and grabbed a Larabar.

What I would have given for fresh fruit at or vegetables at this point.

Amor and I settled in and watched Fantasia, as planned, and it was as awesome as I remembered it to be.

Yes! Fresh fruit!

Night on Bald Mountain still scared me tonight as much as it did when I had first watched it almost twenty years ago.

Warning to parents: do NOT rent Fantasia and think it’s a children’s movie.

I’m telling you, it gave me nightmares for weeks.

Dancing hippos and pirouetting blossoms?  That’d scar any child’s mind for life.

I want my Kirkland Organic peanut butter back!

We returned the movie, hit the grocery store for some essentials (we need to get a few more groceries before my mum comes to visit, or else I would have broken the bank).

I stocked up on fresh fruits, and as soon as I got home and got the perishables put away, I tore into a pear smeared with peanut butter.

This is Adam’s Natural Peanut Butter.  He can keep it.  I want my lightly salted, organic Kirkland peanut butter back.

Hmm, I may have to pester Amor to pick me up some next week.

What the best peanut butter you’ve ever tasted?

Have you ever seen Fantasia?  Did it scare the heck out of you, too?

Whoa, bonus double question night for us, hey!

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz

Evening, everyone!

Sorry for wandering off on you like that, but I had a very busy day that essentially boiled down to sitting around and waiting for information.

I know, oxymoron, right?

That’s so me.

Lunch was leftovers, reheated, with an extra serving of frozen peas and some chopped tomato and avocado added.

Even better today!

Was very good.

Eats also included:

I'll be sad when I run out of these. Best pears ever!

And not to be forgotten, I also had:

One of my favorite bars, for sure.

A very good lunch, if I do say so myself.

However, it didn’t end there.

My hunger beast was out in full force tonight.

Chewed to fight off the hunger beast. Was a total fail.

I tried to keep my mouth busy with a bit of gum, but yep.

I swallowed it.

I can’t be the only one who eats her gum, can I?

Ate three of these tonight!

The course of the afternoon was met with three Lemonheads.

I had a very stressful day, alas, and did take it out on the food.

Not the food’s fault, so I have no idea why I keep punishing it.

And grapes, too!

Apparently, I ate grapes, too.

Love cold fruit in the summer, even if the outside temperature doesn’t break 60 F.

Hunger came back, strangely enough.

And I was still hungry, so I enjoyed 1/4 cup of peanut flour mixed with frozen cherries and a spoonful of peanut butter on top.

Then, I had a long chat with my sister, and before I knew it, it was time to make dinner, but I hadn’t started dishes yet.

Stress alert! (This is where the other two lemon heads were consumed, by the way.)

I ate a serving of these chips. Yummy, but totally unnecessary.

I may have to limit my potatoes from here out, due to the fact that they are nightshades and that might be what’s making me sick.

Of course, my brain went, “No more potatoes?” and so I attacked a bag of chips.


Ate half of this, too. Boy, I was hungry.

Finally, after half of this hemp bar, I pried myself away from the food and did dishes.

And prepared a lovely feast for Amor.

With potatoes.  And cheese.  And lots and lots of envy.  But mostly lots of love.

Broccoli with hummus.

To keep dinner light, I ate some broccoli with hummus.

I also placed hummus between cucumber slices, to make little cucumber-hummus sandwiches.

T’was good.

Love my cukes!

And still I was hungry!

I have no idea what’s going on.

So, I enjoyed a rice cake with almond butter and applesauce.

Sweet and crunchy. Very tasty!

A bowl of homemade sorbet was also consumed.

I mixed a half a banana with a half cup of frozen blueberries and about 1/4 cup of frozen raspberries.

Mmm, seeds stuck in my teeth?  My idea of a good time, for sure.

Loved this!

And my hunger beast was still roaring, so I placated it with about 1/4 of a Cashew Cookie Larabar and a half of a Peanut Butter Cookie bar.

I think I should have waited, though, for my satiety signals to reach my brain, because now I’m uncomfortably overfull.

Oh well.

What’s the tastiest thing you ate lately? I think my makeshift sorbet was the winner today!

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz


Sorry for being away all day, but Amor and I had adventures to attend to.

I’m excited to report that Amor and I are now the proud new owners of…furniture!

Oh, do try to be excited for us.  Our house is so spartan, and it’s about time we settled in and started decorating.

Eaten while out. I love these bars!

We spent about an hour or so milling around the furniture store, and kept coming back to one set that we liked.

So, we went for it!

Amor’s a brilliant photographer — I’d link to his dA, but I’d probably totally mortify him — but I suggested that we blow up a couple of his pictures and frame them.  He seems keen on the idea, so I’m looking forward to having our house start to resemble a home.

Only wound up eating one.

Since my lunchtime overlapped with our outing, I snacked on a Boomi bar before we left the house.

I got hungry after we  made our furniture purchase, so a single clementine was consumed.

It was the perfect snack, yum.  I love citrus fruits.

Enjoyed as a pre-dinner appetizer.

We swung by the Natural Food Store on the way home, much to my delight.

Amor does know how to show a lady a good time — first furniture shopping, then a jaunt to the NFS?  I’m all about that.

I picked up some essentials, such as coconut oil and chocolate.  Odd, but assuredly, essential.

Couldn't wait until dessert, so I cracked into it as soon as I got home.

Once home, I was hit by a sudden craving for veggies.

But, first: the important stuff.

The chocolate was leering at me the entire ride home, and I don’t stand for promiscuous chocolate.  There was only one thing to do, and I did it with gusto.

I got me a piece o’ that.

Probably the most delicious dinner of all time.

Whoa, smoothest chocolate ever.

The moment it hit my tongue, it started to melt, and my palate was immediately rewarded with an intense dark chocolate taste.

It was only three and a half bucks for 100 grams — a snipe, really.  It wasn’t bitter in the least, and for dessert, I found a half-dozen more blocks disappearing into my mouth.

Roasted sweet potato medallions with peanut butter sauce.

Dinner was an absolute win, as well.

Since I had a light lunch, and was craving vegetables the moment I walked in the door, I decided to make myself an early dinner.

I first steamed, then roasted, an assortment of cruciferous — “farty” to us laypeople — vegetables.

To strech my hummus further, I cut a half a tub with a tin of pureed chickpeas.  Brilliant idea, if I do say so myself.  You could still taste the hummus, but the chickpeas had their moment to shine, as well.  I thinned it with a touch of water, and dribbled it onto the veggies.

Whoa, yum!  The steaming made them soft and tender on the inside (like me! can we get an “awwww“?) but crispy and toasty on the outside (not like me, fortunately, unless I spend more than .04376 seconds in the sun without a minimum of 1000 SPF sunblock).

I smooshed the hummus into the veggies and my tummy beamed at me in thanks.

On the side, I enjoyed roasted sweet potato medallions with peanut butter sauce.  Shoot, forgot the cinnamon.  Oh well; they were still delicious.

Amor and I then snuggled onto the couch and watched AVP (Aliens versus Predators).

Wait, pet peeve there.  I hate it when an acronym is used to save time (in this case, AVP) then somebody has to go and spell it out to you anyway.  OMGITFAL (oh my gosh, I totally fail at life)!

Good, but simple, movie.  I enjoyed it.

What’s your pet peeves?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz


I hope everyone enjoyed their Saturday night.

Amor and I were indecisive tonight.  First, we wanted to rent a movie.  Then, no, we didn’t.  Then that turned into “meh” which finally became, “What the heck, why not?”

And so movie night it was!

Simple sauté, but was delish!

Before we headed out, I enjoyed a quick dinner of sautéed vegetables and cannellini beans.

In a hot skillet with a bit of olive oil, I added chopped onion, green peppers, and steamed cauliflower.

When it was tender, I threw in some tomatoes, mushrooms and mustard greens.

Took all of ten minutes to prepare.

When the greens wilted down, I tossed in a half a cup of rinsed cannellini beans, then sautéed until heated through.

I sprinkled it with some basil and oregano, as well, just for extra flavor.

Simple, fast, tasty, and totally tummy friendly.

Amor ate one clementine; the rest of the damage was me.

For dessert round one, I enjoyed an assortment of fruit.

Em generously shared a bag of clementines with me last night, so I partook in one and gave the other to Amor.

However, I was still hungry not long later, and scrounged up some chocolate.

Ew, HFCS and gelatin? For the price I paid for that? Ghirardelli, I'm disappointed in you.

And for some reason, tonight, I could not get full.

Amor and I picked up The Fugitive tonight at the video rental place.  I caught a glimpse of it on some channel earlier today, and within thirty seconds, knew I had to see it.

Amor kindly obliged.

While watched, I snacked on a very ripe, juicy pear.

Not as good as D'Anjou, though, but still yummy.

My stomach would not shut up tonight.

I wound up also eating another two pieces of chocolate, and the last of my sweet potato rounds from earlier, smeared in almond butter and peanut butter.

Even know, my stomach still feels…weird?  Hungry, but like, a cold hunger?  But why, I wonder?  I fed it plenty.

I already had a Tums, too, just in case it was acid, but no.  It’s still there, and it still feels like hunger.  How odd.

By the way, if you haven’t seen The Fugitive yet, go rent it now.  Highly recommended.

Who’s your favorite actor/actress? I can’t say for sure who mine is, but when I saw both Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones starred in The Fugitive, it definitely contributed to my interest in it.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz