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Good afternoon!

Okay, so that loud whooshing sound is me letting out my breath.  I was so worried I might offend somebody with last night’s post that I actually forwarded it to my sister for a “sensitivity check” and still fretted I might hurt somebody with it.

I know.  I’m the sensitive one, so worried about upsetting everyone else.  Yep.

I appreciate you guys sharing with me the charities that are close to your heart.  I realize that you shared something with me that was very personal and intimate, and I’m touched that you comfortable enough to share that with me.  Thank you!

Anyway, thanks for the suggestions on haircare!  Surprisingly, that circa-2003 Suave is the best stuff I’ve used before, but another type of Suave made my hair fall out.  You win some, you lose some.

Perhaps I should just look at recipes for making my own shampoo?

Speaking of recipes, while I don’t have an official one for you here today — it’s stuff you’re all familiar with — I had a total win with my breakfast today.

It was so good that I actually didn’t eat it.

Peach Cobbler Breakfast MIM

I threw together a simple MIM — 3 tbs peanut flour, 1/4 tsp baking powder, cinnamon and vanilla, 1/3 cup (estimated) applesauce, and a whole egg — and microwaved it for a couple minutes.

There was a peach on the counter beckoning to me, and I couldn’t resist.  I chopped it into bite-sized pieces (it was an epic Costco peach, by the way) then threw it into the nuker for about two and a half minutes, until it was simmering in its own juices.  I added a sprinkle of cinnamon and vanilla to the peaches, then added a splash of almond milk to round out the flavor.

I layered the MIM into the bottom of my bowl, added the peach, then topped it with an almond butter sauce (almond butter + almond milk, nuked) and a handful of sliced almonds.

It tasted like dessert, seriously.


Holy yum, but this stuff was good.

I ate a few bites of it, until I realized that there was no way my conscience would let me keep this to myself.  I had to let Amor try it.

He’s generally very receptive to trying new things, but mostly, he tastes my food to be polite.  So, when I offered him a bite, I acknowledged that he accepted it not because my breakfast looked good, but he wanted to spare my feelings.

It even looks delicious! Or not.

He took the bite, and that’s when a curious expression crossed his face.

“Did you like it?”

“It tastes like a cobbler!”

Great.  My breakfast tastes like shoes.  Or rather, a shoemaker.

I'll definitely be making this again.

I ate a few more bites, then asked Amor if he wanted another taste, and was completely floored when he said yes.

What?  He’s actually wanting to eat something that is Kaz-Food?

I was so thrilled that he enjoyed it, that I offered him the rest.  He demurred for a moment, but after confirming that I didn’t mind giving up my breakfast to him, he actually happily accepted it!  Say what?

Then the questions started. “There has to be sugar in this, right?”

Nope.  It was sweetened with applesauce and peach juice.  Really? Really.

“What flour did you use?  That’s peanut flour?”  Yep.  Did I use peanut butter?  Nope, that’s almond butter.

You know it’s a victory when your meat-and-potatoes guy finishes off the entire breakfast and loves it.

Have you ever made something healthful and was surprised when somebody else actually liked it?  What’s your favorite “healthy” recipe? See!  Eating well doesn’t have to be boring!

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz



Still sick, but not as bad as I was yesterday.

For some reason, I was still hungry after lunch, but the moment I ate some fruit, not only did my hunger go away, but the nausea set in.

I didn’t get hungry again until almost 9:30 tonight.

Appetite-smashing pear.

Fruit sounded good to me.

Funny thing is, the thought of veggies was making me gag, whereas at lunch, the thought of fruit made me want to gag.

I nuked a huge peach for two minutes to cook it.

Bowl o' fruity deliciousness.

Topped it with frozen cherries, nuked another minute.

Nuked again at half power, another minute.

Topped with fresh blueberries.

Everything I wanted for dinner, right here.

Nuked again for another minute, then another on half.

By then, it was simmering in its own juices.

I added a half a banana, chopped, and tossed it all together.

Mmm, so yummy!

Poured almond milk on it, topped it with almonds.

Ate two bites, stomach clenched.

Every time the pain would subside, I took another bite.  I made about 90% through the bowl, but I feel so icky in my tummy right now that I don’t think I should push it.

I’m supposed to work tomorrow, too, by the way.  So, if I’m away all day, that’s why.

No, calling in sick isn’t an option.  One of the girls is spending quality time with her children and asked for this time off weeks in advance, and the other is the girl I covered for on Saturday because she was sick.

Do you follow any sports?  What kind?  Which team do you root for? Totally random, I know, but Amor is playing Madden and keeps calling my attention to his slow-mo replays.  He’s very passionate about his football, and it’s starting to rub off on me.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz

Good afternoon!

Drat, missed the morning by mere minutes.

Today is off to a much better start than yesterday, I’m happy to report.  I’m still retaining water like mad, which is irking the heck out of me, but all of your kind words on yesterday’s post really lifted me up and made me feel better.  Thank you!

So, with a gallon of water coursing through my body last night, it suffices to say that I didn’t get any sleep last night.  When Amor came in to wake me up, I begged for another twenty minutes of sleep.  There was no way I was getting up at 9:15 this morning after the restless night I had.

He came back at 9:50 to wake me, and I sat up, put on a charade of getting out of bed, but as soon as his back was turned, I buried myself back under the comforter and snagged another hour’s worth of sleep.

Oh, what a difference it made!  My eyes went from feeling like they were filled with sand and weighed down with lead sinkers to me bounding out of bed and skipping to the kitchen to start my breakfast.

Juiciest peaches EVER.

Since I wasn’t very hungry this morning, I had time to mull over what I wanted for breakfast.  I debated on amaranth, since it takes a half hour to cook, but talked myself out of it.

Finally, I settled in quinoa, and decided to cook it for few extra minutes to see if I could somehow coax it into absorbing more water and become creamy like my kasha.

It didn’t.

Funny, isn’t it?  If you’re serving a dish of quinoa to guests, nine times out of ten, it’ll become mealy, mushy, and overcooked.  But the one dang time you try to overcook it yourself, on purpose, and it flat-out refuses to comply.

Go figure.

This was heaven in a bowl. So delicious!

Nevertheless, after adding cinnamon, vanilla, a whole egg, and a splash of almond milk, it turned out pretty dang creamy and fantastic.

Hm, creamy porridge.  What goes well with cream?

Oh yes.  Peaches.

Yesterday, in her comment on one of my posts, Gaby unknowingly planted the craving for peaches and cream into my unconscious.

The peaches that Amor had bought a couple nights ago were sitting in a bag, ripening, on the counter.  I pulled a few out, and they were perfect.

I chose the most bruised, ugly one, because you know those are always the ripest, sweetest, juiciest ones.

Like my bowl? Dollar Tree FTW!

Since peaches give me false-hunger, I chopped them up and threw them in the microwave for two minutes.

Oh dear me.  They pretty much completely exploded in juice in the microwave.  I kid you not, they were simmering in about an ounce or so of peach juice when I pulled them out of the nuker.

I poured my porridge into one of my pretty new Dollar Tree bowls (nothin’ but high class here, yo) and poured the peaches onto it.

I topped it with several handfuls of sliced almonds, then poured two tablespoons of full-fat coconut milk over it.

I think a bit of honey or maple would have brought this over from awesome to brain-asploding, but since I’m out of both, I enjoyed it as it was, and truth be told, it was plenty sweet and amazing the way it was.

Do you buy yourself pretty plates, bowls, spoons, etc?  Where do you buy them? Mine are from yard sales, thrift stores, Ross, and now Dollar Tree.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz

Evening, guys!

Did you miss me?

Admit it, you did.  You totally did.

I can feel the love, that’s how I know.

Today is another picture heavy day, so I hope you can soon grow to forgive me.  Em and I went on a spontaneous adventure to find a jogging trail — success!

I also found the perfect bike path.  Now, to get a bike…

Leftover potato stew. Yum!

I still owe you guys this recipe!  Nag me if you’re interested.  I’ve been running about like a headless chicken this week and still need to organize the recipe.

Yes, my recipes are disorganized.  Do you do that?

Like, the margins have additions and changes, and then I run out of room so I start over and add stuff to the back and any available space.

A "small" salad was also enjoyed by each of us.

By the way, the stew gets better with each day.  Em told me it was awesome.

Em’s awesome, that’s what it is.

Anyone who likes my cooking is good in my book.

I know the reviews are mixed on this bar, but I LOVED it.

Dessert was half of this Larabar.

I know some of you love it, and some of you hate it.

I’ve heard some of you describe it as “soapy”.

I, however, am in the “loved it” camp.

Camp Loved It likes to swim across the lake and egg and toilet paper Camp Soap, just so you know.  All the cool kids are in Camp Loved It.

Now you know.

Oh? What's this?

After all my grousing about Amor and his Greek yogurt, a miracle plopped into my lap today.

A miracle in the form of Em and I darting off to the Grocery Outlet, and while I was poring over overripe and ganky old produce, Em rushed up to me with something held out in front of her.

What was this?

Rice yogurt!

Rice milk yogurt!

I nearly fainted dead away.

Even better, they were only fifty cents each.

Fact: I bought six, and immediately tore into one when I got into the car.

Why would I do something like that?  Because I had to know if they were good, because if they were, I wanted to run back in and buy them all.

99 cent Muscat. Oh yes. I went there.

Alas, they were mediocre at best.  Each contained 19 grams of sugar, and they barely had any of that tart tang that I crave from yogurt.

Nevertheless, I’m grateful for the chance to try yogurt again, and I’m thrilled that Em spotted them for me.  (Thanks, girl!)

As an aperitif for my dinner, Em and I cracked into a bottle of 99 cent bottle of wine.

Nothing but the best for us gals, am I right?

More pre-dinner appetizers. These were a total snipe, for real.

Two-buck Chuck?

Too rich for our bloods.

99 cent Muscat for the win, baby.

Another awesome find: 99 cent Sharfenberger chocolate.

We got got a box of tasting chocolates, too, for just a couple of dollars.

Yes, friends; tonight's dinner was brought to you by the Grocery Outlet.

It was fine dining all the way.

Our main course was this tin of dolmas I spied for 1.50$.

I love dolmas, but I had trepidation when I picked these up.  However, they did not disappoint.  The leaves were a bit soggy, but the taste was spot-on.


Sliced cucumbers and bell peppers with hummus rounded out the meal.

Yeah, I know.

Em and I are silly, but we’re silly together.  I think that’s why she and I get along so well.

Nothing is too weird or goofy for us to do.

As a matter of fact, we spent the other half of the afternoon playing with construction paper and glue.  It was awesome.

Dessert round one: raspberries, cooked peaches, and a dollop of lime curd. YUM!

For dessert round one, I cracked out this morning’s lime curd and spooned it over slightly defrosted frozen raspberries, a drizzle of honey, and a half of a sliced, chopped peach.

Amazing.  Try this sometime, okay?

Sure you will.

Dessert round two: Ciao Bella Blood Orange Sorbet.

We also picked up this sorbet for a buck and a half at the Outlet, so of course we had to have  sample tonight.

We had about a half a serving each?

It was amazing.  Just blood orange juice, sugar, and pectin.

However, it was also 45% of my daily Vitamin C, and it actually gave me a bit of a tummy ache.

Blood Orange Sorbet with a touch of Sharfenberger.

Em (whom, by the way, took 99% of these lovely pictures tonight!) had the brilliant idea to place a bit of dark chocolate onto a bit of sorbet.

You know those chocolate foil-wrapped oranges that you buy over the holidays, and you whack ’em on the table and they break into segments?

Just like that.  Yum.

Not quite ripe, but still good.

Amor and I finished The Sound of Music tonight.

Have you ever seen it?

I love it.  It’s probably one of my favorite movies, and Amor even admitted that he enjoyed it.

I told him it was a World War II movie (he’s a WWII buff), and by the time the nuns were puzzling out the conundrum of how to solve a problem like Maria, he was hooked.

A salted, roasted cashew, stuffed inside a date.

After the movie, I was still a bit peckish, and enjoyed a handful of cashews.

I decided to be clever and to place a cashew inside the date, where the pit was.

Oh, boy.

The cashew was slightly sweet, and somewhat savory, and lent perfectly to the caramel taste of the date.

And my creepy claw, holding a handful of cashews. Carry on, folks, nothing to see here.

And that was how my day went.

How did your day go?

Do you have a Grocery Outlet where you live?  What’s the best deal you’ve found on quality food? As you already know, I also found 77 cent Larabars last week at Winco.  Score!

No shame.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz