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I’m gonna have to make this snappy, which is terribly sad, since I most likely will not get to blog tomorrow.

I have a four a.m. wake up, which I may try to bump back to five o’clock, but either way that means I’m getting four or five hours of sleep tonight, at most.

Boo, hiss!

I haven’t gotten around to commenting on everybody’s blog, but I promise, I will stop by soon.  I miss you guys!

Today, I allowed myself to get hungry.

My mistake began with baking cookies to take to school with me, then naively believing that three of them would hold me over this afternoon.

Delicious, high in protein...and not enough to hold me over four hours.

These cookies turned out pretty good, though I would prefer them to be a bit sweeter.  My rough estimate puts them at about 9g of protein for two, which essentially means that each cookie is like a portable tablespoon of peanut butter.

I’ll share the recipe later, perhaps, if I overcome my baking failure shame.

I ate three, then threw an apple and an orange into my purse, then headed out to the mall to find some denims.

I failed, of course.  How hard is it to find a pair of attractive flare-legged jeans?  Evidently, very.  Everything is low-rised and skinny, and extremely unflattering to my very curvy body type.  Yikes.

Noshed on this at about six-ish tonight.

While I did not get tummy-hungry, my body did not like me not feeding it for several hours.

I became headachy, weak, and dizzy, and finally — after pounding a bottle of water and not finding any relief — I realized that perhaps I was hungry.

I ate my apple, and the symptoms went away.

I was still famished, though, and couldn’t wait to get home to eat dinner.  (Fyi: I don’t drive.  That’s why I was milling around the mall in a crazed half-starved state, waiting for a ride home.  Planning fail!)

Was daydreaming about this hummus all afternoon.

I didn’t want my orange.

I wanted veggies.

The thought of eating my orange actually made me a bit nauseous, and I grazed on my arm halfheartedly until I got home.  I threw together a quick meal for Amor, then quickly chopped up as many veggies as I could muster and therw them into the microwave.

Is it weird to admit that I was fantasizing about this hummus all day?  I found it last night at Winco, on sale!  And of course, had to buy it.

Largest veggie bowl ever!

I can’t begin to describe how incredibly tasty and packed this bowl was.

Imagine: most of a head of cauliflower, a head of broccoli, tons of green beans, a half a zucchini, a cup of peas, and about 2/3 cup of black beans.

I topped it with 3-4 servings of hummus, and doused it in hot sauce.

Peas and beans for protein. Delish!

For a bit of perspective, realize that I’ve used this bowl for salads before.

Yes, it was that huge.

It took me almost a half hour to eat, as well, and I was eating rather quickly, as I was very, very ravenous.

Not surprisingly, I was still hungry afterward.

Perfect dessert.

I nuked a half a peach with a ton of frozen cherries, then topped it with a tablespoon of coconut butter.

So good!

And there goes the buzzer on the dryer.  That means my pyjamas are dry, and I need to haul my booty to bed.

Wish me luck for school tomorrow.  Looks like I’ll need it!

Do you have trouble jeans shopping?  What brand of jeans do you wear? I love my Levi’s, I’ll admit it, but it’s near impossible to find a single pair of pants right now that aren’t trapped in some hideous fashion trend or looks too youthful.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz



Thank you again, for all the warm comments on my last post.

Seriously, you read all that?  If I had gold star stickers to pass out, each and every one of you would receive one.

Right now, I’m sitting on the couch, and my tummy is full of delicious food to the point where my work pants are a wee bit uncomfortable.

It feels pretty nice.

Oh, before I go any further, before I forget: my conscience has been nagging me.  More and more of you have been commenting on frozen Larabars, and have been giving me credit for the genius of that.  I gotta give credit where it’s due, though.  I first spotted this stroke of culinary awesomeness on Chelsey’s blog, and being the frozen-food fanatic, immediately followed suit.  So, if you’ve frozen your Larabars since seeing it here, go pop on over to Chelsey’s blog and love on her a bit for making life a bit better for us foodies.

Rock on.

I have no dinner pictures for you today (Amor surprised me by spontaneously taking me out to dinner tonight after work, and I didn’t have my camera with me), but I have “everything else” photos.  How’s that?  Works for you?

Works for me just nicely.

Breakfast was something that had me “mmming” all the way through it.

Remember that Nogurt sent me those samples to try?

I seriously could not sleep last night, because I was thinking of all the different ways I wanted to attack the blueberry flavor.

I love how the umlaut makes a smiley face.

I seriously lay in the dark for nearly an hour (too much coffee yesterday, evidently) pondering how I was going to properly utilize my exciting new breakfast treat.

I debated on drizzling it atop a bowl of porridge, but decided against that.  I didn’t want the flavor to get lost or anything.

Super short ingredient list -- yay!

Finally, I settled on a version of how I enjoyed it yesterday.

I woke up, brewed myself a pot of coffee (clearly, I do not learn from my mistakes: insomnia, here I come!) and set to work.

I wanted to complement the blueberry-banana flavor, so I threw together a quick cinnamon-vanilla blueberry muffin (3 tbs peanut flour, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/3 cup applesauce, 1/4 tsp baking powder, 1 whole egg, and a heaping fistful of blueberries and a splash of vanilla, nuked for about 2 minutes).

Certified GF -- Nogurt is practically allergy free!

I crumbled my muffin into a bowl, and by crumbled, I mean, I stabbed the heck out of it when I took it out of the microwave, then threw its remains into a bowl.

I’m morbid.  Blame the Dexter commercial that was just on, okay?

Since I wanted to stick with the banana-blueberry theme, I microwaved some frozen blueberries to make a sauce, then sliced a banana and piled them onto the muffin.

I really enjoy how this company caters to all sorts of health concerns.

Then it was time to open the Nogurt.

Since you’re gonna ask, I’ll tell you.

I liked it.  Much like the chocolate, it was a mild and sweet flavor, with emphasis on the blueberry and a slight hint of banana in the background.  It wasn’t tart, either, which might be a good thing for those of you who are put off by too-tart conventional yogurts.

Smooth, almost liquid consistency.

It wasn’t thick, either, but I was ready for that, since yesterday’s flavor was liquid-y as well.

I actually was looking forward to having my muffin soak up all the blueberry flavor, after a couple bites to get a good idea of the flavor profile, went ahead and drizzled it over my muffin and fruit.

I garnished the bowl with a heaping tablespoon of almond butter (made into a sauce with almond milk, and nuked) and several handfuls of sliced almonds.

MIMs are so versatile!


Loved it.

Seriously, I’m not just making that up.  I haven’t seen Nogurt on the shelves yet, but if I spotted it, and the price was right, I definitely pick up a few to have around on those days that I want a change of pace from the usual.

Muffin topped with blueberries, banana, and Nogurt.

So, here’s the breakdown.

I enjoyed Nogurt for a variety of reasons, but the ones that really stood out to me was that it’s not too sweet.  I’m still on the prowl for a tart soy/dairy/gluten-free yogurt, but other than that, I loved the taste and the level of sweetness.

I also enjoyed how it had a short ingredient list of real food, and didn’t have any weird gums or stabilizers.  That’s extremely important to people like me with sensitive tummies.  I’d choose a kefir-esque yogurt alternative any day over a thick one that would kill my stomach.

Loved how the MIM soaked up the almond butter and Nogurt! Yay for tasty sponges!

This product is, like I said, virtually common-allergen free.  If you have other common allergies keeping you from trying new things, give Nogurt a look-see.

It’s also low sodium, which was also awesome, since I and many others fight an endless battle with edema.  It’s vegan, certified organic, and also has a hearty boost of probiotics.

Oh, and it has DHA!  That’s awesome!  I was anxious at first, and googled the brand of Omega’s that they use in their Nogurt and was delighted to see that it was a completely vegan and flax-free source.  You won’t be poisoned by unwanted phytoestrogens with Nogurt!


The cons?  Not as many, but a couple.  Not everyone likes the taste of bananas, but I seriously love bananas, so the underlying banana taste wasn’t off-putting to me.  The other thing is, if you’re expecting something to be thick like yogurt, you might be a bit bummed.  However, remember that there are no funky stabilizers in Nogurt, and bring a straw.  And, yeah, I crave the tart — that’s why I miss yogurt.

But, as a yummy, ethical, lightly sweetened pudding-flavored kefir with a healthy dose of probiotics and DHA, I was very happy with Nogurt and would definitely buy it.  I’m not sure how much it’ll sell for, but if I see it in stores, I’ll keep you guys updated.

Another obsession of mine: hummus and hot sauce.

And that was breakfast!

Lunch was consumed a few hours later, in literally maybe five minutes.

I have a bad habit of spending too long getting dressed in the morning before work, leaving myself standing in the kitchen twenty minutes before I need to leave and unsure of what I’m going to have.

I threw this together in five minutes, and spent the next ten shoveling it into my mouth.

It contained the last of my green beans, tons of broccoli, a cup of peas, a mushroom (chopped), a half a cup of chickpeas, and two or so servings of hummus and a ton of hot sauce.

Eaten throughout the afternoon.

Work was insane today.

It’s so weird, how work is either totally slow and completely dead, or it’s ridiculously frantic and I have no time to breathe.

I threw a plum, this Boomi bar, and a few handfuls of dry cereal into my purse to eat at work, and had to break off nibbles of the bar to sneak into my mouth between patients because it was so busy today.  It took me nearly two hours to eat it.

Huge plum -- almost the size of my fist.

I was lucky to snag a couple minutes to nosh down this plum, too.

Amor, as I said, took me to dinner after work, but as soon as I got home, I had a mad craving for grapes.

I indulged said craving happily.

Sorry for the awful photo. Night comes early nowadays.

And, in true dessert fashion, stuffed a couple dates with peanut butter, then stuck wedges of chocolate into them.

I threw them into the microwave on 70% power for about 25 seconds, then let them cool for a minute then happily devoured.

Another date and a few more pieces of chocolate slipped into my mouth after the camera was turned off for the night.

Just melted enough that it oozes when you bite into it.

I just found out that I’m working tomorrow (I thought I had the morning off), which is fine.

Extra hours never hurt anyone, and besides, my boss is awesome and I love my job.

Tomorrow is Amor’s Fantasty Football picks get-together, which should prove entertaining.  However, I’ll be scrubbing the house from top to bottom (he’s helping, of course!) to make the house presentable for his friends, so I most likely will be away most of the day.

Does anyone you know go crazy over football or any other sport?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz


Where have I been?


Okay, I’m still sick, but I’m like, a content sick.  Being chronically ill sorta forces you to go through the stages of grief, curiously enough.

First, I was in denial.  No, I’m not sick.  I eat tons of veggies, lean protein, whole grains!  How can I, the model vegetarian, be sick?

Then there was, of course, the anger.  I was — and still am, occasionally — livid at my body and even at God for putting me through this.  Why me?  What have I done to deserve this?

Then bargaining.  Okay, I’ll give up soy.  Okay, dairy.  Now gluten.  Nightshades?  C’mon body: I’ll do anything!  Just make me well!

Then the depression struck.  I cried.  A lot.  And I sat on the couch, eating too much chocolate and peanut butter, and only ventured out of the house for doctor’s appointments and work.

And now?  Acceptance.

I’m sick.  Now to get better!  Easier said than done, but I’m determined to do everything I have to in order to properly heal my body.  I have an appointment with a social worker in a couple weeks, and she’s going to help me get insurance.  Then, a couple weeks after that, hopefully they’ll start some tests for me.

Gotta keep my chin up, right?

Today, my appetite has been through the roof, but it was definitely warranted.

First!  Return of the salads!  (Can you tell I’m excited by this?)

My lunch (more on that in a few) held me over an amazing seven hours.  That’s including four insane hours of yard work.

When I came in, I immediately hopped into the shower, scrubbed off about ten pounds of grime and dirt, whipped up a quick dinner for Amor (going seven hours without eating, for him, is no big — for me?  it’s epic, yo), then threw myself together the largest salad the world has ever seen.

Oh, how I missed you, my beloved salad!

I stopped eating salads there for a while.

Without nightshades, they just weren’t fun.

But now, they’re back — I still have awful edema, but I haven’t noticed any improvement after making dietary changes (taking out eggs, taking out legumes, taking out nightshades — still sick, so adding them back).

And salads are yummy again!  This one contained an entire head of romaine, half of a large tomato, a crimini mushroom, a cup of peas, tons of steamed green beans, half an avocado, two or three huge blobs of hummus, and a generous splash of hot sauce.

Ate. It. Up.

Two ripe, juicy plums.

Since I had done four hours of intense yard work and went an entire seven hours without eating, my appetite caught up with me with a vengeance.

For the record, I also ate two rice cakes smeared with tons of applesauce and peanut flour (higher fat, not that low-fat rubbish) as I sat down to type this.

I inhaled two plums, then went into the kitchen for more.

Peanut Butter Pandas and Chocolate Koala Krisp, shoved into my mouth by the fistful.

As I prepared another snack of dates stuffed with peanut butter and dark chocolate, I ate a few handfuls of cereal.

Nothing tastes better than delicious, filling food after working all day, that’s for darn sure.

I love this chocolate forever and ever.

Okay, funny thing about this chocolate.

I really need to do a post called, “A Bajillion and One Reasons I Love Amor.”  While we were at the natural food store, I spotted this chocolate on the shelf, picked it up, and pined for it.

Then I remarked that I didn’t need any more chocolate, and put it back on the shelf.  Without missing a beat, Amor said, “Yes, you do,” plucked it off the shelf, and threw it in the cart.  I love this man.

Then, I ate a piece, enjoyed it…then promptly forgot about it.  I found it tonight while desperately scrounging up some chocolate.  It was hiding under a box of baking supplies, obviously hiding in wait for a day that I truly needed it.

That was tonight, clearly.

Dates + peanut butter + chocolate = match made in Heaven

After I snapped this awful-no-good-very-bad picture, I threw these dates into the microwave for about fifteen seconds.

I let them cool for about a minute, and then enjoyed every single drippy, melty bite.

My shirt enjoyed it, too.  Oops, sorry, Amor.  Was that your shirt?  My bad.

More chocolate was consumed, of course.

Okay!  Backtracking now.


Spiced cooked apples, peanut butter, and creamy buckwheat groats.

Breakfast may be a new favorite, but the jury’s still out.

While they deliberate, I’ll share the details of what I had for breakfast.

I bought some raw buckwheat groats at the store when I had stocked up on my kasha, but after googling it, I found that some people didn’t like them, claiming that they had a bitter taste.

Since I’m getting a wee bit burnt out on kasha, I decided I might as well try something new.  If I don’t like these untoasted groats, I can always have a bowl of cereal, right?

Could be my new favorite hot cereal, this.

Okay, first off, raw buckwheat groats take longer than kasha to cook.

These took fifteen minutes, about the same as quinoa.

However, they were far more voluminous than quinoa, but not as fluffy as kasha.  The taste, however, was fantastic.  No bitterness whatsoever.  It actually tasted mild and sweet, like oats!

I’m thrilled!  After being oatless for several months, I may have found a suitable replacement for my favorite breakfast staple.

I cooked my groats with a cup of water, vanilla, cinnamon, one whole egg, whisked in some almond milk, then topped it with spiced apples (cooked with a teaspoon of cornstarch, to thicken it like a pie filling) and two tablespoons of peanut butter (turned onto a sauce, with almond milk, and a bit of nuking to get the right consistency.)

I know what I’m having for breakfast again soon!

Okay, now here’s what I’m all excited about, guys.


Oh, boy: lunch.

What is this?

I recently contacted Nogurt, a company that produces a vegan, soy-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and gluten free probiotic yogurt alternative, and expressed interest in their product.

They replied back quickly, and generously offered to send me a few flavors to try.

This is insanely perfect timing, especially with my doctor recommending me to start taking probiotics to restore balance in my tummy.

Well, those samples arrived today.  (Just to clarify, these are free samples given to me from Nogurt, and my review of them is merely my own opinion of them.  There — hopefully I haven’t incurred the wrath of the FCC.)

Wooks: What is it? Oso: Can I eat it?

I immediately tore open the package.

Their arrival couldn’t have been better — they arrived a few minutes before my typical lunch time, so I was more than ready to try one.

Nogurt was extremely generous, and sent me four samples to try out.

Thank you, Nogurt! 😀

Unfortuntely, the pomegranate one had asplode in transit, and I had to throw it out.

However, being the weirdo that I am, I smelled it before tossing it, and it smelled delicious.  If I were slightly less OCD, I would’ve ate it anyway — I almost did, thought, but prudence won out for the time being.

However, that left me with two chocolate and a blueberry to enjoy.

Want to guess which one I went for?

Chocolate, of course!

Psh, chocolate, of course!

No doubt, ever, of that.

Check out the amazing nutritional stats:

Short, simple ingredient list? Check.

As you can see, it doesn’t have a lengthy ingredient list full of weird gums and stabilizers.

This is awesome for me, since I’m very sensitive to gums.  I tried another brand of coconut milk kefir once, if you recall, and had to give it away because all the stabilizers they put in it tore my poor tummy to pieces.

Nogurt doesn’t have any weird stuff in it, which is like, uber-bonus points to me.

Talk about dedication!

I also liked that it’s sweetened with cassava syrup and banana puree.

Anyway, I’m rambling.  I made a long list of my initial thoughts of Nogurt, which I’ll share with you guys tomorrow.

The question is, how did it taste?

Chocolate Nogurt.

As you can see, Nogurt is not yogurt.

The texture is more like kefir than yogurt, which I am fine with.  You’ll see in a moment how I put it to use.

The taste was, in my own opinion, very good.  Delicious, even.

Here’s why I liked it: it was sweet, but not too sweet.  Yes, it has 9 grams of sugar per serving, but as you can see, much of that sugar is probably from banana puree.  I also could taste the banana, but it was very mild and faint.  However, I love the combination of chocolate and banana, so that was not a problem for me.

I also liked that it had a strong chocolate flavor — it wasn’t just sugar with a hint of chocolate, which you might find with other products.

Another thing: it wasn’t tart.  It didn’t taste like yogurt — it was almost like a lightly sweetened chocolate-banana pudding, with emphasis on the chocolate.

I ate about half of it, liking it more and more with each bite, before I realized I had better incorporate it into my lunch lest I spoil my appetite.

Oh, I love dessert for lunch.

Since I wanted my lunch to complement the chocoatey-banananess of the Nogurt, I went ahead and prepared a quick microwave muffin.

I threw together 3 tbs peanut flour, 2 tbs cocoa, 1/3 cup applesauce, 1/4 tsp baking powder, and an egg, then nuked it for about two minutes.

I sliced it up, then layered it onto the bottom of a bowl.

The muffin soaked up the Nogurt like a yummy chocolate sponge.

I topped it with a small banana, sliced, then drizzled the rest of my Nogurt all over it.

I topped it off with about a heaping tablespoon of peanut butter sauce.


This rocked, seriously.  The muffin soaked up the Nogurt, and each bite was a chocolate-peanut-butter-banana explosion in my mouth.

And, like I said, I ate this at 2:30 and didn’t get around to eating dinner until 9:30, and this in including four hours of hard manual labor in the yard.  No sugar crash or anything.  Score!

Melty, drippy, delicious, sweet yumminess.

I can’t wait to try the blueberry one!

The other chocolate Nogurt is in the freezer, by the way.  I have evil plans of running it through my food processor with a banana and seeing if I can’t make a wicked banana soft serve out of it.

Okay, so I’m rapidly approaching 2000 words here, and haven’t really talked about what I’d like to do with thisere blog.

I know this sounds selfish, but I’d like to make this blog more about me, if you guys can dig that.

I felt guilty for being sick, which I think is not entirely atypical of many people.  I worried about dragging you down, but you guys rock.

Thank you, each and every one of you, for the warm and kind comments you left on my last post. I smiled as I read each one of them, and felt so cared for and loved!  You guys are awesome!

But yes, I’d like to personalize this blog.  The fact is, you guys know virtually nothing about me, and I think I’d be more interested in sharing myself with you guys.

Is there anything you’d like to know about me? Or am I being a total narcissist?  Feel free to hit up my FAQ page and ask/tell me about stuff you’d like to see me talk about on this blog.

For starters, if you guys are cool with it, I want to talk a bit more about how I recovered from my ED (binge eating disorder).

I’d also like to talk about any discoveries I make about myself as I journey forth to heal my sick body.  For instance, I think I may have figured out one major factor in why I’m so sick: low stomach acid.  It’s just a hypothesis, though, and I can’t wait until the doctors start testing me.

I’m also perhaps going to reduce my posts to twice a day: perhaps a quick morning post, if my breakfast so fancies me, then a nighttime post to highlight my lunch and dinner.

I need to figure out a way to streamline commenting, too.  It takes me like, two hours each day to comment, because I actually read everyone’s blog before commenting.  I’m not part of the tl;dr crowd.

How do you budget your time for blogging/commenting?

Anyway.  It’s late — after 1 am, and I work tomorrow.  Today.  Yikes.

I’ll be up early tomorrow to catch up on you guys.  I missed you!  All of you! ❤

Thanks for reading!  And thanks for being so awesome!

❤ Kaz


I hope everyone’s enjoyed their Friday.  Mine actually went pretty well.

So, today’s workday made up for the last two I had to work.  It was sloooooow.  I had time to pretty much scrub the office from top to bottom, lest I die of boredom.

Lunch was so delicious, and I actually sort of owe this one to my sister.

I had to whip up something in a hurry, so while some instant brown rice cooked away on the stovetop, I pureed a hunk of onion, half an avocado, and about a serving of spinch (I packed it in there tight) into my food processor.

Looks can be deceiving. This meal was amazing.

I actually don’t like spinach that much.

I used to eat it daily, then burnt out on it, but I keep buying it because it’s “good for you.”

So, I have to hide it: in smoothies, and now in this makeshift guacamole.

All mixed together in an amorphous green blob.

Since I knew I needed to stay full through work, I cooked about 1.5 servings of brown rice.

I topped it with a cup of frozen peas and a half a cup of chickpeas.

Finally, I piled on my sister’s recipe of makeshift guacamole.

Oh, dude.  This stuff was yum.

Unfortunately, I had less than ten minutes to enjoy it, so most of the amazing flavor was lost on me as I was shoveling it down my throat.

Dessert was two unpictured dates smeared with peanut butter as I dashed out the door.

Pardon the flash -- my battery was dying.

At work, I nibbled on some chocolate that this super sweet girl that I work with left for me for my birthday.

I didn’t even tell her it was my birthday, but she bought me a present anyway.  I’m lucky to work with such a sweet girl!

As I said earlier, work was slower than molasses on Christmas today.

Since I didn’t really want to cook, and Amor was happy to pick up a cooked chicken at the grocery store, I snagged a bit of produce at the grocer for a quick dinner tonight.

Somebody explain this to me: why am I obsessed with zucchini?  I don’t even really like it, but I keep wanting more.  I ran out the other day, so I picked up a new one for dinner tonight.  I guess there’s something in it that my body needs, because I keep coming back for more.

In my bowl was another cup of peas (seriously, one of my favorite things to eat, ever), a ton of broccoli (like, two or more cups, no idea), an entire zucchini, a half cup of chickpeas, a double serving of hummus, and a new food to me: purple potato.


Chocolate microwave cake with peanut butter and chocolate frosting.

I had an insta-cake for dessert.

I combined about two tablespoons each of cocoa powder, 1/4 teaspoon baking soda, half a large banana, a large egg, and a handful of meltaways into a large mug, then separated them into two ramekins.  (The other one is going to be used maybe in my breakfast tomorrow?)

After about 45 seconds in the micro, the cake was ready.  I topped it with a heaping tablespoon or two each of peanut butter and chocolate frosting (from a can).

Organic grapes in a watermelon.

Since I haven’t had much fruit today, I went with both of my fruit cravings and crammed a ton of organic red grapes into half a large personal watermelon.

The mellow sweetness of the melon complemented the tartness of the grapes.

Now I’m full, and content, and ready to settle in for a leisurely night of catching up on my blogs.

Do you ever randomly crave foods and not know why? Seriously?  Zucchini?  And I don’t even really care for it?  Dear body: you are weird.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz


I am so full right now.  If I was hungry earlier, then I certainly emerged triumphant, since I’m almost painfully full now.

Despite failing at my baking endeavors, it didn’t keep me from picking at my failed pastry.  I learned that if you bake date puree, it comes out like a fruit roll up.  I ate tons of that, which was encased in a high-fat pastry dough.

So, I was full, but lunch was so good I had it again.

So, so, so very yummy!

I discovered today that my beloved Frank’s Red Hot is mislabeled.

I emailed them about it, and hopefully hear back from them soon, but it states that a tablespoon of their hot sauce has 200 mg of sodium.

However, a closer look shows that their serving size is a misprint, and it’s actually 200 mg of sodium per teaspoon.

Um, wrong?

I seriously used about two tablespoons on my dinner tonight.  That’s 1200 mg of sodium right there.  Plus my peas have another 200 mg, and another 3-4 servings of hummus is 500-550 mg.

And I had it for lunch.  And a surprisingly salty breakfast, with the cereal and all.

I had the worst stomach pain all night yesterday and today — I’m not going to go into detail, but I got sick several times last night and today.  The only new thing I added was the hot sauce.

I imagine I’m going to be feeling awful all tonight and hopefully all this salt doesn’t ruin my birthday. =/

It’s my fault for not taking a closer look at the label, though.  My fail.

Have you ever eaten something only to discover it was not as healthy as you thought? Not that hot sauce is healthy, but geez — a teaspoon of salt’s worth added to my dinner?  Epic fail.

I realize I haven’t had any real fruit today, other than a banana and some dates.  Even though I’m full, something light like watermelon or an apple sounds good right about now.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz


Guys, I got hungry this afternoon.

Like, famished.

Like, so hungry, I could eat my arm.

So I tried.


And failed.

Being a vegetarian sucks sometimes, just for that reason.

Pay no mind to my tatty hair.  I just hopped out of the shower and pinned it up without combing it.

And please ignore the bit of ugly bra peeking out, and what appears to be a five o’ clock shadow in my ‘pits.  I shaved.  I swears it.

And please pay no heed to the deranged look in my eyes.  I was hungry.  I promise, I’m not dangerous.

In fact, I’m quite ‘armless.

My cravings are out of control. Bring on the hot sauce!

I posted that pic just so I could make that joke.

I rock.

Get it?  I’m ARMLESS.  Because I ate my arm.  Because I was so hungry.  See?

I amuse me.

Possibly my new favorite lunch.

Lunch had to be fast, on account of my hunger.

I had some zucchini in the fridge that I kept thinking I was going to bake with, but kept not baking with them.

One already had to be thrown out because of mold, so I knew I had to act fast.

I sliced up one whole zucchini, chopped up a head of broccoli, and threw a cup of peas into a bowl and nuked them all together until tender, about five minutes.

My favorite Larabar!

I slathered them in about a half a cup of hummus, then drowned it in Frank’s Red Hot sauce.

I inhaled it all, then wanted more.

Instead, I attacked a frozen Larabar, peanut butter cookie flavor.

If you like Larabars, definitely try them frozen!

And dessert.

Since I was still a bit hungry, and still craving some sweet, I pitted two medjool dates and crammed them with peanut butter.

I stuck a dark choccy meltaway in each, then threw them in the nuker until squishy.

They had to cool for a couple minutes, which was torture, but oh so worth it in the end.

Gooey-melty action shot!

I keep filching these.  I swear, I’m out of control around them.

I also tried baking this morning, but failed, since I forgot the guar gum.

Didn’t stop me from picking at it, though.  Strangely enough, I’m still hungry.

Oh, by the way.  Breakfast?  Kept me reasonably full until about four-ish, when my hunger hit me like a vat-load of T-Virus which in turn resulted in me reanimating as a vegetarian flesh-eating KaZombie that tried to eat my arm.

Yeah.  That.

Have you ever been minding your own business and suddenly, out of nowhere — BAM! — you’re famished?  Do you keep snacks with you for food “emergencies” when you’re out and about? I always have food with me.  I hate being hungry!

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz


Okay, so, you know how when I worked last, I was like, “Omg, most awful stressful day at work EVAR?”

I lied.

Today was.

Even my boss turned to me and said, “No offense, but we always have the most crazy days when you’re working.”

Or something like that.

I can’t disclose anything, but boy.  I’m glad to be home.

Pictures o’ food?  Sure, you betcha.

Mid-morning snack. Held me over nicely, suprisingly.

Head of romaine, cup of peas, tons of broccoli and green beans, 3x serving of hummus, and tons of Frank's.

Pretty much demolished these while at work (before and after lunch snackage). Warning: salted mixed nuts are dangerous when dealing with a stressful, fast-paced environment.

Snacked on two rice cakes with peanut butter and applesauce before returning to work.

Yay for having my medjools back in my life! Ate two, and it was a miracle I didn't eat more. I was FAMISHED when I got home.

Sweet potato the length of my forearm, roasted into pillowy medallions, and topped with ~2 tbs almond butter (mixed with ~2 tbs almond milk to make a glaze).

Organic red grapes -- so sweet and juicy and good! Yum. Wasn't hungry, but they were too yummy to resist.

Favre-watch, anyone?

How do you unwind after a long day?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz

Evening, everyone!

I hope everyone’s had a good day.

My light breakfast held me over until about 1-ish this afternoon, when audible noises drifted up from my belly.

I cracked into a baggie of almonds that I had thrown into my purse on a whim.  I’m glad I did — they were my salvation as I stared at the clock and counted down the minutes until dinner.

I decimated these almonds.

I easily ate a couple ounces of almonds as the afternoon passed.

As soon as I got home for lunch, I made a beeline for the kitchen.

My stomach was still feeling tentative, and I didn’t have much time, since I was only getting about a half hour to eat today, so I decided just to throw my fruits and veggies into the blender and knock out my nutritional needs in an easily-digestible beverage.

Nuked potato with hummus and fresh cracked black pepper.

My smoothie contained about a half a blender’s worth of spinach, 1.5 cups of fresh blueberries, about 3/4-1 cup of applesauce, a splash of orange juice, two heaping scoops of brown rice protein powder, and water and ice for texture.

For a savory complement, I nuked a small red potato for five or so minutes, then topped it with hummus and fresh cracked black pepper.

Delish — for those of you who can’t eat dairy, try your baked potato with hummus.  Seriously satisfying and tasty.

My appetite came back full-force this afternoon, and even after demolishing tons of almonds and even a bit of chocolate, I left the office feeling famished.

Plain white rice -- ain't nothing you've never seen before.

As soon as I got into the car, I told Amor I wanted something with flavor for dinner.

I wanted something with a strong flavor profile — salty, spicy, greasy, garlicky.

I’m tired of bland stomach bug food — bring on the MSG!

You can see the little pools of grease -- hey, takeout is good eats!

There’s this tiny little Chinese restaurant hidden away on a less popular side of town called Hunan’s, and let me tell you, we struck gold with this place.

While I had been there before, it had been over a year, and it was back when I thought I could eat soy.

I was worried I wouldn’t find anything I could eat there, but the menu was packed with tons of things that called out to me.  I spied a curry on the menu, which I know I must go back for.  (Hear that, Em?  You and me’s gonna go on a date!)

One of the most extensive veggie menus I've ever seen.

However, tonight, I wanted to go home with stinky breath, so when I saw Spicy Hunan Mixed Vegetables on the menu — broccoli, water chestnuts, snow peas, carrots, baby corn, and onion in spicy sauce — I went for it.

The server brought me this ginormous dinner plate chock-fulla veggies, sitting in an extremely fragrant and oily spicy sauce.

My mouth died and went to heaven.

And yes, all that food was only 7.25$.  Score!  (To anyone not from California, to have a dinner entrée at that price feels like they’re practically giving the food away.)

I have leftovers for tomorrow, and then some.

Perfect dessert after my heavy, delicious dinner.

Now I’m snacking on a grapefruit and hoping and praying that my stomach doesn’t go in revolt as punishment for dinner.

I gotta hit the hay early tonight, since I’m up super-early for another day at work tomorrow.

What’s your favorite restaurant?  What cuisine is it?  Why do you love it so?

I’m off to make a dent in my Google reader.  It was approaching 40 when I got home tonight — yikes!

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz

Good evening!

I hope everyone’s enjoyed their weekend.

I had a pretty rough day, between seeing my mum off and having to rush Oso to an emergency trip to the vet.

I really enjoyed having my mum here, and I feel as though she and I are now closer than ever.

Since I had to rush to get Oso to the vet today, lunch was consumed in sporadic intervals.

While waiting in the vet’s office, I scrounged up a piece of dried papaya that Mum had given me yesterday on our trip to the beach.

Peanut butter and banana sammidge, yum!

We wound up spending about an hour at the veterinary office, and the doctors are still not entirely sure what’s wrong with little Osito.

All I know is sometime early last night, we noticed that one of his eyes were duller than the other, and was red and swollen and inflamed.

The vet thinks he may have a viral infection in his eye, so we’ve started him on some medicine and are hoping for the best.

Steamed veggies (chopped last night by Mum) with hummus.

I had a grand total of maybe a half hour after I got home to inhale some lunch and put on some clean clothes and help Mum finish packing before we had to rush to the airport.

Last night, while at the natural food store, I finally spotted some Udi’s Gluten Free bread.

After hearing so much about it on various blogs and having it so highly recommended, I was extremely excited to pick some up.

A couple bites of generic whipped topping before rushing out the door were consumed.

It did not disappoint!  I ate some last night without toasting it or smearing anything on it, and the flavor was fantastic.  Mum thought it vaguely resembled cornbread in taste, and I agree, but it was a very mild and sweet and nutty flavor.

This afternoon, since I was in such a rush, I quickly thawed two slices in the microwave and slathered it with peanut butter and half a banana.

I don’t recommend microwaving it, though.  It dried it out a bit and made it tough; I suggest setting out a couple slices about an hour before you plan to consume it, to keep it soft and tender.

Eaten in the car on the way to the airport.

Mum chopped up a ton of veggies for a salad last night, and I threw them in the microwave while I assembled my sandwich.

Three minutes later, and I had lunch.  I topped it with hummus and ate it standing up.

I quickly thew on some clean clothes (I had to dress in haste to take Oso to the vet, so I was wearing day-old jeans and an old tank top, and I was covered in fur; I felt grubby) and also managed to sneak in a quick haircut for Mum before we sped off to the airport.

Ate half on the trip back from the airport.

I sniped a few bites of whipped topping before heading out the door.

I was craving sugar like mad today, and later, I discovered why.

I munched on an apple on the way to the airport, and after a round of hugs, watched my Mum go through security.

I nibbled on half of a Larabar on the drive home, and suddenly my sugar cravings made sense.  As soon as I settled into my seat in the car and closed my eyes, I was out like a light.

Quick chili with a rice cake crumbled into it.

I was completely worn out and exhausted from all the emotional highs and lows of the past few days.

As soon as we got home, I snacked on some more sugar in the form of a few slices of pineapple and a couple strawberries, then crawled into bed for a nap.

Generally, I have trouble falling asleep, especially for naps,  but when I crawled into bed, I felt a warm ball of fur and felt Oso snuggle under my arm.  The sound of his motor lulled me into a quick sleep, and I slept for nearly an hour.


I woke up refreshed and starving and craving protein.

I made a very hasty chili out of a tin of chili beans and a tin of black beans, as well as a tablespoon of cumin, a dash of basil, paprika, and chili powder, and a quarter teaspoon of cayenne.  I also threw in 1/3 cup of corn for texture.

Ten minutes later, and dinner was served.  I crumbled a plain rice cake into it, and ate a heaping bowl full of it.

Delicious, but I went into the kitchen to forage a few minutes later.

Yummy green and red grapes.

I found the rest of an Old Dominion peanut bar in my pantry, leftovers from yesterday.

At with 280 calories and 10 grams of protein, this thing would make a delicious way to round out a meal on the run.

The ingredients were simple — peanuts, sugar (corn syrup), and salt.

It was just like peanut brittle, and since it was something like 80 cents at Walgreens, I definitely see myself grabbing it again when I’m out and needing something with a good balance of fat and protein.

Mum bought this for me. Really soothing!

Amor and I just polished off a huge bowl of grapes, and now I’m sipping on some Tummy Comfort tea.

Evidently, I still suffer from chronic stomach pain, and I like complaining about it, but I’ve grown so accustomed to it, that I don’t even realize that I’m whining about my stomach hurting.

Mum noticed, though, and being the loving and doting mother that she is, she grabbed this tea for me at the natural food store yesterday.

I don’t know if it works or not, since I’ve only had it twice, but each time, my pain did subside.  Plus, knowing that my mum bought it for me with love definitely warms my heart. ❤

Are you a tea drinker, or a coffee drinker, or none of the above?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz

Afternoon, everyone!

Yes, when coming up with titles for posts, sometimes the first thing that pops into my mind will have to suffice.

Oh, I don’t smell like stinky, used kitty litter.

Dude, c’mon.  That’s just gross.

Though!  Random fact: somehow my mustard greens fermented whilst inside my crisper, and smelled — I kid you not — just like rabbit potty.  Yes, I used to have rabbits.  No, I haven’t seen a real, live one in over a decade, but you never forget the odor of rabbits.

Period.  The end.

Hummus makes everything taste better.

Anyway, before this becomes a post about kitty litter, I’ll explain briefly why I have such a delightful scent right now.

I crushing a cardboard box of kitty litter for recycling, and as I was doing so, I was rudely informed that it wasn’t quite empty by the rushing of cups of kitty litter pouring onto myself and the floor.

And it’s that fragrant, floral stuff, because we have three cats and that’s the only way we keep people from walking in, flinching, and stating the obvious: “You have cats, don’t you.”

So now I smell like kitty litter, and my mustard greens are in the garbage, making everything stink like rabbit.  Maybe I should dump the kitty litter onto the greens.  Hm.

Cravings for veggies: satisfied.

I had a hankering for a hot lunch with lots and lots of vegetables today.

I opened my fridge and started pulling out random things that I thought would complement each other.

In my microwave, I steamed a couple servings of cauliflower and a huge fistful or two of green beans.

While those cooked, I heated up a skillet, added a splash of oil, and added chopped onion.  When they were tender, I threw in the rest of my veggies, then added two sliced mushrooms.

I stirred in some black beans, then topped it with the rest of hummus (sad!).

Hit. The. Spot.

My new favorite treat! Pink grapefruit!

Guys, do me a favor, okay?

If you hate grapefruit (like I I have sworn for the past decade that I do), go on a mad baking spree, run out of sugar, and find excuses to not buy any more for a week.

Sweeten everything you eat with applesauce and almond milk and fresh fruit.

Then, peel and eat a grapefruit.

Yes, after a week of eating somewhat less sugar, my tastebuds have changed and I’m not currently obsessed with pink grapefruit.  While I do still find them somewhat bitter, they also taste so sweet and juicy and I’m kicking myself for not liking them sooner.

Love these! I think they taste like cookies.

Of course, after marveling over how amazing grapefruit is, I had to go and cleanse my palate with a pure sugar shot straight to the bloodstream.

I love these Bora Bora bars, but they’re so sweet!  However, they’re not too sweet, and I should know.

I did just eat a grapefruit, ya know.

It satisfied my dessert cravings just fine.

Mmm, another craving perfectly taken care of.

Oh, this chocolate?

That’s not dessert.

It’s medicinal.

Do you like grapefruit? Is there any fruit that you don’t like? As far as I know, I like them all.  I think.  I have yet to try any that I disliked.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz