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Good afternoon!

Today has been a whirlwind of working, cleaning, and eating, so sadly, I have no food pictures for you.

Eats were mostly scrounged up between chores, and I have to admit, it’s not my most healthful day of eating.  Too many dates with too much peanut butter with too much chocolate stuffed inside.

Well, no; never too much, but you know what I mean.

So, instead, let’s talk about hair!

I come from a family of beautiful hair.  My mum’s hair is thick and when she was my age, it consisted of luxurious black waves.  My two brothers also have this amazingly rich and healthy hair, with my older bro having straight hair and the kid bro was blessed with little waves and ringlets.

And don’t get me started on my sister’s hair.  Thick, of course, with natural highlights, and a quaint little curl.

You know what I got?

Limp, baby-fine hair that looks oily ten minutes after I’ve washed it.


And all my family’s wonderful Irish heritage?  Missed the mark on that one, too.  My beautiful red hue comes from a box marked L’Oreal.


But, recently, I switched shampoos to a new brand.  I guess I should have known better than picking up my shampoo at Winco, but I was down to the last dribbles of Suave that I had scrounged up from the depths fo Amor’s medicine cabinet.

I think it expired in 2003.

My hair was falling out in clumps.  I pulled a small rodent out of the drain yesterday.

(Let’s say it together: ewwwwww.)

Now, though?

My hair is so greasy that I’m afraid to take it out of a ponytail.  Smells nice, though.

Finally, it dawned on me why my hair feels like one huge oil slick.

Volumizing? Lies!

Not seeing it?

Look closer.

Just take a gander right here.

Does that logo look familiar?

Are you seeing it?

I feel like I need to dump a bucket of heavy-duty detergent over my scalp to de-skeeve my slicked back ‘do.

The logo explains it all.

Yep. My hair is doomed.

Look familiar?


Time to find a new brand.

(Note: in no way shape or form do I find the oil spill in the Gulf funny.  It’s tragic, and I’m furious that such malignant avarice caused such a terrible disaster, and blatant incompetence prevented it from being fixed sooner.  I’ve already donated to the National Wildlife Federation to help animals that are at risk right now because of this tragedy.  You can choose any organization you like.  Every little bit helps.)

On a lighter note: Do you have a brand of shampoo that you recommend for limp, baby-fine, slimy hair?

On a heavier note: Do you donate to charities?  Which one is close to your heart?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz



Sorry for the late post; I fell asleep while watching Heat with my mum and Amor.  Have you seen it?  I’m only halfway through it, but it’s pretty intense.

Anyway, speaking of intense, I’ve had a pretty crazy day, and have decided to focus not on the eats but rather, on what I did today with my family.

The food is yesterday’s news; it wasn’t my best day of eating (way too many sweets, eaten emotionally — personal stuff and all that).  But, I had a wonderful time with my Mum and my fella, and that’s what matters most.

So beautiful out, but so cold, too!

The waves were beautiful and frightening.  They were cresting several feet high, and crashing with remarkable power.

To get an idea of how cold it was, I was wearing a cable-knit hoodie sweater with a heavy jacket over it, and I was still freezing.

This doesn't even show the sheer magnitude of the waves.

All of these pictures were taken by Amor, by the way.

I don’t imagine it was over forty degrees out there on the ocean, and the wind coming off the water had the power to cut straight through you.

Mum and I picked up some shells and polished stones, but decided that they best remain where they belong, in the sand.

I could watch these waves for hours.

Anyway, I had a wonderful time with my Mum while she was here, and I’m sad to see her off tomorrow evening.

She and I are a lot alike, and it’s sort of scary, really.  Hah.

Amor was able to see how many of my quirks that I inherited from her, and I found it amusing to compare my own traits with hers.

Actually, I feel as though I learned so much about myself through her, and I’m thankful and blessed for this opportunity to spend a few days with such a caring and generous woman.

Now I must head off into bed, for I want to get up early to squeeze in as much time with my mum before she has to depart tomorrow.

Do you resemble any of your family members, through looks or personality? Not only do I act like my mum, I look almost exactly like her.  Fortunately, my mum is a beautiful woman, inside and out. ❤

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz


I’ve been having an insanely fun time with my mum today.

I don’t have any food pictures; we had to hurry out in a rush to catch the bus, so I grabbed a cashew Boomi bar and a pear to eat for lunch.

Yeah, that was so not enough.  I wound up in Winco, starving, and impulsively and hungrily purchased some Coconut M&Ms (maybe a review to come?) and some dark chocolate cranberries and dark chocolate espresso beans.  I also found an old clementine in my purse and ate that, and about 1/4 of an apple pie Larabar.

Oh, and I tried a new flavor of Bora Bora bar, that I found for a buck fifty at Winco.  It was coconut-almond something.  I liked it; another review to come, perhaps?

Other comestibles were also enjoyed, but I can’t recall exactly.  I just know I was hungry today.

Amor took Mum and I out to Marie Callendar’s for dinner, and I ordered the soup and salad bar and went crazy stirring potato salad and kidney beans into their veggie soup.  Tasted great, but the salt nearabouts killed me.

Oh, and if I claim to be sick in the next couple days, Amor ordered Banana Cream Pie and Mum ordered the Sour Cream Blueberry and offered me the whipped cream of the top and I couldn’t resist.

Finally, in all of its anticlimactic glory, I really must say that my Mum brings out the random in me.

The big reveal: Who is Kaz?

After the mall (Mum got her hairs cut) we took the bus to Winco, then hopped over to CVS to pick up some stuff for Mum.

As we were wandering down the aisles, I spotted a display for hula hoops.  Mum encouraged me to try one out, even though it’s been years since I’ve last hooped.  I bought a hoop a couple weeks ago, and it was a fail; it wouldn’t stay up for more than a minute or two.

(Quote: “Mum, it’s too big!  I can’t keep it up!”  That elicited laughs from the men who were walking by in that instant.  I didn’t know my face could turn so red.)

After trying three or four hoops and my Mum and I giggling like girls at how silly we were, I found one that worked, and after testing it for a minute to confirm that it was, indeed a good hoop, I started to put it back.  Buying hula hoops in drug stores is not a logical thing for a woman approaching the other half of her 20s to do.

“You should get it for yourself,” Mum encouraged me.

I demurred. “It’s frivolous.”

“It’s fun!”

And that’s how I bought my very own hula hoop this afternoon.

Now you know.

Yes, it’s a silly, dark, blurry, spontaneous photograph, but it pretty much epitomizes my afternoon.

Heck, if you’re not getting any food pics, the least I can do is finally show you what I look like, right?

There ya go.

Can you hula hoop? I almost posted this neat animated gif of me hooping — my camera has something called “sports” mode, where it takes 25 pictures in one second — but it was in slo-mo and I didn’t know how to speed it up and so it just looked downright dirty.  So there.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz

When selecting a blog title, I tend to write the first thing that pops into my mind.

Tonight, it’s the sheer fact that I have successfully burnt off my taste buds.

Anyway, I have no tongue!

How are you?  Good?  Still got your tongue?  Even better.

A fistful of macadamia nuts were enjoyed as a snack.

You just might be wondering why I have no tastebuds anymore.

Am I right?

I shall tell you.

But first: lunch!

Osito helped me enjoy this extremely ripe apricot.

Unfortunately, my friend and I were unable to enjoy our date.  Something came up on both our parts, so we have postponed it for hopefully later this week.

Instead, I enjoyed a handful of macadamias and as I placed my apricot on the table to photograph it, Oso swooped in.

After a perfunctory lick, he batted it onto the floor.

A half of a wonderfully ripe and juicy honeydew melon and a half a pound of frozen strawberries, mixed with a half a bag of spinach, made the BEST smoothie ever!

Yes, I ate it anyway.  No, I didn’t wipe it off.  Floor dust helps bolster the immune system, didn’t you know that?

At least I hope so.  I imagine a few more rounds with Oso and my food and I’ll be bench-pressing Volkswagen cars for recreation and leisure.

At least, my immune system will.

Look closely, and don’t blink or you’ll miss it:

No haters! Darn tootin' I'm a Vikes fan.

Did you get that, or was it gone too fast?

That, my friends, was the only green I consumed today.

Green representin’ in purple and gold, holla!

Okay, okay.  The Amor is from Minnesota.  I, through some strange osmosis, have also taken up the Vikings pride.

No regrets.

A half a sweet potato, a 1/4 cup peanut flour, dash of cinnamon, and real maple syrup. Mmm...

Lunch wasn’t complete without a little dessert, so I enjoyed the other half of my roasted sweet potato from last week.  Maple syrup + peanut butter + cinnamon + roasted sweet potato?  My tastebuds died and went to heaven.

Later today, they just died.

Do me a favor?  Please, please, please do not sift through my archives and tell me how old this potato is.  I do not want to know.

I want to enjoy it for what it was and pretend it’s not gonna make me sick.

Besides, my immune system benches Volkswagens and eats food that Oso licked and batted onto the floor.  An old sweet potato?  Psh, walk in the park.

I love these Bora-Bora bars. They're like eating a cookie.

For dessert round two, I enjoyed the other half of this Bora-Bora bar (say that three times fast) from the other day.

Again, please don’t tell me how old and stale and ganky it is.  I prefer to live in the moment, okay?

Rock on.

And now, the answer to the question you’ve all been waiting for: What, exactly, happened to Kaz’s tastebuds?

Vinegar and Salt Popchips. I owe my raw and tender tongue to these bad boys.

As I was wandering around Target earlier today to get my dish-washing detergent fix, I spotted these.

Yes, I have a dish-washing detergent problem.  I go through almost a bottle a week.  I’m in a twelve-step program for it, and I’m slowly weaning myself down to two loads of dishes a day.

Amor is very supportive of me in this.

Tasted just like a cookie! Best 77 cents ever spent.

As for the popchips?

It wasn’t a binge.  It was a very deliberate act.  I bought them full well knowing that I was going to eat them all in one sitting.

Heck, I don’t even like chips, but my emotions are soaring high and I knew if I tried to ignore the craving, I’d eat something else then go back and eat an entire bag of Amor’s chips.

I planned them into my dinner, and I do not regret it one bit.

And a touch of sangria for dessert.

And that Peanut Butter Larabar?  Omigosh.

Tasted identical to a real peanut butter cookie.  I’m in smit.

And now I’m sipping on some sangria, inspired by Megan.  To make enough for myself and Amor, I used about two cups of mixed cherries, strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, a splash of orange juice, about two servings of leftover mead, and about 3/4 of a can of seltzer and let it sit for about, oh, five minutes?  Yeah.

You guys are the best, you really are.  I never imagined I’d receive such warmth and support, but you’ve proven to be such a good and wonderful community.  Thank you so much for your kind words, well wishes, and love.  You are all the best!

And, since I really haven’t asked a real question lately, here’s one for you:

When you’re craving “bad” food, what do you do?  Try to wait it out?  Enjoy it in moderation?  Eat it with guilt? As you can see, I fit it into my daily eats.  The rest of my diet is so healthful and balanced that I see no need to kick myself for enjoying some crisps as part of my dinner.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz

Hey guys!

Sorry for the lack of posting, but evidently I’m sick.

Yeah, that was news to me, too.

I got dressed, felt good, walked into work, and within a half hour I was totally useless.

I’m hunkering down tonight with a movie and the Amor and a large bowl of grapes, and I should be back tomorrow with today’s eats and my normal posting schedule.

Thanks, guys!

A quick hello to everyone!

I have to make this ridiculously uber-quick, since I have to head back to the office in about ten minutes.

This is a re-enactment. For shame!

I never got to finish my breakfast, since my appetite was way off.  I essentially ate all the peanut butter and about half or so of the actual porridge.

As I anticipated, I would get hungry, and this snack held me over until lunch.  Those Bora-Bora bars are good!  The Amor loves them.  I actually stole it from his stash.

Shh, don’t tell.

A salad again? Who is this girl and where is Kaz?!

I arrived home, not too hungry from snacking on almonds and some chocolate covered raisins, and decided a salad would be light and quick to whip up.

Yeah, I guess I didn’t count on how dang long it would take me to masticate the darned thing.

Yummy use of leftovers!

I’m still eating it.

In the bowl that my wonderful friend gave me, I piled up some romaine, half a tomato, the rest of an old avocado, one mushroom, celery greens, and all the remaining beans from yesterday.

Oh, celery greens?  Yeah, genius.  I always chop them off and don’t want to waste them, so I threw them into the salad.  Great idea.  Try it!

Lots of flavors and textures. Not bad, for a salad.

Then, a funny thing happened.

I slathered up a hearty Lundberg rice cake with almond butter and jam, and clumsy me, I knocked it onto the floor.

And, who would’ve guessed, for the first time in my life, it landed jam-side-up!

See how the rice cake is broken? It fell on the floor!

Since I had just mopped and swept in there, I figured I might as well not let my efforts go to waste.

I dusted it off, and ate it anyway.

I live dangerously like that.

Any better in the light box?

And, there’s a very ripe and juicy pear for dessert.  I’m going to smuggle it into my purse and hope it doesn’t get totally dinged up.

What do you think of the light box?  Again, I haven’t installed the light yet, but it’s kinda neat, no?

I don’t like how formal it looks; it’s sort of cold, like, a display rather than food.  But I will definitely use it for nighttime photography.

What do you reach for when you know you have to eat in a hurry?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz

Greetings this afternoon, ya’ll!

Fact: I was born and raised in the South and have never once uttered the word “ya’ll” in context.  Southern fail.

Whew!  I am so tired this afternoon.

Why’s that?

You got me beat.  I think my body got a sample of what decent sleep looks like last night, and now it’s craving more.

Or, maybe it’s because I’ve been working my little hamster off.

When I saw these at the grocery store last night, I knew I'd have to integrate them into my lunch today.

Pray tell, where exactly on the human body is the hamster?

No idea.  But, mine was worked off, so you won’t find one here.

I’m proud to say that there are only two rooms left in this house that aren’t fit for another human being to see.  And, no, I don’t count the garage.

Southern food at its finest.

The garage will never be cleaned, period.

I still need to sweep the entire house, and my bathroom needs some touch-up work, and the kitchen is never truly clean, but if somebody spontaneously dropped by, I wouldn’t be mortified to let them in.


The age old classic Red Beans n' Rice, but with a quinoa twist!

Enough about my house.  I’ve been quite productive today, for which I am very pleased, albeit worn out.

I waited too long to eat lunch, and by the time I actually wandered into the kitchen, I was near-about ready to eat my arm.

However,  I have no tried and true recipes for human arm, so I instead elected to go with my gut.

Perfectly roasted broccoli trees, to be later dipped in ketchup and mustard.

No, no, no.  I didn’t eat my gut, though I was pretty sure at this point it was trying to eat itself.  I went with my gut, which was telling me that I was craving beans like nobody’s business.

Except, maybe, it’s my business.  And since you’re reading this, it’s your business, too.

So, I was craving beans like it was everybody’s business.  There? Satisfied?

The veggies are a match made in heaven. I love "dipper" vegetables.

Like a true Southern gal, I wanted red beans and rice, but since I already had rice for breakfast, I decided to branch out and try my beans on quinoa.

Clever, right?  I know.

I cooked up a serving of quinoa while a heaping pile of broccoli and brussels sprouts roasted in my 400 F (convection) oven.

All in all, a delightful feast to satisfy a hungry tummy.

Yes, I cooked them for thirteen minutes.

Do I really need to go there again?  Thirteen is a wonderful number.  No superstition allowed here on this blog.

Knock on wood.

I cooked a huge hunk of green bell pepper with one cup of beans (rinsed), and when the quinoa and veggies were ready, I plated them and piled the beans onto the quinoa.

First I wanted a peach. Then I wanted grapes. Then I spotted this pear and knew what I really craved.

I topped the red beans with a half a medium chopped tomato and dug in.

Perfect!  So good.

However, I had waited too long to eat, and I was so daggum tired, that dessert was imperative.

The pear was perfectly ripe and juicy, but still I was craving more sugar.

Almond Dream, Coconut Sorbet, and two pieces of chocolate. Hit the spot!

And, looking back, my lunch was abysmally low in fat.

Yes, dessert was a must.

I piled a ramekin high with my favorite Coconut Sorbet and a scoop of Cappuccino Swirl Almond Dream (also very good!) and topped it off with two pieces of Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Almond.

Now I’m happily sated, but I’m thinking hard about a nap.

What’s your favorite traditional or regional food? Being from the south, I love just about anything that involves beans and cornbread.  Yum!

Thanks for reading, each and every one of you!  (By the way, I hit a new record on page views — if you’re out there, please please please feel free to say hello!  You’ll delight me like nothing else!)

❤ Kaz

Good morning, guys!

It is so nice out today.  I have my window open, and my neighbor is mowing his lawn, so a cool breeze is blowing that fresh-cut-grass scent right into my room.

While I have no “outdoor” chores planned today, I might just find a reason to go out there.  When the sun is shining in the Pacific Northwest, you make excuses to get outside.

This morning, I woke up with a very grumbly tummy.  I had originally planned on making some banana pancakes with those walnuts I picked up last night at the grocery store, but my stomach would not wait.

Looks familiar? Just you wait. I had something up my sleeves this morning.

I quickly decided on a bowl of cereal and pulled out the familiar ingredients: brown rice cakes, peanut butter, banana, almond milk.

I smeared a generous glob of peanut butter onto each rice cake, then threw them into my bowl.

No, seriously.  I threw them.  One broke.  If you look closely at the pictures, you’ll be able to see which one.

I had a little helper with breakfast this morning. He was absurdly fascinated with what I was doing.

This morning, I used one of my hearty, dense Lundberg rice cakes and a lightly salted fluffy Quaker one.

Just like last time, I placed the heavier rice cake on the bottom and balanced the fluffy one on top.

However, unlike last time, I didn’t use an apple-cinnamon rice cake.  I used a plain one.

The star of the show! Peanut Butter Pandas graced the breakfast today.


Because, they’d mask the taste of the Peanut Butter Pandas, of course!

(Just a reminder, I buy all these products; nobody gave me any free food.  Jerks.)

Eating my favorite foods first thing in the morning makes me happy.

I poured a generous half-cup of Panda Puffs over my peanut-buttery rice cakes.

Mmm.  Yum.

Then, I poured almond milk sorta haphazardly all over the bowl.  You want enough to allow for the rice cakes to soften up, and just enough surplus to be able to slurp up the peanut buttery milk afterward.

Bananas, brown rice cakes, peanut butter, Peanut Butter Panda Puffs, and almond milk.

By the way, I just typed “slurplus” there when I was trying to type “surplus”.

Don’t you love portmanteau?

Also, I’m totally gonna copyright that word.  Slurplus: noun.  The excess milk remaining in your cereal bowl that absorbs all the flavor of your cereal, to be slurped noisily after finishing your breakfast.

Hey, I invented it.  It’s my prerogative.

The breakfast of awesomeness.

Generally, I don’t wake up hungry.  My stomach tends to be a bit “off” and it takes me about a half hour to work up a decent-sized hunger to permit me to attack my breakfast with voracious appreciation.

However, yesterday, my sister asked me if it was “okay” to eat late at night, like, for instance, right before bedtime.

Right way, I told her yes; for weight-loss purposes, eating a bedtime snack will not hinder the process.  I do it all the time, and I’m reasonably slim.

I will definitely be making this again!

Then, I repeated back to myself what I said.

It dawned on me that eating a bedtime snack is a fairly new phenomenon.  And, so is my insomnia.

I put two and two together.  Perhaps my late-night thirst is driven by something to quench my dry mouth after my snack?

Maybe I can’t sleep, because my tummy is spending the entire night trying to digest heavy eats when it should be relaxing.

Maybe that’s why I never wake up hungry.

Last night, I had a lighter snack of just a rice cake and jam, and while I can’t say that my sleep wasn’t entirely restless, it was the best rest I had in a long while.

Plus, I didn’t wake up a thousand times to go pee.

To me, that’s a win.  I’m going to experiment with smaller snacks at bedtime.  I don’t want to give them up; eating right before I sleep is very comforting.  I really do hope this helps.

Do you snack at night?  What’s your favorite snack, nighttime or anytime?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz

Morning, guys!

Or, err…we’ll just pretend it’s still morning, okay?


So, I’ve decided to change things up a bit today.  Instead of using my typical blue bowl for breakfast, I decided to shake the routine and reached for a white bowl.

What do you think? White, or blue?

I still love my blue bowls and have no intent on abandoning them (I can actually hear them right now, in the cupboard, whimpering at me and trying to look cute), but I need to make room in my heart for the white bowls, too.

White bowls need love, too.

That wasn't just a pool of peanut butter -- it was a full lake's worth!

Another new thing I tried, I actually stole the idea from my friend.  Yesterday, when she picked up the camera and started snapping away at our feast, I opened the blinds and suggested natural lighting.

Immediately, she picked up the plate of cookies, scooted a chair over, and placed it right next to the window.

Remember how well her photos turned out?  Genius!

And that wasn't a stream of honey, it was a river.

So, this morning, instead of taking my pictures on the dining room table like a normal person, I hauled my porridge next to the window, plunked them down onto a chair, and started clicking away.

Actually, my camera doesn’t click.  It sorta chirrups.  It’s coy and likes to flirt with me like that.

My best bowl of porridge yet!

I made sure to use my macro lens today, and while these pictures don’t ooze beauty, I’m pretty sure yesterday’s photo fail was due to just having an ugly breakfast.

However, taking my friend’s advice really helped, don’t you think?  They don’t look as gacky as they did before.

My blue bowls are crying now.  I’m such a bad bowl-mother.

If "too much peanut butter" were possible, then I'm guilty. However, you can never use too much, so I'm good.

The one thing I didn’t change up was how awesome my breakfast was.  This is simply my quinoa porridge from yesterday

No, I’m not eating yesterday’s porridge.  I just used the same recipe.

Geez, guys.  Give me some credit here.

Make this on the stove top and you will not regret it.  Unless, of course, the sleeve of your robe hovers too close to the flame and spontaneously combusts, but that’s not my fault.  That’s your fault. And your robe.

All I can say is, this is pure mouth euphoria.

On a side note, part of the reason I was late posting this morning was because I was talking to my sister, whom I love dearly.

She’s getting a bit of flack for her new diet, and we chatted for a bit about it.

I am very fortunate to have been surrounded by supportive people who respect and care about me and don’t pass harsh judgement upon me for eating differently than them, and I’m thankful for that.

Have you ever changed the way you eat in a significant manner?  How did people react?  What advice do you have for someone who is facing negativity from her peers for trying to make a change in her diet?

Sorry, that’s a ton of questions, but I look forward to your responses!

(Oh, another side note.  Sorry!  Speaking of my sister, I’ll have that recipe up for lunch!  Thanks for your interest in it!)

Thanks! ❤ Kaz

Hey guys!

Sorry for being AWOL all afternoon, but I had a house to clean.  You see, I had a guest over for dinner tonight.

Remember my new friend?  Well, I spontaneously invited her over for dinner, and was thrilled when she accepted my invitation!


I was STUH-arving and ate this in less than a minute.

Then panic set in.  Omg, I gotta make dinner.  Omg, I need to mop.  Omg, the house is a pigsty.  Omg, I still need to make laundry.

Stop.  Calm.  Breathe.

I threw my sister’s chili in the crock-pot, scrubbed the house from top to bottom, and was done just in time to catch Cupcake Wars on Food Network.

Busy, successful afternoon WIN!

Whole fried egg, almond butter, and leftover sweet potato pancake.

Backtracking to lunch, here.  My hunger hit me like a ton of bricks, and I almost couldn’t bear to cook anything, I was that famished.

I quickly fried a whole egg and threw it on a leftover sweet potato pancake from yesterday smeared with almond butter.

Guys, that it was really good.  I mean, really, really good.

I was so hungry, I started eating before snapping the picture. Oops!

Don’t gag.  Do you put eggs in your pancakes?  Then put one on top.  Same difference, right?

Oh, stop complaining and just do it.  You’ll thank me later, I’m sure of it.

The almond butter put it over the top into pure awesomeville.  Definitely try it!

As my sister’s chili simmered away in the crock-pot, I cleaned the house.  Funny thing is, my friend was just here yesterday and I didn’t mind having a less-than-immaculate house.

These guys dove into the crock-pot to make an amazing chili.

But yesterday, she just was over for ice cream.

Today, she was a dinner guest.  It’s different.

Anyway, I don’t have much in the way of recipes for you tonight.  My cookies failed, my corn bread failed.

The chili, however, turned out great!

However, tonight is going to be very picture-heavy.  You see, my friend is an artist and takes beautiful pictures.  She followed me around this afternoon, snapping photographs of just about everything.

I’m very grateful for her help, and was thrilled to let her take charge.  Something like 99% of these pictures are hers, but I’m not sure which are which.  They all turned out beautifully, and it was hard to narrow it down.


My friend's amazing cucumber-tomato-bell pepper-avocado salad.

Even though I messed these cookies up, they still wound up tasting like fudge. Yum!

Melty chocolate chip shot. So good!

Do NOT substitute garbanzo bean flour in your cornbread recipes. Ugh, it tasted awful.

It looked so promising!

My friend brought these gluten-free cookies over for me. She's so sweet!

She also came over bearing this gift of chocolate. So good! Thanks, my friend!

My friend artfully arranged the avocado and cornbread atop the chili. She has an artist's eye, doesn't she?

Alas, the cornbread wasn't that good. Sorry!

On the other hand, this chili turned out so well! Everyone loved it.

Once I smashed the cornbread into the chili, it didn't taste as awful, but I won't be making it again.

My friend also brought over this perfectly ripe avocado to share. She spoils me!

Cornbread of DOOM!

Mmm, texture shot. I'll have the recipe up soon!

My friend's salad again. I think I ate most of it!

The gluten-free cookies my friend shared with me. They were pretty yummy!

That’s it for tonight, guys.  I’m worn out and just thoroughly exhausted from cleaning all day.

I’ll have that chili recipe up tomorrow, if anyone’s interested.  Even my Amor enjoyed it, and that’s saying quite a bit!

Thanks so much for reading!

❤ Kaz