Hey, guys!

Sorry to spring this on you, but I’m still sick.

I’m now fighting off an ear infection, got a killer sunburn yesterday (I swear, the lotion and sunblock were in identical bottles) and I broke a fingernail today, which further drives home the point that no, I’m not doing well, and I really am unhealthy.

Since I don’t want this blog to become a woe-is-me blog, I’m thinking about overhauling my entire approach to blogging.  Since getting sick, I’ve been in a food rut, trying to make “safe” food choices to avoid getting sicker.

Plus, since I’m tired and weak all the time, my usual verve is gone.

Makes for very boring blogging.

I need time off, a hiatus.  Not for long — just until I heal a wee bit more.

I may reduce my daily posts to once a day, once every few days…not quite sure yet.

I’m just not the same person who started this blog.  Being sick forces you to change and adapt, and I need to re-evaluate myself to see if this blog is evolving with me.

Thanks for understanding! ❤