I was starving today!

This is why I don’t count calories: already, just after lunch, I’ve eaten more today that most people eat on a daily basis.

If I were hung up on numbers and calories, I’d be freaking out right about now.

However, I did two and a half hours of pretty intense yard work, and I’m PMSing up a storm.  Jus’ throwing that out there.

These pictures don’t really show the extent of what I’ve eaten this afternoon, but let’s try anyway, hey?

Pre-yardwork: date with peanut butter.

Then I went outside with a oversized pair of glorified scissors, and attacked the blackberry bush that seems intent on invading and summarily taking over the yard.

I ate its offspring as revenge:

Fresh blackberries from my yard.

Yes, I realize that berries aren’t just plant babies.  They’re, what, ovaries?

Or something?

Whoa, that’s now two references to the female reproductive cycle I’ve made during this post.  Go me!

Then, two and a half hours, the feasting began.

Post yardwork:

Making do with what's left in the house.

Tons of broccoli, tons of green beans, cup of peas, 2/3 cup chickpeas, half a ginorm avocado, serving-plus of spinach, two heaping tablespoons of hummus, and hot sauce.

Tasted like heaven.

Mouth wanted more.

I stuffed a plum in there instead.

Huge plum, very ripe and sweet and yum.

Still not satisfied.

Ate a Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar.

Frozen, of course, since that’s what the cool kids are doing nowadays.

Love these!

And, since that wasn’t enough, I had foolishly left an entire baggie of chocolate meltaways on the coffee table last night.

There were probably about 40-50 grams of chocolate in the satchel.

Without even having to leave my comfy spot on the couch, I leisurely reached for my chocolate fix.

I ate them.  All of them.  No doubting that.

Ate this, times, like...ten?

And that wasn’t enough.

Even as I type this, I feel that gnawing hunger in my gut that tells me maybe this isn’t food related?

I’ve been researching low stomach acid nonstop for three days, and I’m starting to suspect that might be what’s making me sick.

So, anyway.  I ate two huge (like, biggest ones in the box) dates with a tablespoon of almond butter.

Forgive the awful photo, but I was in the living room, where the lighting is awful.

And I still have this weird gnawing/cold hunger pain in my stomach.


Yes, I’m sick.  Yes, I feel like I’m doomed to be sick for like, ever.  Hiss, boo on you, body.

Do you prefer to do indoor chores or outside chores? It was either sweep the house, or prune the yard.  I chose the yard.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz