Good morning!

I have decided to be a doctor, and I’m going to get my medical degree from Google University.

(I just googled Google University, by the way, and evidently something like that exists?  Random.)

But yeah, I keep stumbling on relevant medical information upon Google which leads me to believe that I’m now at least as smart, if not smarter, than any doctor who went to school.

In other words, I just found out something else that might be making me sick.

Moving on!  Let’s talk about breakfast!

One of the most delicious breakfasts so far.

I wanted banana, but I also wanted almonds, and I wanted the sweet-sour tang that other fruits have to offer me.

So, I decided to go for it, and incorporate all of my cravings into one bowl.

I cooked my kasha in the typical manner, with an egg and cinnamon and almond milk.

Banana-blueberry-cherry fluff topped with almonds.

In my food processor, I combined most of a banana, about a half a cup of frozen cherries, and about a half a cup or so of frozen blueberries.

I pureed them until they were voluminous and fluffy, then layered a third of them into the bottom of my bowl.

I topped it with a layer of kasha, then repeated the process two more times.

So delicious and sweet!

I topped the ensemble with a heaping double-handful of slivered almonds, then attacked.

Random confession: the berry fluff cooled down my kasha considerably, making it lukewarm and tepid.  I nuked it again to take the chill of.  Tepid foods = icky.

Sorry to change the subject on you guys here, but this blog is not meant to be a downer.  If you want, you can view it as a sappy happy story with a message of inspiration: One Woman’s Triumph Over Illness!

Or stuff.

But, since this is a food blog, and I think my eating is making me sick, I’m gonna talk about it a bit.

Something that irked me yesterday, that I didn’t remember until I got home.  About the edema?  You know what the doctor said when I told her I’m retaining literally a gallon of water a day then can’t sleep at night because my body is working so hard to eliminate it?  She said, “Drink two liters of water before dinner, so that you won’t be up all night using the bathroom.”

Yep.  It’s like, she missed the entire, help-my-body-is-swollen bit and focused on the peeing all night part.  Sigh.

Sorry, did I gross anyone out?

Have you ever tried a breakfast parfait? Sorry, lame question!  I’m sorta addle-pated right now.  Heh.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz