Good morning!

I have to belt this out fast, since I have to work today.

Breakfast was quick and delicious, as usual.

Peanut butter, banana, and kasha.

I cooked up a pot of kasha (1/4 cup dry to 1 cup of water) and when it was ready, I added in cinnamon, vanilla, and egg.

I thinned it out with some slightly-sweetened almond milk (Pacific brand) until it was thick and creamy.

Then I topped it with two huge heaping tablespoonfuls of peanut butter and a banana.

So yummy!

So what did I learn today?

I learned that coconut milk makes excellent creamer for coffee.

I don’t rightly care for coffee — too bitter, just not my cuppa.

But, one tablespoon-ish of full-fat coconut milk turned my dark and bitter brew into a beige and fragrant drink. Β I wasn’t sure it would work, but one tablespoon of the good stuff cut a 20 oz mug of coffee and turned it into something palatable.

Who knew?

What have you learned recently?

Thanks for reading!

❀ Kaz