Another weekend comes and goes, right?

But hey, the week offers all sorts of promise, and I can be hopeful.  I officially start working again this week, which could be entertaining on so many levels, and of course, my doctor’s appointment is this week.  Oh, and my birthday.  I’m old!

Tonight, I decided I wanted pupusas for dinner.

I told Amor what I was having, and he arched a brow at me and stated, “That just sounds wrong.”

Pupusa.  It does sound rather…naughty, does it not?

My first pupusa attempt.

Maybe I’m just immature.

Goes to show, birthdays don’t mean nothin’.  I may be approaching the scary side of my 20s, but I can still snicker at the word “pupusa”.

Since all I had was medium-grind corn meal, I had to improvise and make my own corn flour.

I threw about a cup-ish of corn meal into a tall cup and went at it with my hand blender.  It did a pretty darn good job, but the stick blender heated up the corn meal and my entire house smelled like a stable — ganky horse feed, basically — for the rest of the evening.

Served alongside a some pinquitos.

Not too bad for my first try, but I think I made the dough a bit runny, since it stuck to my hand, despite oiling it up.

I ate my improvised pupusa alongside a heaping cup and a half of pinquito beans.

However, dinner didn’t satisfy me, and I was foraging up dessert as soon as my dishes hit the sink.

Very ripe Bartlett pear.

I noshed away on this extremely ripe, almost too ripe, pear.

Then I wanted some grapefruit, and went for it.

It was almost past its prime, but was still very juicy and delicious.

Awful lighting in my kitchen...do forgive me.

My makeshift dinner held me over for a couple hours, then the cravings for chocolate and peanut butter and, well, just plain fat kicked in.

My dinner was sort of low in fat, so yep.  A bit of fat was definitely in order.

Since I’m not one wont to chug directly from the olive oil bottle, I went for a more palatable form of fat.

A curious find.

This bar was something I picked up on Friday, after my doctor’s appointment, on a whim.

It was decent, but seriously lacked in the chocolate department.

My craving unsatisfied, I whipped up an improvised mousse, which tasted great, but at that point I realized I wasn’t hungry, and the mousse would not be appreciated for all of its delicious glory.  I stuck it in the freezer for future use.

Delicious organic peanut butter and dark choccy meltaways.

Then I asked myself, if I just want peanut butter and chocolate, why don’t I just have some peanut butter and chocolate?

Problem solved.

No, I wasn’t hungry.  Yes, I wanted chocolate and peanut butter.

My diet philosophy?  Eat what I want, when I want it.  I find if I deny myself my cravings, I’ll wind up eating around that craving until I cave in and eat what I want.

So I eat what I want, whenever I want it.  It makes me happy, and therefore is a win-win philosophy.

(That said, I could never be a meal planner, because my mood and hunger and appetite changes by the minute.  Sure, the schedule may say tonight is mashed potatoes and green beans, but my tummy tells me it’s a beans and rice sort of evening.)

Do you have a food philosophy? Please share it!

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz