Tonight, Amor and I watched The Hangover.  I saw it several months ago with a friend, and recommended it to Amor.  However, after tons of futile searching at Target and the like, we finally caved in and bought it online.

I was anxious, because I had suggested it, and now with all the hype, what if he didn’t like it?

He loved it.

Dinner was a simple affair.  I was craving sauteed kale and beans like crazy.

So simple, but so yummy!

I sauteed some onion in olive oil until fragrant, then added about a cup of butter beans and some garlic.

I added the kale, a bit of water, and let it cook down.

Then I added a splash of vinegar.

Easy, fast, healthful, and yummy.

There's a cookie shark in my soft serve!

I smeared a gluten free chocolate chipper with peanut butter, then dunked it in some banana soft serve.

Does it not look like there’s a cookie shark in my dessert?  Dun-da.  Dun-da. -cue Jaws music-

It was so good, I ate three more.


I added a handful of chocolate chips two two frozen bananas for my soft serve.

Now, I go to bed.

Have you ever had a movie so hyped up that it wound up disappointing you when you finally watched it?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz

(By the way, thank you for all your comments on my post from this morning!  I’m so grateful and appreciative of all of your thoughtful replies!  I’m thinking about everything you guys said, and I’ll respond accordingly tomorrow. <3)