New word to add to your lexicon there: Déjà food.

Déjà Food: (n) – a strong feeling or sensation that you ate something before

Today, I experienced myself some Déjà food.

Last night’s dinner was so good, I had to recreate it today.

I mean, wouldn't you eat this twice?

Unfortunately, silly me, I forgot to put my tin of butter beans away last night, so I had to improvise and sub in some garbanzo beans.

My mouth didn’t seem to mind.

In addition to sauteeing some onions, I also chopped up a small, orange  sweet pepper to add additional flavor.

Mmm, so yummy!

I tossed in some garlic and stirred in the chickpeas.

I added the kale and a couple tablespoons of water, as well as a splash of rice vinegar.

I piled a serving of brown rice on top of it, since I was a bit hungrier than I was last night.

This kept me happy for a couple hours, at which point I prepared myself some dessert.

Apple-peanut butter MIM with cooked apples and a huge dollop of peanut butter.

I prepared a MIM with three tablespoons of peanut flour, 1/4 tsp of baking powder, two huge tablespoons of applesauce, and a generous sprinkle of peanut butter.

I cooked a chopped apple with cinnamon for two minutes in the microwave, then topped my diced MIM with the apples.

I finished it off with a huge glob of peanut butter.

Mmm.  So tasty!

What meal could you eat over and over again?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz