Evening, everyone!

I hope everyone’s had a good day.

My light breakfast held me over until about 1-ish this afternoon, when audible noises drifted up from my belly.

I cracked into a baggie of almonds that I had thrown into my purse on a whim.  I’m glad I did — they were my salvation as I stared at the clock and counted down the minutes until dinner.

I decimated these almonds.

I easily ate a couple ounces of almonds as the afternoon passed.

As soon as I got home for lunch, I made a beeline for the kitchen.

My stomach was still feeling tentative, and I didn’t have much time, since I was only getting about a half hour to eat today, so I decided just to throw my fruits and veggies into the blender and knock out my nutritional needs in an easily-digestible beverage.

Nuked potato with hummus and fresh cracked black pepper.

My smoothie contained about a half a blender’s worth of spinach, 1.5 cups of fresh blueberries, about 3/4-1 cup of applesauce, a splash of orange juice, two heaping scoops of brown rice protein powder, and water and ice for texture.

For a savory complement, I nuked a small red potato for five or so minutes, then topped it with hummus and fresh cracked black pepper.

Delish — for those of you who can’t eat dairy, try your baked potato with hummus.  Seriously satisfying and tasty.

My appetite came back full-force this afternoon, and even after demolishing tons of almonds and even a bit of chocolate, I left the office feeling famished.

Plain white rice -- ain't nothing you've never seen before.

As soon as I got into the car, I told Amor I wanted something with flavor for dinner.

I wanted something with a strong flavor profile — salty, spicy, greasy, garlicky.

I’m tired of bland stomach bug food — bring on the MSG!

You can see the little pools of grease -- hey, takeout is good eats!

There’s this tiny little Chinese restaurant hidden away on a less popular side of town called Hunan’s, and let me tell you, we struck gold with this place.

While I had been there before, it had been over a year, and it was back when I thought I could eat soy.

I was worried I wouldn’t find anything I could eat there, but the menu was packed with tons of things that called out to me.  I spied a curry on the menu, which I know I must go back for.  (Hear that, Em?  You and me’s gonna go on a date!)

One of the most extensive veggie menus I've ever seen.

However, tonight, I wanted to go home with stinky breath, so when I saw Spicy Hunan Mixed Vegetables on the menu — broccoli, water chestnuts, snow peas, carrots, baby corn, and onion in spicy sauce — I went for it.

The server brought me this ginormous dinner plate chock-fulla veggies, sitting in an extremely fragrant and oily spicy sauce.

My mouth died and went to heaven.

And yes, all that food was only 7.25$.  Score!  (To anyone not from California, to have a dinner entrée at that price feels like they’re practically giving the food away.)

I have leftovers for tomorrow, and then some.

Perfect dessert after my heavy, delicious dinner.

Now I’m snacking on a grapefruit and hoping and praying that my stomach doesn’t go in revolt as punishment for dinner.

I gotta hit the hay early tonight, since I’m up super-early for another day at work tomorrow.

What’s your favorite restaurant?  What cuisine is it?  Why do you love it so?

I’m off to make a dent in my Google reader.  It was approaching 40 when I got home tonight — yikes!

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz