Good morning!

I have come up with a new sport for the Olympics, or perhaps, an Ironman/woman Competition.

It’s called “The Flu Eating Challenge” and the point of it is a bunch of people with tummy bugs are forced to face bowls of bland food and whomever cleans their plate first without having it make a reverse journey back up their esophagus is the winner.

I submit my entry into the contest:

Peanut butter, plain brown rice cake, banana.

I ate one, and when my tummy didn’t reject it, I prepared another.

Still working on it, but I think I’ll get there before too long.

The problem?  I’m famished but my stomach keeps clenching and fighting me every time I take a bite of something.

Off to work!

If you had to come up with a challenge for an imaginary competition, what would your entry submission be?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz