Afternoon, everyone!

My paltry breakfast held me over until about fiveish, when my hunger and appetite came back with a vengeance and hit me like a ton of feed me now.

Yes, “feed me now” can be measured in tonnage.  Doubt me?  Wait until you get hit by some.

Leaves a mark, you know.

So with the bruise of a ton of feed me now marring up my tummy, I headed into the kitchen craving soup.

I opened my fridge and peered inside, and drew back in horror.

My veggies were staging a revolt!  At least, as I poked past some sodden lettuce and wilted spinach, I thought it was pretty revolting.

“Eat me!” they chanted from inside my produce drawer.

Most delicious thing I have ever eaten.

What could I do but oblige?

I heated up a large stew pot on the stove and set to chopping up some onion.

My body was screaming for nourishment, and this was the result.

Then I threw in about a cup of celery (greens and all), chopped.

And two mushrooms, of course, chopped.

A zucchini, sliced then…chopped.

A cup of carrots, pre-sliced.  Chopped ’em anyway.

So amazingly good and delish!

Then I sprinkled on some basil, oregano, and threw in two bay leaves, and stirred it for a moment, all over medium heat.

Then I added in three or four cups of water.

I let it simmer for about ten minutes, then threw a cup of frozen peas, and 1/2 cup of instant brown rice (1 cup of pre-cooked brown rice would work fine here, too).

Mmm, yummy!

I let it cook for another ten minutes.

Then I got my chop on again, and diced up about two cups worth of kale, and threw it in the pot.

I let the kale cook down for about a minute or so, then turned the heat off.

Serves two.  Or one very hungry Kaz.

Yep, after I ate the first bowl, I discovered that my tummy liked it, and didn’t reject it.  I was starving, so I went for a second bowl and finished it off.

Good deal.

Nutritional powerhouse, too, for a speedy recovery.  (Click for a makeshift recipe, too, if you so please.)

Now I’m craving sweets, and I think there’s a grapefruit in there calling my name.  It’s probably a trap, though, with all the dissenters lounging in my fridge for a coup.  I’ll go stand it down, though.  I’m brave like that.

Do you eat soup when you’re sick?  What’s your favorite soup?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz