Gonna make this brief.

I am very ill.

I got painfully hungry around 8:30 tonight.  I think?  Based by the gnawing pain (different from the twisting, churning) in my gut and the audible growling, decided it was hunger, and set forth to make dinner.


I slathered two brown rice cakes with almond butter, piled on the frozen blueberries, cherries, and sliced banana, and poured on about a cup of almond milk.

Then I got sick.

But a few minutes later, hungrier than ever, being the trooper that I am, returned to the dinner table (really, couch, but who’s judging?) and ate every last bite.

And got sick again.

I’m sipping at water, but even water is making me feel icky.

(Side note — I’ve got almost all the bases covered for the BRAT diet today, save for the toast, and I wasn’t even trying.  Wewt, go me!)

And I’m hungry again, no surprise.  Lemme see if I can cover the “T” part of my BRAT diet with some Udi’s.

Do you ever eat cereal for dinner?  What’s your favorite kind?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz