My appetite has been so strange today.

After my huge breakfast, I was famished not even an hour later.  Dude, body?  You’re confusing me.

I chugged water, and after it didn’t silence my demanding tummy, I ate half of a Boomi Bar.

Then I was hungry again.

Golden delicious apple.

So I had an apple.

Then I was hungry again.

All I wanted was okra — crispy, roasted okra.

Dipped in ketchup, mustard, and BBQ sauce.

Instead, I had sodden, floppy okra.


My protesting stomach tried to choke it down, but none of my condiments tasted “right”.

Ate it anyway.  Hungry, remember?

Boomi bar and pear.

Then I was still hungry, and had the other half of my Boomi bar and a pear.

I just filched a piece of Amor’s chocolate with almonds.

My stomach keeps flipping back and forth between hunger and nausea.

Body, why do you hate me so? (Might have something to do with the buffet yesterday, actually.  Who knows what gets cross-contaminated, right?)

I’m counting the days til my doctor’s appointment, that’s for darn sure.

Do you prefer your chocolate plain, or do you prefer it with something like fillings, fruit, nougats, or nuts embedded in it? I’m a plain purist, but sometimes my cravings steer me elsewhere.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz