I hope everyone is doing well on this fine Saturday’s eve?

Tonight’s dinner wasn’t terribly inspired.

Wookiee had settled into my lap and started making muffins and purring, and the situation spiraled out of my control.  Before I knew it, I was asleep.

I slept for a good and satisfying half hour, then woke up with low energy and craving carbs.

Other half was consumed before and after breakfast.

The other half of my Boomi bar from earlier hit the spot.

I milled around, not doing much, until Amor got home, at which point I pretended that I had started his dinner ages ago and dashed into the kitchen to start some water on the boil for noodles for his evening meal.

He’s always very grateful and appreciative that I cook for him, and thanks me profusely every time, even if it is just spaghetti with meat sauce. ❤

Thought I was craving these, but mayhap I wasn't?

I decided I was craving almond butter, and decided to mix up some almond butter sauce to dip my carrots in.

I made it too thin, and on the fly, added a dollop of peanut butter to it.

Yes, I mixed nuts.  I conquered my fear.  I am bold, I am brave, I am Kaz — hear me roar. (Insert plaintive kitten squeak here.)


It was grocery night tonight, so after bolting down my dinner, we headed out the door to stock up on food.

My dinner may have been uninspired, but my dessert certainly was.

While browsing the store, I stumbled upon an impulse buy that I could not resist:

Made with all real ingredients!

The ingredients were all real food, and easy to pronounce, but the selling point was the fact that it had actual sassafras in it.

I grew up in back-woods Arkansas, and sassafras grew wild on our property.  It’s been probably fifteen years since I’ve had real sassafras tea.

In order to kindle some nostalgia, the boot rear (anyone get the reference?  anyone?  — give ya a hint: this month is AwGhost) went into my cart.  Hey, it was on sale, so it wasn’t too bad! (Two bucks for a six pack.)

Eaten as soon as I got home -- I was hungry.

I snacked on a banana as I put groceries away.

I love bananas.  It had been too long since I’d had one.

As soon as my chores were done, I cracked out the full fat coconut milk, 1/3 cup organic sugar (a dollar a pound at Winco!), a pinch of guar gum, and a dash of vanilla and threw it into the ice cream maker.

Forty-five minutes later, and dessert was served.

Boot Rear Floats!

Mmm, I love boot rear floats.

Truth is, the boot rear didn’t float.  It sank to the bottom.  The ice cream, however, floats.

I also ate tons of ice cream straight from the machine, and licked every spoon and dish that had came in contact with it.

Do you like ice cream floats? I don’t eat them often, but they’re such a delicious treat.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz