Good evening!

I know; I was away all day again.  Shame on me.

The reality is, I’ve had another afternoon spent researching what I can and cannot eat.  I keep finding things that say I should eat this, I should eschew that…I had a talk with Amor, and I’ve decided just to get some blood work done and find out if something shows up on a test.

The deciding factor was the fact that I’m now developing “fear” foods and stood in the kitchen, paralyzed by indecision, unsure of what to eat lest it hurt me.

Udi's GF multigrain bread, tons of avocado, and one whole fried egg.

I have an idea of what’s making me ill: nightshades, strawberries, flax, beans/legumes, certain grains, and the kasha.

They’re all the things I’ve recently added to my diet, and since then, the localized edema has occurred.

In the end, I shrugged my shoulders, decided on blood work, and went with my cravings.

I *said*, tons of avocado. There. Much better.

I’ll get up early tomorrow morning and see if I can’t make an appointment at the open-door community clinic later tomorrow or early next week.

Lunch was delicious, but inhaled.  I was so caught up in my research, that I didn’t even notice the hours creep by, and by the time I sat down for lunch, I was famished.

Oh, good news, at least!  Cooked peaches do not give me false-hunger.  I didn’t get hungry until about four, but then again, I didn’t finish my breakfast until nearly noon.

Veggies are limited in this household, so I had cukes instead.

Since there aren’t many veggies in the house right now, I went with cucumber.

I don’t really like cucumber that much — it’s too watery.  However, with a dip, it’s pretty good.

However, both sesame seeds and chickpeas are high in lignans, so I steered clear of them.

Instead, my thought process was, “Cucumbers are fruit.  What goes with fruit?”

Ignore the tiny black Oso furs, okay?

Peanut butter, of course.

I dipped about a half a cucumber into a tablespoon of peanut butter and dined happily.

Hey, peanut butter goes well with celery and carrots, so why not cucumber?  My mouth and tummy happily agreed.

Delicious, sweet pink grapefruit.

I still had a bit of a hungry after my sandwich and cucumbers, so I enjoyed a pink grapefruit on the side.

I admit, I ate it at the computer, straight off the cutting board, as I kept googling what might be making me unwell.

I’m more confused than ever, but I’m going to go ahead and eliminate nightshades, strawberries, kasha, beans, and flax.   If my symptoms fade, I’ll them back one by one.

So yummy!

I was famished by nine tonight, when dinner time rolled around.

I had no idea what to make, and my mind was racing.  Peas are legumes.  Rice is a grain.  Hummus is full of lignans.

Forget it.  I’m eating what I want, edema be cursed.

Amor had chicken and yellow rice for dinner, a total comfort food for me growing up.  While I was plating his rice (prepared separately from the chicken), I snagged about 1/3 of a cup for myself.

I mixed in in with some brown rice (1/4 cup pre-cooked), a cup of peas, about 1/4 cup hummus, a chopped stalk of celery, and about 1/4 of an avocado.

Yes, I do occasionally eat whole Larabars.

It was absolutely delicious, and right now I’m praying that I don’t have to give up any of these foods.

I was still hungry after dinner, despite it filling up an entire plate, and helped myself to a Cashew Cookie Larabar.

I’m still feeling peckish, though, so I may scrounge something else up.

What’s your favorite kind of sandwich? Mine is peanut butter and banana, but this egg and avocado one was pretty delicious, too.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz