Good afternoon!

Sorry for being off to a late start today, but I sorta-kinda slept in this morning, with emphasis on the sorta-kinda.

My nap held me over well past midnight, but as soon as I hit the sheets, I was out like a light.

That is, until the phone calls started.

First, at 3 a.m., when United thoughtfully called to remind me that my Mum’s 6 a.m. flight was going to be on schedule, as planned.

Then, between 6:45 a.m. and 11 a.m., I was awoken no less than four times to 1) be asked when Mum gets in 2) be told that Mum got in 3) Mum calling me to let me know she got in, and 4) a thank you for a gift I left for my brother for all the help he gave to make this trip a success.  (Thanks, bro!  Could not have done this without you! <3)

I was surprised to see the clock on my cell phone reading only an hour until noon at the last call, so I chose that to be my notice to get out of bed.

Plus, I was having dreams about that skeevy dude, Enzo, from Big Brother, and that he was trying to ask me out on a date.  Shudder!  Maybe I should lay off on the trashy TV for awhile?

Delicious green smoothie!

After my restless night, I woke up thirsty and craving the greens.

Into my blender, I added several fistfuls of soggy spinach that needs used up, like, yesterday.  I added a quarter of a cantaloupe, half a banana, and the juice of one of those amazing lemons that Em gave me.

I’ve said it once and I’ll repeat it for emphasis: add lemon juice to your smoothies!  You don’t taste lemon, but it makes all the yummy flavors stand out more.  I don’t know what I’ll do when I run out of these lemons; they’re seriously the best I’ve ever tasted.

A few cubes of ice added texture and the necessary chill to make these smoothies palatable, and it was totally delicious.

Blueberry almond kasha. Easy, fast, simple, delicious.

While I blended away, the stove did all the work on a pot of kasha that I had simmering.

Because I was in a rush and didn’t want to dirty another dish, I cracked an egg directly into the groats.

It turned out fine, actually, and saved me one whole minute (insert exaggerated gasp here) in breakfast preparation.

Hey, a minute is a long time when you’re hungry, you know.  Seriously, I might’ve fainted dead away from hunger had I not shaved that one minute off.

So yummy!

Since I already had over a serving of fruit in my smoothie, I decided to keep my toppings simple and stuck with a combination that I know I love and that I know works.

The last of my blueberries (lamentation!) topped my creamy, delicious groats, and I added a hearty handful of almonds to the mix to add an extra burst of fat to help hold me over.

Hold me over for what?  Lunch is in a half hour, for crying out loud!  Oh, the perils of sleeping in late.

Mmm, so good!

Don’t worry, I am actively trying to practice intuitive eating.

I don’t doubt that this breakfast will keep me full until at least four or so, unless I jinx myself by thinking that it will sustain me for nearly five hours.

Speaking of intuitive eating, it gets scary sometimes.  I don’t know if anybody else out there has struggled with learning how to eat normally, but when your stomach growls every fifteen minutes at night after giving it snack after snack after snack (right after dinner, no less), it tends to make a girl antsy.

I think I knocked out all the food groups this morning -- fruit, vegetable, fat, protein, carbohydrate. Yay!

I wound up eating, oh my gosh, I have no idea.

A brown rice cake with peanut flour, a pear, a half a Larabar…

Okay, either I forgot half of what I ate last night, or I’m seriously over-reacting to my hunger, especially since I was up until nearly 2 am last night and had eaten my dinner around eight-ish last night.

See?  Just getting it out there into writing makes it all the more clear to me.  I’m starting to think that I might have a fast metabolism or something. (Knock on wood!)

Something else of interest to me?  Check out my breakfast.

Just a note: these are all estimates, since I didn’t weigh or actually measure anything, so there could be a margin of error of some sort.

And, if things like calories or anything make you anxious, please view this at your own discretion.  My breakfast is maybe 1/4 of the calories I eat on a daily basis, but since I don’t count, I have no idea.  (Generally, I like filling meals, and I snack frequently and enjoy dessert after dinner.)

Not bad, hey?

Not bad, am I right?

Check out how much iron I managed to sneak in, first thing in the morning.

I heard somewhere that to absorb iron from plants (like spinach), you need to combine it with Vitamin C.  I wasn’t actively thinking of that when I added lemon juice and cantaloupe to my smoothie, but it looks like it worked out rather nicely.

My protein is solid, and I got tons of potassium, calcium, Vitamin A, fiber, fat, magnesium, magnesium, and et al.

Not bad for a gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free vegetarian, ne?

What did you eat for breakfast today? Feel free to include links, if you wish!

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz