Sorry for the late post; I fell asleep while watching Heat with my mum and Amor.  Have you seen it?  I’m only halfway through it, but it’s pretty intense.

Anyway, speaking of intense, I’ve had a pretty crazy day, and have decided to focus not on the eats but rather, on what I did today with my family.

The food is yesterday’s news; it wasn’t my best day of eating (way too many sweets, eaten emotionally — personal stuff and all that).  But, I had a wonderful time with my Mum and my fella, and that’s what matters most.

So beautiful out, but so cold, too!

The waves were beautiful and frightening.  They were cresting several feet high, and crashing with remarkable power.

To get an idea of how cold it was, I was wearing a cable-knit hoodie sweater with a heavy jacket over it, and I was still freezing.

This doesn't even show the sheer magnitude of the waves.

All of these pictures were taken by Amor, by the way.

I don’t imagine it was over forty degrees out there on the ocean, and the wind coming off the water had the power to cut straight through you.

Mum and I picked up some shells and polished stones, but decided that they best remain where they belong, in the sand.

I could watch these waves for hours.

Anyway, I had a wonderful time with my Mum while she was here, and I’m sad to see her off tomorrow evening.

She and I are a lot alike, and it’s sort of scary, really.  Hah.

Amor was able to see how many of my quirks that I inherited from her, and I found it amusing to compare my own traits with hers.

Actually, I feel as though I learned so much about myself through her, and I’m thankful and blessed for this opportunity to spend a few days with such a caring and generous woman.

Now I must head off into bed, for I want to get up early to squeeze in as much time with my mum before she has to depart tomorrow.

Do you resemble any of your family members, through looks or personality? Not only do I act like my mum, I look almost exactly like her.  Fortunately, my mum is a beautiful woman, inside and out. ❤

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz