No, I don’t feel like a whale, though if I did, I imagine it would make me a very graceful and intelligent creature.  Actually, I’m just headed off to the beach.

Do try to shake off the delusions of me in a swimsuit and a cooler in hand.  When you live in the Pacific Northwest, “going to the beach” means I’m bundling up in my warmest clothes, pointing out at the water, and going, “There.  The ocean.  You saw it.  Can we get back in the car now?”

I jest, of course.  My mum hasn’t seen the Pacific ocean in years, so we’re taking her to the beach and perhaps some other local sights, such as some of the big trees that we’re famous for out here.

Blueberries, walnuts, and bananas. So good!

Despite eating tons of fruit before bed last night, I woke up starving.

I admit it: I haven’t done dishes in two days.  There has been no real need to, since we’ve been out and about and I’m not really dirtying any dishes.

However, the two pots that I generally use to make my breakfast in were dirty.

The kasha turned out a bit watery, but it was perfect for soaking up the flavors of the fruit.

Being the crafty and intelligent woman that I am, I whipped out a skillet from underneath the counter and set to work.

A large skillet was perfect for cooking the groats: wide surface area, good water coverage, and deep enough that it wouldn’t boil over.

However, as soon as I started to add my egg, I realized that it was much too large.

A simple, but winning, combination.

Essentially, I was making scrambled eggs and kasha.

Switching to a smaller skillet helped remedy that, of course.

I wound up adding a bit too much almond milk (to compensate for the scrambling of my poor egg) but it turned out working out perfectly.  The slightly soupy groats allowed for the berries and the banana to sink in just slightly, and it was actually very creamy and sweet and delicious.

I added a huge fistful of walnuts for fat, and it was wonderfully satisfying.

I’m off to say hello to some of you and catch up on your blogs and then it’s off to the chilly western shores.

Do you live near a body of water, or are you totally landlocked?  What do you prefer?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz