Good morning!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday.  Yay for Fridays!

Hoo, boy, do my abs hurt today.  It was hard to bend myself to get out of bed, and every time I laugh, I can feel it in my abdomen.

Hula-hooping is a serious workout, you know.  I feel so virtuous now, sneaking in a workout while my mum is here and all that.

Oh, what is this?

I also have found myself sneaking other things into my life.

Such as, chocolate into my breakfast.

I prepared my kasha as usual, but instead of topping it with blueberries, I mixed about a half a cup of them into the porridge.

Chocolate in my breakfast? Unheard of!

Oooh, it was good!

The blueberries became warm and when I’d put a spoonful into my mouth, they’d burst, filling each bite with blueberry sweetness.

Plus, putting the blueberries inside the porridge also opened the top of the porridge for other toppings.

Toppings like chocolate.

Bananas, almond butter, and chocolate-covered craisins.

I sliced up half a banana and arranged it quasi-artfully onto my porridge.

I drizzled a heaping tablespoon of almond butter (tablespoon of almond butter, almond milk, nuked ten seconds and stirred) over the bananas.

Then, I placed the dark chocolate covered craisins onto the top of the bananas and into all of the nooks and crannies.

Mmm, melty chcolate with the sweet-tart tang of craisin and blueberry. Delish!

Then, being the little deviant that I am,  I threw it all back into the microwave for thirty seconds to encourage the melting of the craisins.



One of my best bowls yet!

On a side note, Mum has finally figured out how to get Oso to like her.

It’s not that he didn’t like her before, but “terrified” is a more appropriate description of his impression of her.

He wouldn’t let me hold him whenever she was near, and would dart off every time she came into the room.  Earlier, my mum snuck up behind him and started petting him, and he was all cool with that…until he looked up, saw me, realized it wasn’t me petting him, and he freaked out and ran off to hide.  (Oso, sadly, isn’t the brightest crayon in the box.)

Mum was lamenting to me about how he’s not warming up to her, so I suggested the most basic solution: Feed him.  If you have food, Oso will love you.  Truth.  It is that simple.

She pulled a slice of deli turkey out of the fridge and offered it to him, and now everything has changed.  He has started talking to her when she enters the room, and will run up to her to sniff her hands if she kneels.  He still flinches a bit when she pets him, but he doesn’t run away anymore.

Silly cat.  At least “Grandma” has converted the last of the little beasts, and they are all now eating out of her hands, literally.

Do you have any pets?  Are they shy around visitors?

I plan to take Mum to the park today and show her around the area a bit, so I might be away this afternoon.  I plan to be back tonight, though!

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz