I’ve been having an insanely fun time with my mum today.

I don’t have any food pictures; we had to hurry out in a rush to catch the bus, so I grabbed a cashew Boomi bar and a pear to eat for lunch.

Yeah, that was so not enough.  I wound up in Winco, starving, and impulsively and hungrily purchased some Coconut M&Ms (maybe a review to come?) and some dark chocolate cranberries and dark chocolate espresso beans.  I also found an old clementine in my purse and ate that, and about 1/4 of an apple pie Larabar.

Oh, and I tried a new flavor of Bora Bora bar, that I found for a buck fifty at Winco.  It was coconut-almond something.  I liked it; another review to come, perhaps?

Other comestibles were also enjoyed, but I can’t recall exactly.  I just know I was hungry today.

Amor took Mum and I out to Marie Callendar’s for dinner, and I ordered the soup and salad bar and went crazy stirring potato salad and kidney beans into their veggie soup.  Tasted great, but the salt nearabouts killed me.

Oh, and if I claim to be sick in the next couple days, Amor ordered Banana Cream Pie and Mum ordered the Sour Cream Blueberry and offered me the whipped cream of the top and I couldn’t resist.

Finally, in all of its anticlimactic glory, I really must say that my Mum brings out the random in me.

The big reveal: Who is Kaz?

After the mall (Mum got her hairs cut) we took the bus to Winco, then hopped over to CVS to pick up some stuff for Mum.

As we were wandering down the aisles, I spotted a display for hula hoops.  Mum encouraged me to try one out, even though it’s been years since I’ve last hooped.  I bought a hoop a couple weeks ago, and it was a fail; it wouldn’t stay up for more than a minute or two.

(Quote: “Mum, it’s too big!  I can’t keep it up!”  That elicited laughs from the men who were walking by in that instant.  I didn’t know my face could turn so red.)

After trying three or four hoops and my Mum and I giggling like girls at how silly we were, I found one that worked, and after testing it for a minute to confirm that it was, indeed a good hoop, I started to put it back.  Buying hula hoops in drug stores is not a logical thing for a woman approaching the other half of her 20s to do.

“You should get it for yourself,” Mum encouraged me.

I demurred. “It’s frivolous.”

“It’s fun!”

And that’s how I bought my very own hula hoop this afternoon.

Now you know.

Yes, it’s a silly, dark, blurry, spontaneous photograph, but it pretty much epitomizes my afternoon.

Heck, if you’re not getting any food pics, the least I can do is finally show you what I look like, right?

There ya go.

Can you hula hoop? I almost posted this neat animated gif of me hooping — my camera has something called “sports” mode, where it takes 25 pictures in one second — but it was in slo-mo and I didn’t know how to speed it up and so it just looked downright dirty.  So there.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz