Wow, six hours.

That’s how long my lunch held me over.

The verdict is in, and the vote is cast in the favor of protien.

No, seriously, guys.  You know me.  You know that I can’t stay full for longer than an hour or two at a stretch.

This chocolate is over a year old. I ate it anyway, of course.

But between a double scoop of rice protein powder in my smoothie and the MIM, I didn’t even feel like eating until 9:30 tonight.

That chocolate I found in a suitcase while I was cleaning it.  It was a remnant from my trip to Florida this time last year.

Of course I ate it!  It’s dark chocolate and almonds.

Tasted good, unlike earlier’s Death Chocolate.  (You’d think I’d know better than eating random chocolate that I find in the guest room, but nope.  And this only reinforces my flagrant disregard to eating old choccy.)


Because I worked all through the afternoon, Amor offered to pick up some dinner for himself while he was out.

I gratefully accepted his offer, and when he arrived, he proffered his bagglers to me.

Yes, bagglers.  The stray fries that fall into the fast-food bag.  I admit it, I love the extra soggy and greasy ones.

Mmm, bagglers.

Another protein-packed meal.

Finally, my hunger kicked in, and I prepared a quarter cup (dry) of peanut flour and placed it on a hearty rice cake.

Then we hit up the grocery store and bought the most produce I have ever seen in my entire life.

My counter and the hanging basket and the fridge is so full that food is stacked on food on top of food.

Dinner at midnight? Why not!

So, funny thing.

My bloating?  FINALLY GONE.

I have a few ideas as to how I fixed it, which I may touch on tomorrow if I have time, but take this, for instance: the jeans I couldn’t even squeeze into last night, I’m wearing right now and they’re slightly loose.

I think the high-protein diet really contributed to it, though, because the moment I ate that rice cake, my body immediately swelled up.  My jeans are definitely tighter than when I put them on, and it’s usually the other way around.

Either way, I’m going to make a habit of increasing my protein and perhaps try to limit certain things that I think are adding to my bloating.  (For instance, today is the first day in *weeks* that I haven’t had any beans.  Could that be related?)

Might eat this, or may forage up a pear or something. Feeling peckish.

Oh, dinner.  Eaten at midnight, while I sit here and blog.  I love protein!

I ate a huge fistful of roasted okra with ketchup and mustard, and I may eat a grapefruit, but my tummy is slightly acid from anxiety so I may grab something more mild, like a banana or something.

Additionally: I’m behind on my commenting.  Sorry!  The thing is, I don’t tl;dr.  If you post, I actually read it, and try to make my comment relate to the content rather than skim over your lamentations about how your potted plant died and randomly blurt out, “Pretty potato!”


So expect to see my lovely visage on your blog soon, okay?

Rock on.

What is your favorite way to eat veggies? I love mine roasted, with something to dip them in, like ketchup or hummus.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz