Oh, guys, I’m a bad person.

I’m horrible.

I’m…a kleptomaniac.

I’m warning you right now, if you have something, do not leave it at my house because I will steal it.

I mean, I have my limits.  I won’t touch your money.  And if it’s valuable, I have no interest in it.  I’m not after your jewelery or your beau.

However, just to give you perspective, I’m currently wearing a sweatshirt that a girl lent me once when her dog got mud on my other shirt.  Tonight, when I go to bed, I’m going to sneak into the closet and steal one of Amor’s white tee shirts to sleep in.  (Or, if I’m really lucky, I’ll filch the one he wore to work today, because then it’ll smell like him and it’ll be like a hug from him all night long as I sleep.)

And, if you leave food at my house, chalk it up as a loss, because I will eat it.

I stole this in a moment of weakness.

I’m sorry, Em!

I tried to wait.  I tried to control myself.  But, every time I opened the fridge, there it was…just…beckoning to me.

I’ll buy you a new one, I promise! ❤

I have to say though, that it helped me make probably the world’s best smoothie ever tonight.

I loved fishing the floating blueberries out of this!

Lemme see if I can remember everything I put into this.

I crammed over a 1/3 of a bag of spinach, almost an entire head of romaine, 1/4 cup applesauce, 1/2 cup coconut water, 1/4 cup orange juice (stolen from Amor, no less), 1/3-ish cup of frozen raspberries, a half-dozen frozen cherries, and a quarter cup of blueberries into my blender.

I pureed that delicious mess until thick and creamy and put it into my new favorite smoothie mug (property of my kid brother) and topped it with another half a cup of blueberries.  It was too fun, fishing the blueberries out with my spoon.

Seriously?  My best smoothie ever, hands down.

Exactly what I was craving.

After my smoothie, I declared that I wanted “Fat and crunchy.”

I didn’t want a bar, and I didn’t want chocolate and I didn’t want anything I could eat with a spoon.

A heaping (like, almost two tablespoons worth) blob of almond butter on top of a rice cake took care of that.

Good thing, too, because as soon as Oso saw the almond butter jar, he went into beggar mode and started serenading me until I offered him a taste.  I wound up having to eat with my arms stretched high up in the air, with Oso trying to scramble up onto my shoulders to filch another taste.

Yep, thievery begets thievery.  I brought him up good.

Grapes are arguably better than candy.

To finish my sweet and crunchy urges, I rounded my dinner off with a large bowl of grapes.

I promise, I put them in a bowl after I took the picture, but the camera wouldn’t register it unless I placed them on the counter.

They must secretly been in cohorts.

Have you ever stolen anything? (Shame on you!)

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz