Afternoon, everyone!

Yes, when coming up with titles for posts, sometimes the first thing that pops into my mind will have to suffice.

Oh, I don’t smell like stinky, used kitty litter.

Dude, c’mon.  That’s just gross.

Though!  Random fact: somehow my mustard greens fermented whilst inside my crisper, and smelled — I kid you not — just like rabbit potty.  Yes, I used to have rabbits.  No, I haven’t seen a real, live one in over a decade, but you never forget the odor of rabbits.

Period.  The end.

Hummus makes everything taste better.

Anyway, before this becomes a post about kitty litter, I’ll explain briefly why I have such a delightful scent right now.

I crushing a cardboard box of kitty litter for recycling, and as I was doing so, I was rudely informed that it wasn’t quite empty by the rushing of cups of kitty litter pouring onto myself and the floor.

And it’s that fragrant, floral stuff, because we have three cats and that’s the only way we keep people from walking in, flinching, and stating the obvious: “You have cats, don’t you.”

So now I smell like kitty litter, and my mustard greens are in the garbage, making everything stink like rabbit.  Maybe I should dump the kitty litter onto the greens.  Hm.

Cravings for veggies: satisfied.

I had a hankering for a hot lunch with lots and lots of vegetables today.

I opened my fridge and started pulling out random things that I thought would complement each other.

In my microwave, I steamed a couple servings of cauliflower and a huge fistful or two of green beans.

While those cooked, I heated up a skillet, added a splash of oil, and added chopped onion.  When they were tender, I threw in the rest of my veggies, then added two sliced mushrooms.

I stirred in some black beans, then topped it with the rest of hummus (sad!).

Hit. The. Spot.

My new favorite treat! Pink grapefruit!

Guys, do me a favor, okay?

If you hate grapefruit (like I I have sworn for the past decade that I do), go on a mad baking spree, run out of sugar, and find excuses to not buy any more for a week.

Sweeten everything you eat with applesauce and almond milk and fresh fruit.

Then, peel and eat a grapefruit.

Yes, after a week of eating somewhat less sugar, my tastebuds have changed and I’m not currently obsessed with pink grapefruit.  While I do still find them somewhat bitter, they also taste so sweet and juicy and I’m kicking myself for not liking them sooner.

Love these! I think they taste like cookies.

Of course, after marveling over how amazing grapefruit is, I had to go and cleanse my palate with a pure sugar shot straight to the bloodstream.

I love these Bora Bora bars, but they’re so sweet!  However, they’re not too sweet, and I should know.

I did just eat a grapefruit, ya know.

It satisfied my dessert cravings just fine.

Mmm, another craving perfectly taken care of.

Oh, this chocolate?

That’s not dessert.

It’s medicinal.

Do you like grapefruit? Is there any fruit that you don’t like? As far as I know, I like them all.  I think.  I have yet to try any that I disliked.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz