Good evening, everyone!

I had a pretty fun day; I hope yours was, too?

My breakfast held me over until about four-ish this afternoon, at which point a light lunch was necessary before I headed out to run some errands at Target.

Rice cake with almond butter.

I ate a dense rice cake with a smear of almond butter and snagged a pear to snack on in the car.

A lemonhead also went undocumented into my mouth.

Properly fueled, Amor and I went to Target for one or two “essentials”.

Yeah, funny how things sort of leap into your cart and add up, ne?

I love pears. Yum!

Our bathroom tissue, kitchen cleaner, and television cables turned into new movies and chocolate bars.

Hey, that’s not bad at all.  Now I can say that my future will be chocolately and entertaining, and if I grow bored, I can clean the kitchen or, eh, use the facilities.

However, as we were leaving Target, my hunger kicked in full force, and I suggested to Amor that we find a restaurant to scrounge up some eats for us.

This is where my camera cuts away, alas, since I did not grab it on the way out because I had no idea that I would get so hungry while out.

We went to our favorite hole-in-the-wall Thai place, and I ordered rice noodles with veggies and peanut sauce.  I’ll admit it, I order that dish for the peanut sauce.  I pretty much licked the dish clean.

See? Told you. Pretty dots!

However, my hunger would not shut up, and as soon as I got home, I prepared a second dinner.

In my blender, I mixed a serving of spinach, a cup-ish of frozen cherries, a serving or so of frozen strawberries, a scoop of brown rice protein powder, and two scoops of cocoa.

I mixed a heaping teaspoon of coconut butter with a bit of sweetened vanilla almond milk, nuked and stirred, then drizzled it onto my smoothie.

So fun to eat!  I have hereby dubbed it “Cold Cocoa,” seeing as it is chocolate-y.  Plus, you know when you get hot cocoa and it comes with those emaciated little dehydrated marshmallows in it?  Yep, that’s what my little dots looked like.


Strangely enough, I was still hungry.  I’ve been such a bottomless pit as of late, but a quick verification does indeed confirm that I do have a bottom, but it’s just not visible when I’m sitting.

Just in case you wondered.  You know.  About my behind.

Yep, moving on.

While reading Chelsey‘s blog today, I read that she froze her Larabars.  Okay, I love frozen foods.  You know diet gurus tell you to freeze trouble foods to deter yourself from eating them?

To me, that makes them all the more irresistible.  I freeze frosting, cookies, muffins…just so I can eat them frozen.  To keep myself from eating things…well, I guess that doesn’t happen.

Either way, frozen Larabars are absolutely insane.  Yum.  If you’re not freezing yours yet, do it.  Now.

Genius, Chelsey.  Genius!

Now I’m finally full and comfortable, and I think I’m going to go curl up with Amor on the couch or somthing.

Do you like frozen foods? Or do your foods have to be served according to conventional instructions? It’s a texture thing, I think — frozen cake is simply dangerous, especially with huge layers of frozen frosting.  So yumtastic.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz