Green, for the lack of a better word, is good.

Hah!  Name that twice-butchered quote!

(Twice butchered because, for some strange reason, people like to omit the appositive.)

How’s everyone’s Saturday going?

I’m really diggin’ mine.

Mmm, best leftovers ever!

Yesterday’s lunch was delicious and satisfying and very filling, but I was unable to finish all of its yumminess.  However, there was too much to throw away —

(– throw away?  Never!  Not on your life! –)

— so I stored it in the fridge today and bulked it up with fresh mango and avocado, more black beans and peas, and for some strange reason, I had a hankering for some sweet pickles, so I threw those in, too.

Dare I say it was even better today?

Same as yesterday, I served it over a bed of chopped romaine.

If you haven’t tried this yet, do give it a go.  It really is that delicious.

I also grated a touch of ginger over the top of it, and enjoyed every single bite.

Very filling and tasty!

I had a bit of a sweet tooth after lunch, but there was no fruit in the house.  Yep, I still haven’t gone grocery shopping yet.

But, being the enterprising little smarty-pants that I am, if the food won’t come to me, I will go to the food.

My back yard, to be more precise.

Want one more gratuitous salad shot? Here ya go!

Long story short, either a squirrel or a bird got ahold of a blackberry and then hopped into my yard and evacuated said blackberry in the corner of my yard by the fence.

Last year, when Amor was cutting grass, he suddenly called out, “Hey, Kaz, check this out!”

Evidently the seeds that were, um, dropped in our yard took hold and started to grow.

They’ve pretty much taken over our back yard, and I reluctantly admit that it’s growing out of control and needs to be pruned back, but not before I eat my share of it!

The fruits of my labor.

Besides, all the brambles and snarls are keeping me away from my delicious fruit.

I spent the better part of a half hour, snapping pictures and apologizing profusely to a spider whose web I accidentally broke while clumsily reaching for a berry, and managed to procure only a small handful of the delicious, tart little berries.

Defeated, I came inside, still wanting a snack.

The only fruit in my house right now are frozen strawberries, a jar of applesauce, and another bit of avocado that I didn’t turn into salad.

Oh my mouth-bliss!

Hey, I’m a clever girl, right?

In my food processor, I whirled together several heaping globs of applesauce (and ate several bites in the process, yum), the last of the avocado, a couple tablespoons of cocoa powder, and peanut butter.

If you google “raw avocado pudding” you’ll probably find several similar recipes, but I rather liked the volume and mild sweetness that the applesauce lent to it.  If you’re wondering, no, you can’t taste avocado or applesauce.  It tastes like chocolate peanut butter fluff.  So tasty!

I poured my pudding over a bed of peanut butter sauce (peanut butter and almond milk, nuked then stirred) and crumbled half of a Nutiva chocolate hempseed bar over it.

Like I said, green…is good.

I’m happily full now, and looking forward to a cozy night in with the Amor.  We rented Fantasia, and there might be some grocery shopping in my near future.

Perfect date night, no?

What’s your favorite “healthy” dessert? Between banana soft serve and this choco-pb-avocado pudding, I’d call it a toss-up.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz