Morning, everyone! 

Sorry for the weird post last night.  I’m still getting used to blogging from this new computer, so navigating my way around it is somewhat flummoxing for me and I get confused easily. 


I wanted to clear up some confusion from last night, though, if you’ll allow a minute. 

But first, let me distract you with pictures of my ugly breakfast!

 I love to snack. 

I live for snacks. 

I’ve tried to be the 3-square-meals kind of gal, but I find that no matter how many calories I eat for any given meal, I still get hungry and snack. 

I’ve accepted this, and it makes me happy. 

What's that? You want more? Why, sure!

I used to be the kind of person who would snack, then feel guilty about it, then try to “force” myself to eat dinner with everybody else. 

That does not work for me.  Fortunately, ever since switching to a vegetarian diet, I no longer feel the pressure to eat with my peers, most likely because whatever they’re eating, I have no interest in it. 

Amor has never made me feel bad for not eating with him.  He never asks, “What, are you not eating?” or tries to coerce me into trying whatever is on his plate.  He knows that I’ve either eaten before he gets home from work, or will dine on something later.  I think the essential thing here is that we have a mutual respect for each other and would not expect the other to change just to accommodate a silly whim like dining times. ❤ 

Since my hunger cues are all wonky and confused, sometimes I’m starving within an hour of a full meal, and other times I could go all day and not get hungry.  On those days that I’m famished, however, I may snack nonstop from 3 pm up until 7, at which time I have no appetite for dinner, and will carry my snack fest on through the night. 

Whoops, let's break up the wall of text for the tl;dr crowd with more pictures! Yay for pictures!

 Fortunately, that doesn’t happen too often, and I do look forward to a warm meal at night, even if it is just a plate of steamed veggies with hummus. 

However, there are a couple times during the day that I do not like to snack. 

I do not like to snack after breakfast, and I don’t like to eat too much before bedtime. 

Breakfast for me doesn’t start until about 10-10:30 most mornings, and it’s my “me” time; I eat it leisurely, while I blog and check my email.  Some days, I’m not done with my breakfast until well after 11 a.m. 

Then, lunch is generally at 2:30 or so, and my stomach is trained to growl right about that time. 

My ratios are still off, but I'm working on it.

 Since I love a hearty breakfast (usually about 600-650 calories; I hope the numbers aren’t triggering or offensive to anybody!), I darn well expect it to keep me full. 

I was disappointed that my dinner last night, having clocked in at around 600 calories itself, did not satisfy me, because I didn’t want to be starving this morning while I waited for lunch. (Another note: I don’t like to count calories, but I estimated the numbers just for amusement sake, to try to figure out why I was still famished.) 

On a side note, can you believe I used to only “permit” myself 300 calories for breakfast?  I used to be stuh-arving all the time, which is probably why I like a filling breakfast now.  (I was afraid of “running out” of calories before bedtime; I’m not proud to admit this, but that’s how my binge-eating brain thought.) 

Oh, and the only reason I don’t like to eat too much before bedtime is because it messes with my hunger in the morning, and it makes me terribly thirsty, which means I’m up all night visiting the, ahem, facilities.  Heh. 

In reflection, blackstrap molasses drizzled on the top was not exactly the best aesthetic choice!

 Whew, I wrote you guys a novel! 

Have your eyes glazed over yet? 

Sorry!  Hah. 

So, yes.  I love to snack, but I don’t like to snack after breakfast, and I don’t particularly enjoy eating too much right before bed.  For the record, I consumed a half a Larabar before brushing my teeth last night, and finally (finally!) my stomach shut up. 

Oh, and about my breakfast?  Um, I guess I totally changed the subject on you guys and rambled on and on about my snackage.  Oops. 

I’m still trying to figure out my water/almond milk ratios.  It was still a bit watery, but I think I know how to fix it. 

Do you like 3-square-meals, or are you a snacker, too? 

Thanks for reading! 

❤ Kaz