Greetings, earth people.  I come from the planet Kaztronomic 6 and I seek your breakfast cereals.

Bring them to my ship by no later than 0930 Earth Time or I shall be forced to steal all of your peanut butter.

Or something.

Wow, that was random.

Anyway, breakfast was another attempt at “light,” but I don’t think I was very successful.  My body is so used to heavy, hearty breakfasts, that in attempting to make a lighter meal was so lost on me that I wound up making a normal-sized breakfast anyway.

Yum, brain food. Mmm, braaaaaains...

I think what threw me off was my random craving for both almond butter and walnuts, and since I cannot mix nuts for the life of me, I enjoyed a couple handfuls of walnuts while preparing my breakfast.

I ate twice what is shown above.  Yum, walnuts.

Since I noticed no improvement with my health in removing the kasha from my diet (it actually got worse, which really bummed), I decided to bring it back.

The blueberries are attacking! Run for your lives!

I’m glad I did.

Love me some kasha!

In the spirit of keeping breakfast light, I decided to add two tablespoons of milled flaxseed instead of one.

Right.  I have the concept of “light” all kinds of wrong.

The blueberries tinged the almond milk with blueberry juice. So good!

I can’t wait to go grocery shopping again and actually stock up on some of the staples I’ve currently run out of.

This includes eggs.

I feel like my hunger is kept better at bay with them, truth be told.

A pool of almond butter greeted the invading blueberries.

Truth be not told, the flax held me over.

Lies!  I just finished breakfast an hour ago and my tummy is already starting to signal for more food.

I guess I can’t complain.  More hunger means more yummy food, am I right?

Of course I am.

The blueberries and almond butter convened for a meeting to discuss inter-food harmony.

And this was a normal, hearty breakfast.

You can do the math, since I’m too lazy:

1/4 cup kasha, big handful walnuts, 1 tbs almond butter, 2 tbs milled flaxseed, 2/3 cup almond milk, and 3/4 cup of frozen blueberries.

Give or take.

And I’m hungry.

In the end, they were able to work out their differences and work together in peaceful accord.

Does anybody have a suggestion as to how I can add protein to my breakfast without having to resort to protein powders?

(Also, I can’t eat soy, dairy, or gluten.)

I’m all about eggs, but sometimes I want to switch it up a bit.

Do you prefer a hearty breakfast to start your day, or are you a light breakfast kind of person? Share your favorite breakfasts with me, please!

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz