Afternoon, everyone!

Ooosh, I am so full!

I wanted a warm lunch today, and as I went through my mental checklist of what’s in my fridge and pantry, a few items stood out: potatoes, and mustard greens.

The rest was auxiliary, or so I thought at the time.

Hideous picture; just to show you the sheer size of this mess.

I knew that I wanted to sautée my mustard greens with some onion and olive oil, but wasn’t sure how to prepare it.

I also knew that I need protein, because a plate of mashed potatoes does sound lovely, but is otherwise protein-void.

I had first considered tossing the greens with some butter beans, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I hadn’t enjoyed peas in a long while.

Mmm, so good.

I love peas.

They are seriously one of my favorite foods.

However, they’re not very photogenic, and tend to homogenize with whatever else I’m cooking to create an amorphous green pile.

My mouth was very happy by this.

Mmm, amorphous green pile.

That’s a phrase that needs to be uttered at least twice to get the full impact of it, don’t you think?

Mmm.  Piles.  Amorphous and green.

Aaaand, done.  It’s out of my system now.

No — not like that, sheesh.  The amorphous green piles are in my tummy now.  You’ll not hear me speak about the other amorphous green piles on this blog.

Not often, at least.

I love peas. I love peas for ever and ever and ever.

Okay, so I had peas, mustard greens, and a potato.  What other veggies could I sneak in there?

I decided to klepto an old Atkin’s trick, to bulk up my potatoes.  However, I have no desire to replace my much-loved taters with cauliflower.

Instead, I mashed in a couple of servings of cauliflower in with my potato.  A bit of dill, garlic, and some salt (and of course, a pat of butter — shh, don’t tell; I’m sure I’ll pay for it later) and my tastebuds were thoroughly convinced.


Into a hot pan, I sauteed a large hunk of onion and bell pepper in a spoonful of olive oil until tender.

I then added in 2 servings of frozen peas (1 1/3 cups) and when they were heated through, I added in an entire mushroom, chopped.

When the mushroom became tender (I could tell because it started asking me how my day went and told me I looked beautiful today), I added in a couple of cups of chopped mustard greens.

This is definitely going onto my top-ten list of favorite meals.

Once the greens were bright and slightly wilted, I dumped them into a large bowl, then topped it with my mash.

Omigosh, yum!

The greens have a faint, mustard-y (of course!) spice similar to wasabi, and the peas were sweet and the mushrooms and onion pepper were perfectly savory and the flavors just worked.

So good!

Even if you don’t bulk up your potato with cauliflower or add mustard greens, I highly encourage you to try mashed potatoes mixed with peas.

I’m still full, and I ate that at least four hours ago.

What’s something that you eat that pretty much guarantees that you stay full?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz