Afternoon, everyone!

How are you?

I’ve had a reasonably productive afternoon.  I spent most of it going to and from multiple computer stores, trying to find the just-right laptop, but kept leaving empty-handed.

I was hungry when I walked in the door this afternoon at 2 o’clock on the dot, and hungry for one thing only:

Ginormous salad!


Lots and lots of salad.

I made a mental checklist of everything else in the house, and the thought of eating anything but a large bowl of leafy greens made my stomach turn.

Filled an entire mixing bowl.

Is that weird or what?

Either way, my body knew what it wanted, so I prepped a large mixing bowl with 2 heads of romaine (smallish, for some reason), a large handful of spinach, a half a tomato, two mushrooms, 1.5 cups of cannellini beans, a large wedge of avocado, a large wedge of bell pepper, and lots of love.

And stuff.

Ate every last bite.

For dessert, I enjoyed a very delicious, ripe pear.

These organic pears aren’t as large as the ones I buy at Winco, but they’re so much sweeter, and the texture is very curious.

It’s like, they’re perfectly ripe or something.

Dramatic lighting pear -- dun dun dunnnnnn!

Amor commented that it was a very crunchy pear, but the funny thing is, it wasn’t.

It was very tender and not crisp or hard at all, but it wasn’t mealy mush, either.

Either way, it was delish, and I hope to buy more next time I’m at the natural food store.

Looks strangely flan-y.

I was still feeling carb-y after lunch, and remembered seeing something called the Muffin in a Minute on Ashely’s blog.

Gluten free, high protein, and looks nommy?  I’m in!

You can find the original recipe on Ashley’s blog, but in mine, I made the following variations:

Peanut Butter MIM:

2 tbs peanut flour

1 tbs milled flaxseed

1/4 tsp baking powder

1 tbs honey (my mistake — misread it, or was just hopeful?)

1 egg

I mixed the ingredients, and nuked for a minute, and lo!  I had a muffin!  In a minute!

One half was slathered in peanut butter.


These are epic!

They’re huge, for starters.  And yes, they’re a wee touch egg-y, but it’s not offensive in the least. (Random thought: “Oh, pardon me, ma’am, but I’m an egg.” “Oh, I’m so offended!”)

The other half met with coconut butter.

And they really do feel like muffins — they’ve got great chew, huge air bubbles, and…yeah, I’m in mad smit right now, and there’s no going back.

To round off my Carbfest 2K10, I enjoyed an unpictured lemonhead candy and finished off this partially eaten tub of yogurt:

Not very good on its own, but I ate it anyway.

Still tastes weird, but I kept grazing on it until I finally shrugged, admitted defeat, grabbed a spoon, and polished it off.

I think I may have spoiled my supper again, too.  I’m not hungry in the least, but I’m still wanting sweets.

To be totally honest, I see another MIM in my future.

Yes, I totally do.

Going back to the computer theme from this morning, do you blog from a desktop, laptop, smart phone, or something else? I’m totally blogging from a completely rubbish desktop.  It’s prone to random BSODs up to three or more times a day.  Yeesh!

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz