Good morning, everyone!

So, for some strange reason, this morning I was craving omelettes.


Okay, just to clarify, like, 99.99999% of the time, the thought of eating something savory as my first meal of the day causes my stomach to recoil and the mere thought of NOT eating something sweet in the a.m. makes me want to gag.

Very basic one-egg omelette. Yum.

However, I woke up with a hankerin’ for some eggs, so eggs it was.

The trick to making a light and fluffy omelette, especially when using only one egg, is adding a tablespoon of cold water to your beaten egg.

The water evaporates when it hits the skillet, causing tons of little air bubbles in the egg.  The result is the most bouyant and airy omelette known to humankind.

You are not a pancake!

Clever, ain’t I?  I thought so.

I added in a heaping spoonful of salsa to the middle, to further puzzle my brain as to my body’s strange request of pre-sweet savory.

On the side, I decided I wanted to make pancakes.

You're not a pancake, either!

Yeah, no.

In my defense, I tried.  However, since I was already eating an omelette on the side, I thought I’d be smart and try to make vegan pancakes.

Epic fail.  The End.

I was terribly cross at this point — hunger does not for a pleasant Kaz make.

Fie on you, rice cakes, for not being *pan*cakes!

So I tore into a package of rice cakes and slathered almond butter on one and peanut butter on another, and sliced up a banana to top them.

Another banana was also consumed by this point — my tummy waits for nobody.  Not nobody, not no-how!  (Wizard of Oz, anyone?)

Not exactly what I wanted, but worked in a pinch.  And hey, at least I got my omelette, and that’s what matters, right?

Are you a savory or a sweet in the morning?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz