Sorry for being away all day, but Amor and I had adventures to attend to.

I’m excited to report that Amor and I are now the proud new owners of…furniture!

Oh, do try to be excited for us.  Our house is so spartan, and it’s about time we settled in and started decorating.

Eaten while out. I love these bars!

We spent about an hour or so milling around the furniture store, and kept coming back to one set that we liked.

So, we went for it!

Amor’s a brilliant photographer — I’d link to his dA, but I’d probably totally mortify him — but I suggested that we blow up a couple of his pictures and frame them.  He seems keen on the idea, so I’m looking forward to having our house start to resemble a home.

Only wound up eating one.

Since my lunchtime overlapped with our outing, I snacked on a Boomi bar before we left the house.

I got hungry after we  made our furniture purchase, so a single clementine was consumed.

It was the perfect snack, yum.  I love citrus fruits.

Enjoyed as a pre-dinner appetizer.

We swung by the Natural Food Store on the way home, much to my delight.

Amor does know how to show a lady a good time — first furniture shopping, then a jaunt to the NFS?  I’m all about that.

I picked up some essentials, such as coconut oil and chocolate.  Odd, but assuredly, essential.

Couldn't wait until dessert, so I cracked into it as soon as I got home.

Once home, I was hit by a sudden craving for veggies.

But, first: the important stuff.

The chocolate was leering at me the entire ride home, and I don’t stand for promiscuous chocolate.  There was only one thing to do, and I did it with gusto.

I got me a piece o’ that.

Probably the most delicious dinner of all time.

Whoa, smoothest chocolate ever.

The moment it hit my tongue, it started to melt, and my palate was immediately rewarded with an intense dark chocolate taste.

It was only three and a half bucks for 100 grams — a snipe, really.  It wasn’t bitter in the least, and for dessert, I found a half-dozen more blocks disappearing into my mouth.

Roasted sweet potato medallions with peanut butter sauce.

Dinner was an absolute win, as well.

Since I had a light lunch, and was craving vegetables the moment I walked in the door, I decided to make myself an early dinner.

I first steamed, then roasted, an assortment of cruciferous — “farty” to us laypeople — vegetables.

To strech my hummus further, I cut a half a tub with a tin of pureed chickpeas.  Brilliant idea, if I do say so myself.  You could still taste the hummus, but the chickpeas had their moment to shine, as well.  I thinned it with a touch of water, and dribbled it onto the veggies.

Whoa, yum!  The steaming made them soft and tender on the inside (like me! can we get an “awwww“?) but crispy and toasty on the outside (not like me, fortunately, unless I spend more than .04376 seconds in the sun without a minimum of 1000 SPF sunblock).

I smooshed the hummus into the veggies and my tummy beamed at me in thanks.

On the side, I enjoyed roasted sweet potato medallions with peanut butter sauce.  Shoot, forgot the cinnamon.  Oh well; they were still delicious.

Amor and I then snuggled onto the couch and watched AVP (Aliens versus Predators).

Wait, pet peeve there.  I hate it when an acronym is used to save time (in this case, AVP) then somebody has to go and spell it out to you anyway.  OMGITFAL (oh my gosh, I totally fail at life)!

Good, but simple, movie.  I enjoyed it.

What’s your pet peeves?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz