Afternoon, everyone!

So, instead of sleep-walking, I’m sleep-typing.

I cannot shake this fog of exhaustion, so once I get this written up, I’m going to curl up with the cats in a dark room and grab a couple of hours of sleep for myself.

Over a half of a sliced cucumber.

If I’m lucky, that is.

I get serious nap anxiety.

The moment my head touches that pillow, I start thinking about all the other stuff I need to be doing at that moment.

Two stalks of celery.

Then, by the time my mind is able to calm down and stop racing, it’s time to get up and tackle all those chores that I was trying to put off in the first place.

No, not today.

Today, I promised myself I would make a filling lunch, then I was going to get a nap.

One ginormous crimini mushroom.

Once I get this post up, of course.

Dishes can wait.

Sweeping can wait.

Sleep…must come first.

Half of a large bell pepper.

By the way, thank you all for the insight and advice you offered on the last post.

I’m very shy, so hearing your warm responses really made me feel better about the whole situation.

I went ahead and quietly unfriended her, and if she asks any questions, I’ll explain to her that I disagreed with her comment.

At least three servings of Athenos hummus. I love this stuff.

My Hunger Beast was on a raging rampage today.

After breakfast, I grazed on two dates and part of a bar in order to delay my appetite, but it was to no avail.

My stomach was screaming for food, and I wound up eating an earlier lunch than usual.

I'm down to my last two servings of these. I should have bought more!

Now I’m comfortably full.

Lunch was exactly what I wanted, which always makes me happy.

I dipped my gluten free crackers into a makeshift salad of leftovers from the other night.

I let this marinade overnight, and it was fantastic.

1/2 avocado, 1/2 tomato, large wedge of onion, lemon juice, black beans…

And I think, just maybe, the kitchen sink may have jumped into the mix, just to make a causal appearance.

Or not?

All together now...I told you it was a feast.

After all the delicious cake I enjoyed yesterday, all I wanted today was fruit.

A few days ago, while I was out with Em, I randomly grabbed an orange and threw it into my shopping cart.

Today, I saw that lone orange hanging in my fruit basket, and wanted it most desperately.


Not a little desperately, no.

Nope, not even more desperate than a little.

I wanted it most desperately.

But, my most desperate craving was satisfied.  For being off season, it was probably one of the sweetest, juiciest oranges I’ve had in a long while.  It probably didn’t hurt that it was organic.

Doesn't papaya somewhat resemble salmon?

And the rest of the fresh papaya that Em brought over to me the other night.


Now my mouth tastes strongly of onion, garlic, and the faint ashy tinge of papaya and will sure be a delight when I wake up from my nap, but I’ll worry about that when I awake.

For now, I sleep.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz