Afternoon, everyone!

Sorry for wandering off and not telling anybody where I went (whoa, I suddenly felt about eight years old just then) but I had a bit of a misadventure today.

First, breakfast; then, if I have time, a bit about my failed wanderings.

Apple pie buckwheat groats. "Yum" is an understatement.

Okay, guys.

Buckwheat groats are my new favorite cereal.

I’m sorry quinoa.  I’m sorry polenta.  I’m even sorry to you, too, amaranth.

But these groats are the stuff.

Homemade spiced apples and crushed walnuts.

Amor asked me as I pulled the bag down from my pantry this morning, “Are those your buckwheat groats?”

And being the clever little brat that I am, I replied, “No, they’re not groats.  They’re actually very good.”

Yes, I amuse the heck out of me, and nothing is going to change that.

The sweetness of my homemade apple pie filling complemented the groats perfectly.

I looked online for how to prepare the groats, and multiple google searches suggested that I use a 3:1 ratio of water to groats.

Fine, I can do that.

However, after about ten minutes, I saw that my groats were completely dry.  Um, what?

I dumped in another quarter cup of water and let them finish cooking (took about thirteen minutes total, which pleased this superstitious old gal) and when I stirred them — oh my gosh.  They were so thick and creamy!

Are you drooling yet?

The coolest thing was, I had to add in about another 1/2 cup of liquid to to get them of the consistency that I wanted.

Dude…all that food!

I also added a tablespoon of milled flaxseed, which also lent to their creamy texture.

Plus, they had this nutty taste to them that was so awesome that they didn’t need any added sweetness or anything.  I used a dollop of blackstrap and some cinnamon and vanilla, of course, but it didn’t need a heavy pour of sweetner or banana to make it palatable.

I used the sauce from my apples as a topping.

For my apples, I nuked them for a minute to make them tender, then threw them into a skillet and seasoned them with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves.

I also added a tablespoon of raw sugar, just for fun.

Then I poured 1/2 a cup of water mixed with 1 tsp of cornstarch onto them, and stirred until thick and pie-filling-esque.

Expect me to make this again soon.

I dumped it onto my groats, then used the leftover pie sauce (mixed with almond milk) as a glaze.  I also drizzled about a half tablespoon of maple on the top, and it was amazing.

I ate every bite.

Okay, so my failed misadventure.

I wanted to ride my bike to the post office, just to see if I could.  However, halfway there, the road was closed, and I was already terribly lost (I could get lost in my own house, for crying out loud), so I had to go home.  I was bummed.

To make it worse, drivers were so rude to me!  I understand why — no car wants to be stuck behind a bike, but in California, bikes are considered vehicles.  However, nobody would let me in, and I got stuck at so many intersections because they would speed up to avoid having to be behind me.  (For the record, I kept out of the way, and when cars would come, I’d pull off the road to let them pass, so I wasn’t blocking anybody — but then, I’d pull off, and nobody would let me merge back in and I’d be stuck on the side of the road for five or so minutes at a time.)

I wound up having to walk my bike across intersections, because had I actually obeyed traffic laws like I was supposed to, I would have gotten hit.

Bicyclists out there, what would you have done in that situation?  Drivers, what advice do you have for a new bicyclist so they don’t do something stupid/dangerous/annoying and incur your vengeful wrath?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz