Good morning, guys!

I’m a real creative old fart, aren’t I?

With my fancy-pants blog post titles and all that?

I bet you clicked over, thinking, “Huh.  I wonder what Kaz ate today.  Sure, her title says something about trying amaranth, but you just never know with Kaz.  She’s so spontaneous and exciting like that.”

Amaranth, peanut butter, and bananas. A winning combo!

I know.

I like to keep you guys on edge.  Can’t get too predicable now, can we?

Of course not.

This was surprisingly tasty!

I have to say, today was perhaps not the best time to try amaranth.

I almost never wake up hungry, but today, there was that familiar growling in the pit of my stomach that indicated that I was ready to eat as soon as my feet hit the floor.

I meandered into the kitchen, my mind on the bag of amaranth I picked up last night from the Co-op.

Plus a drizzle of real maple syrup, so good!

Amaranth takes a minimum of a half hour to cook.

I woke up hungry.

You do the math.

Let’s just say that an extra banana was required this morning to get me through until breakfast.

Drowned it in almond milk.

“Let’s just say…”

What the heck?  What kind of euphemism is that?

For some reason, trying to understate the fact that I ate an extra banana today sounds so…lascivious.

“Did you hear?  Kaz was hungry this morning.  Let’s just say that I heard she may or may not have enjoyed an undocumented banana today…”

Oh dear, the scandal!

Other than the half hour wait for my amaranth to cook, I was delighted with my breakfast this morning.

/End random tangent

Nevertheless, an extra banana later and a half hour of pacing resulted in a perfectly creamy and delicious bowl of breakfast this morning.

I used 1/4 cup amaranth and let it simmer with 1 cup water.  When cooked, I added cinnamon, a tablespoon of milled flax, and some vanilla and blackstrap molasses.  I topped it with another banana, a heaping blob of peanut butter, 1/2 tbs maple syrup, and a generous pour of almond milk.

Worth the wait?  Definitely.

Question: Okay, so this breakfast filled me up fast.  I couldn’t finish it, but I know I’ll be hungry again in about an hour or so, since I *always* get hungry after breakfast, no matter how much fat, protein, or carbs I eat.  I can’t bear to throw it away, so I’m putting the rest of it into the fridge for later.  Any advice?  Do you scrape the parts you couldn’t finish, or save them for later or what?  What’s the “normal” thing to do?

Sorry, I know that’s such a weird question, but learning how to eat intuitively is still a struggle for me, since I hate wasting food and I hate being hungry.  Hah.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz

(PS — bike pics at lunch!  I’m taking him out on his first trial ride in a few minutes, wewtness!)