Evening, everyone!

In case the title didn’t give it away: I got my bike!


More on that in a minute, though.

My stomach, for the time being, appears to love the Pease Porridge.

I didn’t get bloated or sick like I sometimes tend to do after breakfast, and, bonus, I also didn’t get hungry until almost four o’clock this afternoon.

Local raw/vegan/gf food bar.

Em showed up sometime after three, and we had plans to take our walk.

But first, she came bearing a gift in the form of a locally made raw food bar.

It was…interesting, to say the least.

Extremely tough and chewy, like boot leather, but oddly appealing.

It had an amazing nutritonal profile.

It was completely raw, organic, and had all sorts of lovely things like chia seeds and sprouts and hemp seeds, but it was “plum” flavored and very, very sour.

I ate a quarter of it before my mouth threatened to cave in on me from insane pucker, and I wrapped up the rest for Amor to try.

Inhaled a peanut butter and banana sandwich before headed out.

He won’t.

But, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Or, if I’m feeling ornery, I’ll offer him a bite just to gauge his reaction.

These are fun times in the Kaz household, based on sheer trust that we won’t poison each other.

World's smallest almond butter banana sandwich, enjoyed by Em.

After fueling up with lunch, Em and I set out on our adventure.

There is the most amazing bike path and hiking trail, practically right in my back yard.

I had no idea it even existed, but apparently it does, and it’s a straight shot from my house.  I can easily see myself biking to it.

Shared the world's largest pear with Em. Very yummy.

You know, on my new bike?


We walked a couple miles, leisurely explored, and snapped a few pictures.

A sample:

I had no idea I lived near such splendor.

Then, it was time to head to Target!

For my bike!

My bike!  To purchase!  For me!

Shared with Em before we left on our walk.

But, of course, we had to stop by the Grocery Outlet first.

We were both pretty ravenous, and I found these amazing gluten free crackers for 99 cents and some Newman’s Own cilantro salsa to snack on.

Properly fueled, we then headed to the Tarjay.

More pre-walk fuel. Hey, leisurely strolls are serious business.

Finally, we arrived at Target.

I was dancing in the aisles, skipping along.

I swear, I was such a hyper mess, fueled by a wonderful time with Em, good eats, and the promise of a new bike.

Em made me dinner. Omigosh, it was so good!

As we rounded the aisle to greet the bikes, there it was.

My new bike.

I was immediately drawn to it — sleek, silver and black, 21 speed…and the funny thing was, it wasn’t there yesterday.

Before shot. Em and I ate an entire head of kale tonight.

Amor, it would seem, was right.

Of course.

I’m glad I heeded his advice and slept on it, because the bike I brought home today was so much cooler than any of the other bikes I had seen yesterday.

Sautéed mushrooms and onion, balsamic vinegar, a bit of olive oil, and a ton of kale. I feasted like royalty tonight!

Even better?

For some reason, the math didn’t add up when the cashier told me my total.

I picked out a bike that was a bit more expensive than the ones I had been thinking about yesterday, but it turns out it was on sale!

Best dinner ever, hands down. Em, please come back and cook for me again!

It turned out it was on sale, 30$ off, and I wound up paying less for this bike than I would have for one of the more inferior ones.

Lesson learned: when Amor speaks, I shall listen.


Hummus-seasoned chickpeas for protein. Yum.

We piled my bike up into the back of Em’s car, then made a quick side-trip to the Co-op for some vittles.

We picked up a huge head of kale and I have no idea what else — when I’m at the Co-op, things just sort of spontaneously jump into my basket.

However, when we got home, Em took charge of the kitchen and made me probably the best dinner I had ever tasted.

Gluten free garlic-hummus crackers sprinkled atop the bed of kale.

I don’t know everything that she put in it, but I know she sliced up some onion and mushrooms and sautéed them in olive oil.

When tender, she added a head of chopped kale and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

She covered them and let them cook down a few minutes, until tender.

All together. This was so frikkin amazing.

We enjoyed them next to those chickpeas and the crushed gluten-free garlic-hummus crackers.

Oso, by the way, evidently loves kale.

He tends to get curious about what I’m eating, and will sometimes take a tentative bite and eat it without thinking, only to decide later he didn’t like it.

Cashew stuffed dates. Perfect dessert.

He pestered me for a half-dozen more bites of kale before I ran out and had to cut him off.

And who says you can’t raise children to appreciate their vegetables, hey?

Dessert was three dates stuffed with cashews.

I was craving the most dark, bitter chocolate tonight. This was amazing.

Then I enjoyed this Sharffen Berger bar as I typed up this post.

I’ll show a picture of the bike tomorrow!

Amor is adjusting the brakes right now, and I’m looking forward to giving him a test ride first thing in the morning.

Like, my heart is skipping a beat, and I keep sitting on it (it’s in the living room) and it’s almost surreal.

I can’t believe that I finally have a bike.  Thank you so much, Em, for taking me to Target today to pick him out! ❤

I still need to name him, too.  Oh, sheesh, more big decisions!  My brain may asplode.

Does your car/bike/mode-of-transportation have a name?  If so, what is it? My bike is a men’s bike, and he’s definitely a manly man bike.  I need to come up with a strong name for him.  Hm…

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz