Good afternoon!

Dude, okay.  United fails at life.

I’m currently channeling all my wrath at United Airlines, because every time I try to book a flight, it’ll go, “Psych!  This flight doesn’t exist!  I had you going there for a minute, didn’t I?”

(No, I can’t spell psych.  Is it sike?  Syke?)

Anyway.  I’ve spent the past four hours trying to book a decent flight, that doesn’t have a 5-minute layover or costs a bajillion dollars or anything, all morning.

I quit.  I’ll try again later.

Mmm, I already want s'more.

At least breakfast was a winner.

Any excuse to crack out the marshmallow fluff is a good one, in my book.

By the way, when I make this fluff again, I’m going to reduce the amount of honey used.  I noticed it reaching an excellent consistency after adding about half of the required honey.  The way it stands, the sweetness is a bit too cloying, if that’s at all possible.

The marshmallow fluff melted nicely. Yum!

Back in the days before I was gluten free, I was totally obsessed with s’mores.

I’d come up with weird and crazy combinations in order to get my melty marshmallow and chocolate fix.

One winner was to slip a Caramello instead of a Hershey’s bar between the graham crackers.  That one was a personal favorite.

I see myself making this again soon.

However, my favorite combination was when I added a generous smear of peanut butter onto each side of the graham cracker before sealing in the melted chocolate and toasty marshmallow.

This breakfast achieves a similar level of awesomeness.

The taste of chocolate peanut butter and creamy marshmallow goo definitely evoked memories of campfires and childhood summers.

I can also see myself making this again, but perhaps with a chocolate porridge base, and chocolate chips with regular peanut butter.

And of course, fluff.

Do you like s’mores? Oddly enough, I know several people who hate marshmallows, for some reason or another.  I avoid them (for the most part) due to the gelatin, but they’re probably one of my favorite sweets.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz