How’s everyone doing tonight?

Right on.

I could not get enough water tonight.  For some strange reason, I’m absurdly thirsty.

I decided a smoothie was in order for dinner.

The blueberry yogurt made this smoothie.

It was only mediocre, which is a shame, for an innocent spatula lost a large hunk of itself in the process.

Yes, I left a rubber spatula the blades then turned the power on.

Sometimes I wonder why I haven’t received the Nobel Prize for genius yet.

The smoothie was only meh — a half a pound of strawberries, the last of a head of red leaf lettuce, and a half a cantaloupe.

However, after dumping nearabouts the rest of the blueberry yogurt atop it, it became edible.  Ish.

Brace yourself, because my next picture looks downright repugnant.

Tasted good, looked...disgusting.

Raspberries, lime curd, and honey marshmallow fluff.

Like I said, tasted amazing, but the looks?  Not so much.

Use your imagination.

I fancied it rather resembled a macro of my face after a round too many with dairy, but hey.  To each their own, right?

Corn chips, hummus, and cashews.

I snacked on a couple servings of these chips and hummus while watching movies with Amor.

I also ate a few handfuls of cashews, a couple bites of peanut butter, some cherries, a peach, and a date.

Why am I still emotionally eating?  Why?  Argh.  So frustrating.

The movies we watched tonight totally bit.

We rented Click.  I hated it, and had to leave the room after about an hour.  My brain was beginning to hurt.

And, I also watched…I hesitate to admit this, but guys.  I rented Carousel, since I love “If I Loved You” and “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” and I had high hopes.

Wow.  I was so disappointed.  I must be the black sheep in my family, because I did not care for it at all.

(I’m sorry, family!  I still love you!  I just didn’t care for Carousel.)

I love Rogers and Hammerstein.  I loved The Sound of Music.  I love Showboat.  I loved Cinderella.  But this movie?  Did not love.

I remember being transfixed by it when I was younger.  A shame I had to spoil my memory of it by watching it tonight.

Have you ever re-watched a movie (or re-read a book) that you remember loving when you were younger, and been disappointed by it?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz