Hey, guys!

Sorry for being away today.  I have no valid excuse, except that I’m an immature brat and I was off pouting all afternoon.

You see, I’m not only terribly impatient, but I’m also terribly spoiled.

So ripe that it had cross-hatching from hanging in my fruit basket.

I’ve been pining away for months for a bicycle, and have finally saved up enough money to buy a cheapie from Target.  I don’t need anything fancy — just a nice, little starter bike.

However, when I got to Target, I was struck by a mad bout of OCD and was totally unable to make such a decision to pick out a bicycle to take home.

Amor, seeing my anxious plight and indecision, decided to come to my rescue.  (To clarify, I did ask his advice on the matter.)  He casually suggested that perhaps I research what I’m looking for, then come back and get a bike later.

Delicious salad with the last of yesterday's homemade hummus.

Being the highly volatile and emotional woman that I am, I interpreted that as, “No bike for you,” and I promptly threw a temper tantrum.

The way I throw tantrums, by the way, is shutting down, getting silent, and skulking around broodily.  No walls were damaged by high-speed, projectile tantrums being hurled about by my temper.

He was trying to be helpful, and I know that.  And I truly appreciate it, too, and everything about him.

Perfect salad. Yum!

The silly thing was, I knew what kind of bike I wanted, but when it came down to plunking down the money for it, I froze.

I can’t make decisions for the life of me.

It terrifies me, and for major choices and purchases, I need to consult somebody else to sort of “confirm” that I’m doing the right thing.

Enjoyed on the way to Target.

Amor interpreted my indecision as perhaps I wasn’t quite ready for a bike, and to prevent me from making a choice that I might regret, he suggested I sleep on it and make my purchase later, with confidence.

However, since I was so excited about finally getting my bike, being told I may have to wait an extra day crushed me.

I told you, I’m a spoilt, immature brat.

These took four days to ripe, but this nectarine was absolutely worth it.

After I got home, I went into a full-blown pout for a good hour or so.

Tonight, after dinner, Amor and I were talking, and I somehow got onto the subject of the bike again.

Very clearly, I explained to him my exact needs and specifications for a bike, and the fact that Target had a bike that met all of my criteria.

Snacked on while I tried to decide what to make for dinner. I love sweet potatoes, burnt or not.

He listened attentively, and when I was finished speaking, he said, “You sound like you know what you’re talking about.  Why don’t you get your bike tomorrow?”

Yay!  I’m getting a bike!

Amor is wonderful, and is the most kind and sweet person I know.  I feel extremely happy to have him as my fella, and validated that he understood me.  I also feel very foolish for allowing myself to get upset about being delayed a day for my bicycle.

First blackberry of the season. Very tart, but so very good.

Anyway, this is all very personal, but I guess I needed to sort of confess.

99% of the time, I’m cool and level-headed, then about 1% of the time, I regress into full blown prat.

I think it was the stress of these past few weeks finally catching up with me, but I’m sure that once I get my bike, I’ll be able to get out of the house, get some exercise, and burn off some of this restless energy.

Peas, a red potato, and melted rice cheese. So good!

After my pout, I moved into the kitchen to start dinner.

Somehow, I didn’t budget my groceries very carefully, because the  only veggies I have left are salad fixings and broccoli.

A quick survey of the freezer revealed frozen (how else?) peas.

Great.  I have peas.  Now what?

This was so very tasty!

I decided to boil a potato, and mash it with some peas.  Très exciting, no?

I also thought that sauteed onion might taste good with it, grabbed one and started chopping.

However, as I chopped, I suddenly and randomly thought about how much I liked onion rings.

One or two bites were left, so I finished it off.

And hey, onions are a vegetable, right?

On a whim, I pulled out a mixing bowl and started throwing random ingredients into it.

I didn’t consult a recipe, but based this recipe on what I thought onion rings should taste like.

Can't get enough grapes.

I knew they needed some leavening, or else they’d be heavy and greasy.

I also knew that they had to be somewhat like a pancake batter, but thicker, so that they would stick to the rings.

Amor was amused to know that, as a Southerner, I didn’t know how to deep fry.

I can’t be the only person born and raised in the South that lacks that skill, am I?

Em, your chocolate is in danger!

All in all, I’m extremely impressed with how they turned out, and Amor actually ate half a batch of them by himself.

I asked him if he’d eat them again if I made them again, and he readily agreed.


More like onion ringlets -- my shallow skillet wouldn't hold full-sized onion rings.

Gluten-Free Onion Rings:

1/2 cup garbanzo bean flour

1/2 cup brown rice flour

10 cracks of fresh ground black pepper (1/4 tsp-ish?)

1/2 tsp paprika

1 tsp minced garlic

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 cup water, minus 1 tbs

1 tbs balsamic vinegar

1 tbs olive oil

1/4 tsp salt, to taste

Combine dry ingredients in a mixing bowl.  Pour 1 tbs vinegar into a measuring cup, then fill to the 1/2 cup mark with water.  Add wet ingredients to dry, then stir until mixed.  You may need somewhat less water, or more, to make a thick batter (you’ll want it to be almost like wallpaper paste, rather than like pancake batter).

Coat onion rings, then fry about a minute each side on medium high heat.  (I used a skillet filled about a quarter inch with oil.)

Enjoy!  Let me know if I should clarify this recipe, or if you have any questions!

What kind of person are you when it comes to choices and decisions?  Are you spontaneous, or do you mull things over before committing to a decision? I’m telling you, for the life of me, I cannot make even the smallest choices sometimes without help.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz