Afternoon, everyone!

Wow, I feel like a bit of a dolt.  I was so caught up in everything I was doing this morning that I had somehow forgotten to upload my breakfast.

Is that spacey or what?

Never fear, for my eats are here.

Same breakfast as yesterday, but just as good today.

I’m sorry for the quality of my pictures today.

For some reason, amorphous blobs of blue and brown don’t photograph very well.

How strange.


Forgive me for eating the exact same thing as yesterday.  I’m real inventive, aren’t I?

I suppose I fried all my braincells on too many cookies yesterday?

Actually, I’m just trying to finish up that tub of blueberry yogurt, since it doesn’t have a resealable lid.

My porridge today had a secret weapon, however.

That weapon?  One of Em’s organic, fair trade bananas.

Yum. Can't get enough!

Okay, I know it sounds silly.

I know some of you will say, “Pish-posh!  A banana is a banana!  How can an organic, fair-trade banana taste better than a conventional one?”

It just does.  At least, this one did.

Or maybe because it was delivered to me with love that made it taste better.

So there.

Thanks for all the kind words on my cookie recipe yesterday, by the way. I sincerely appreciate it; I really, really do. ❤

And thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz