Afternoon, guys!

How is everyone?

Today has been a busy day for me.  I’ve been scouring various websites trying to find the best price on these tickets.

Who knew that travel could be so stressful?

Other than that, I’ve had a pretty successful day in the kitchen.

For lunch, I prepared myself probably the most awesome, amazing potato stew.

This picture does not do it justice. It was so good.

I’ll have the recipe up  later tonight, but the secret to making this so awesome was to blend half of the potatoes and beans together, then add them back to the stew pot.

That way, I still had the texture of whole beans and potatoes, but with the creamy bean/potato taste in every bite.


Addictive corn chips graced the top.

For a bit of extra crunch, I added a handful of those addictive corn chips from the other night.

I had to restrain myself from finishing the entire pot of stew, but fortunately I was able to control myself and have another serving in the fridge to look forward to.

One of my epic salads helped me with that rare burst of self-control.

My body is still craving veggies like mad.

I added about a half a cup of chickpeas, a few slices of a cucumber, a quarter of a large avocado, a heaping blob of hummus, a half a tomato, a mushroom, and probably about a head of romaine.

Small salad, indeed.

Yeah, right.

Delicious. Fresh veggies at their finest.

Dessert was, of course, a must.

Amor and I had picked up some peaches last week at the grocery store, and I’ve caught them admiring my stunning good looks every time I open the fridge.

However, every time I rooted around in there for something to eat, I didn’t particularly care for a peach at that moment.

And so, every time, the poor peaches’ hopes were dashed.

Pan fried peach. Oh dear.

Finally, I had to admit that I am pretty irresistible, and picked out a peach to bestow affection upon.

Deception!  Deceit!

The peach was crunchy.

Rather than letting the little impostor off the hook, instead I gutted it, ripped it in half, and placed it face down on a hot, oiled pan.

After cooking the peach, I stuffed the cavity with coconut butter.

Yes, my wrath is cruel.

If you happen to be a peach, consider this a warning: you don’t want on my bad side.

As for my good side?

Well, it creates things like pan-fried peaches for dessert.

Melty coconut butter? Yes, please.

After frying the peach on high-heat for the better part of a minute, I transferred it to a small dish and nuked it for about forty-five seconds.

Then I transferred it again to a clean plate, and whisked a bit of honey and cinnamon into the remaining juice in the bowl.

I drizzled that over the peach, then stuffed the pit cavity with a huge hunk of coconut butter.

Coconut butter in disguise!


Just, wow.

By the way, you don’t have to be absurdly rich to afford coconut butter.  I found this organic creme de noix de coco (which, ironically, sounds more pretentious and expensive than plain ole coconut butter) for a couple bucks at my natural food store.  I got something like 200g (7 oz) for the price.

Have you ever paid an unholy price for something that’s a blogger trend? I’m guilty of spending six bucks on a jar of Dark Chocolate Dreams once, to see what the hype was.  Yep.  It was hype-worthy.  However, I refuse to pay 10+$ for coconut butter, so I’m glad I found this cheaper version.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz