Good morning, everyone!

In the spirit of yesterday, on facing my fears, I decided to tackle another fear of mine for breakfast.

I don’t know why, but I am irrationally afraid of hunger.

In my mind, I equate lower protein with meaning it won’t hold me over, and I may — horror of all horrors! — become hungry.  I have a habit of checking the protein of many food items before I buy them, to see if they will help me stay fuller longer.

And, as I mentioned before, my egg whites are a crutch.

Delicious quiona porridge with real maple, almond butter glaze, and fresh blueberries. So good!

They give me the opportunity to add a wallop of protein to any dish without many calories, and therefore, hold me over longer.

I’m calling myself out.

Rubbish, Kaz!  This is sheer folly.

My hunger fluctuates day by day, regardless of how much protein I ate the day before, and I have no doubt that I get adequate protein for my height, age, and body weight — without having to rely on my precious egg whites.

Absolutely delicious. The banana in the quinoa base gave it plenty sweetness, so that I only used a drizzle of maple atop the porridge.

In today’s mix, I followed the directions for my usual quinoa porridge, but took out the egg whites, increased my flax to two tablespoons, and stirred in enough almond milk to make it thick and creamy.

The egg whites definitely lend it volume, so I’d suggest increasing your quinoa to perhaps a quarter cup (give or take) to find the right amount for your apptetite.

I’ll report back at lunch to let you know if my arm was consumed whilst waiting for a protein-packed meal instead of this egg white-less dish.

Is that not the hugest blob of almond butter you ever did see?

Yesterday, I hinted about a fear that I had faced.

I already had faced a handful of others at that point — such as getting up and getting ready to go out on a moment’s notice, not knowing when or what I’ll eat for lunch, to actually wear shorts (say what?!) — which may have been a pivotal buildup to actually standing before what scared me and diving in head first.

No, really.  I dove in head first.

Guys, I’m not just scared, but I am truly terrified, of dark water.

Go to the other side of the room and take another look at this picture. Doesn't it look like Jabba the Hut, summoning the innocent residents of the planet Bloo'barii, in order to eat them?

We got to our destination, and it was me versus the river.

The air was hot, and the water was perfect.

I debated not going in, seeing as I had oops!  Conveniently “accidentally” forgot to pack my suit.

However, after a moment’s deliberation, I skivvied down.  (That, in itself, was terrifying, lemme tell you.)

Nobody commented on how goofy I looked in my trousers, nobody made any remarks about my weight or body — they were too busy enjoying the water.

Yes, I'm the typical bad parent, who reaches for her camera when her furchild misbehaves, instead of scolding him.

And I went for it.

I couldn’t see my feet!

I was petrified, but Em was over there, doing flips and handstands, and I wasn’t about to miss out on the fun.

With her nearby, I paddled across the river, and swam to the other bank, then swam a bit upstream and let the current pull me back.

Of course I was totally anxious, and had to force myself to not think about how I couldn’t touch bottom or see where my feet were or what may be lurking below me (perhaps some unseen river monster with a hankering for making a meal of my toes).

But I did it, dang it.

It had been over a decade since I had swam in dark water.  I don’t see myself doing it again anytime soon (unless I get another random text message, telling me to pack for warm weather and bring a suit) but I’m glad I was able to enjoy it again.

Thanks, Em and Kay.  You girls rock! ❤

Have you done anything recently that scared you? There is no chance in h-e-double-hockey-sticks that I would have done this alone, that’s for darn sure.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz