Sorry for being away all day, but out of nowhere, Em texted me, asking if I wanted to go on an adventure.

Her text said, “Bring swim clothes and dress for warm weather.”

That was fear number one: spontaneity.

I don’t just do stuff, you know?  Not without explicitly planning it.

Then we arrived at our destination…and I faced fear number two.

I’ll talk more about that tomorrow.

Then, fear number three, to the tune of “Chug!  Chug!  Chug!”

Yes, I totally drank the loogie in the bottom of this.

I’m going to make this a quick picture post, since it’s way past my bedtime, but rest assured.

I have a full recap of one of the most awesome days I have ever had in such a long while coming up.

I love my friends, I really do. ❤

Hasty lunch, since I pulled myself together (shower and all!) in less than twenty minutes.

Split three ways between three very hungry girls.

Also shared three ways. We were starving by this point, and it was almost dinnertime.

I ate four of these over the course of the afternoon. My addiction.

Inhaled while I waited for my friends to arrive. The only green I ate today, but totally worth it.

My wonderful Em bought me this bar. It was pretty tasty!

We three girls went to town on this cookie. It was so good. I love lemon-flavored stuff.

Post-afternoon snackage. These were so rich and fudgey. I ate at least a half dozen or more.

And again, I ate over half of these with Em. So nice to chill with a such a sweet girl!

Amor is patiently waiting for me to wrap this up and go to bed, so alas, I have to wrap this up.

I also ate this awesome black bean chili, sipped on tons of lemonade, and who knows what else.

It was great!

Em and the other girl (I’ll call her Kay, ‘k?) are super sweet, super nice, and really cheered me out of my depressive funk this morning.

I can’t wait to talk about the fear I conquered today, either!

Thanks for bearing with me while I get my head back on track!

Wow, I love abusing exclamation points!


Are you a spontaneous person, or do you prefer order and planning instead? I totally love routine, but today was exactly what I needed, and I’m so glad I went for it.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz