(Why, yes, Kaz, it is!  How so very observant of you!)

I am a Knight Errand.

I rove the countryside in search of adventures, slay dangerous windmills, and — with a pure and noble heart — I valiantly complete chores from my never-ending to-do list.

And I do it all before lunchtime.

Then again, I ate lunch at four o’clock today, but who’s counting?

If you love cashews and honey, you'll love these.

Before I set off to seek justice and right wrongs, however, I needed a snack.

I enjoyed a Cashew-Almond Boomi Bar before heading out.  They’re very sweet, almost too sweet (and you’re talking to the girl who licked honey off her spoon this morning while making her French toast) but they’re also very delicious and held me over nicely.

Another epic salad. Yum.

The first order of business was the bank.

After depositing my paychecks, I headed out to Walgreens to pick up some essentials, and of course, some more chocolate.

Of course.

The last of the mango-avocado salsa made the perfect salad topper. Delish!

Then, from there, we drove around town on a very special mission.

Our success would have a pivotal impact on my future, my life, my happiness.

Failure?  Not an option.

Why do I suddenly love salads so dang much? Am I turning into a greens-noshing sideshow freak?

This mission…was to find fireworks.

I’d like to say we were successful.

Don’t you agree?

Oso saw me open the blinds and drag out the chair and had to investigate. Silly beast.

And yes, Oso tossed me a very cross look when he discovered it wasn’t food in the chair, but a large, cellophane-wrapped package.

Didn’t stop him from investigating, though.

I’m looking forward to enjoying these later tonight.  I have the camera on charge and I’m absurdly excited.

One of my favorite candies, ever.

While I was at Walgreens, I found these Lemonheads and had to buy them.

These are probably my favorite hard candy, and I rarely ever get to enjoy them because I hardly ever find the large ones in the stores.

Fact: the last time I had them, I burnt my tongue off from all the sour acid and was in pain for two days.  The time before that?  I broke my tooth and had to take an emergency trip to the dentist to have it filed down.

Still doesn’t stop me.

What’s your favorite hard candy? Next to Lemonheads, I love those strawberry bonbons and cinnamon discs.  Oh, and horehound.  Yum!

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz