Good evening!

Dig it?  I dig it.

Amor and I have taken to reserving our Saturday nights for ourselves.  Sometimes we go out to enjoy a film, but most of the time we stay in, and rent a movie and watch it at home.

These little buggers are addicting!

Tonight, we rented The Book of Eli.  I was not impressed, unfortunately.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was a bad movie, but it wasn’t anything that I found to be particularly intelligent or compelling.

Oh well.

How about some Osito for your entertainment pleasure instead?

Whatcha eatin', Kaz? I wanna see!

I promise to not turn this into an Oso blog, but the little brat loves to investigate everything I’m eating.

By the way, thank you for all the help on my last post!  You guys pulled up some great ideas, and I really appreciate the effort you put into helping me plan my dinner.

The picture doesn't do it justice; my avocados were a wee bit too ripe.

I wound up making the Avocado-Mango Salsa that you guys suggested, and Amor loved it.

I served his with cornmeal-crusted fried tilapia, and ate my share with several handfuls of those corn chips pictured above.

Oh, those corn chips.  They will be the bane of my existance.  I found them in the clearance rack of the Co-op for two bucks, and I can’t keep my hand out of the bag.

Since when am I a salty, anyway?

This was half of a ginormous honeydew melon. Yum!

For dessert, I enjoyed half of probably the world’s largest, juiciest, ripest honeydew melon ever.

I could not stop eating it, it was that good.  When I finished that bowl, there was at least a half cup of melon juice in the bottom.


For the crunchy part of my dessert, a chocolate rice cake with strawberry jam.

While I watched the movie, I snacked on a chocolate rice cake with strawberry jam.

A handful of chocolate chips and a block of Lindt 85% dark also made an appearance.

You know how to tell when it’s a real chocolate craving?  When only the darkest stuff will do, like a straight-up shot of pure chocolate to your soul, that’s when you know that your body needs chocolate.

Those chocolate chips, while 63% dark, were almost too sweet tonight.

My body needed chocolate.

I also snacked on some unpictured rice candy, a nibble off a Larabar, and a couple dates.  It was a snacky evening.

Oh, by the way!

Melissa from For the Love of Health is hosting a pretty skippy giveaway.  Perhaps you should check it out!

Now I must sleep…I’m a KaZombie.

Get it?  Kaz + Zombie = KaZombie?

Sorry; evidently my wit fails me when I’m sleepy.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz