Good morning, everyone!

Everyone enjoying their weekends so far?

Good, good.

Sorry for not posting last night, but I had no pictures to share with you.  The people who had invited us to the barbecue were colleagues of Amor’s, and therefore, I had only fleetingly met one of them and the rest were total strangers.  I’m afraid I would have been too shy to whip out the camera in their presence.

All I can say about last night was, put a few sips of a margarita in me and I’ll become bold enough to eat the frosting off three slices of cake, but I’ll still huddle in a corner with Amor and not mingle.

I loved yesterday's breakfast so much that I had it again today.

Funny thing was, there was absolutely no vegetarian food at the barbecue.  The family hosting it prepared a feast of traditional foods, which included grilled curry chicken and shrimp rice rolls, but practically everything had meat in it.

At one point, somebody encouraged me to try one of the rolls, since all it has was shrimp.  Shrimp’s not meat, right?

I enjoyed a plate of mixed nuts, cherries, a few cucumber slices, and this amazing peanut sauce poured over some white rice.

Blueberry maple walnut grits sans kefir, alas.

I endured some playful ribbing about being vegetarian, and when the birthday cake rolled out, the host of the party turned to me as he was cutting it, grinned, and said, “But you can eat cake, right?”

Hoo boy.  Rather than explain that, no, I can’t eat cake (and thereby avoiding any uncomfortable discourse about that), I accepted a slice of rich, chocolate cake and a slice of ice cream cake.

Amor, being wonderful as always, happily helped me consume the cake discreetly, and actually sacrificed his frosting so I’d be able to partake in the festivities.

It didn't need the kefir; the sweetness of the maple and the berries was more than satisfactory.

It was a fun time, though, and I’m glad I was invited.  They were all very nice people and after a few sips of that ‘rita, I was finally able to muster up the courage to chat a bit with some of the people there.

I pounded down two glasses of water after I got home, and this morning, I feel fine, no headache, and actually woke up with a bit of an appetite.

Grits it was, for this hungry girl.

After suffering with stomach pain all day yesterday, I had to confirm that it was the kefir that was making me sick.

See those pools of maple? Yum.

As far as I know, I have no trouble digesting corn, so I prepared my grits the same way as yesterday, with a whole egg and layering the blueberries on the bottom and the top.

I treated myself to an extra teaspoon of maple, though, to make up for the lost sweetness from the kefir.


I don’t know what it is about it, but the slightly savory grits and the somewhat sour tang of the blueberries and the earthy sweetness of the maple and the familiar spice of cinnamon…eating this breakfast just makes me feel good.

Super quick and super satisfying. We have a winner here.

Anyway, about the title of this post.

I’m not ashamed.

I’m not ashamed of being me.  I’m a vegetarian, sure.  I get teased a bit for it, and people always ask me what I eat, where do I get my protein.

My grandma once served me a dish of chicken and rice, and when I told her I don’t eat chicken, she protested, “But chicken isn’t meat!”  Finally, she took the dish away, picked the chicken off, then gave it back.

Please give grits a try; sure, they have a funny name, but they're so delish!

I’m also not ashamed that my body hates me and for some reason, loves to steer me toward minimally processed, whole, natural foods.  Sure, it irks me when I find something else I can’t eat, but I’d rather be happy and healthy than sick, so I cope.

However, my diet is like, what?  Two steps away from being vegan?

I eat eggs, and I eat honey.  And you know what?  I like eggs, and I enjoy the taste of honey.

Sure, I could give them up just so I can take up the label of “vegan,” but why would I?  Just for a title?  I eat organic eggs, and I try to be aware of where my honey came from.

If I had to take on a label, it’d be an “I-eat-anything-I-can-that-doesn’t-make-me-sick”-ian.

Anyway, I found this fantastic blog today, and the author is a vegan and lives seriously just up the road from me in a nearby town known for its hippie culture.  It was an awesome blog, really.  I loved reading it.

In my excitement, I almost commented on her blog, but I stopped.  I stopped because I didn’t want this devout vegan, who doesn’t shave her legs or wash her hair, who rides her bike everywhere, who only buys organic, who grows a garden…I didn’t want her to find my blog, because I’d be embarrassed.

Because of what?  I eat eggs?  I eat honey?  My green thumb wilted and died from neglect?  My polenta was probably supplied by Monsanto? (I’m currently looking for an organic brand, by the way, just because I loathe and despise Monsanto and everything they embody.)

I’m me, I eat what I can, and I’m trying to do my part.  We recycle, I take the bus everywhere when I can’t carpool, and I try to minimize my impact on the environment with what I eat.  And yadda-yadda-yadda, so on and so forth.

So what that I’m not a vegan?  I’m not ashamed.  While I totally and completely admire vegans and what they stand for, I don’t think that I’m ready to give up two foods that give me that much pleasure just for a title.

Have you ever been embarrassed or ashamed because of who you are?

Have you ever looked at another blog and shied away because you eat non-organic meat, or you drank real milk instead of soy, or just felt intimidated in general by another person who just looked, I dunno, greener than yourself?

My apologies to the tl;dr crowd.  And, more apologies if I offended anybody by this post.  While I admired that blogger greatly — and everyone who makes an extra effort to minimize their footprint — I did feel intimidated by her and also experienced a bit of momentary inferiority.  I aspire to be that environmentally aware someday soon, too.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz