Wow, where is the day going?  I am so far behind it isn’t even funny.

“It isn’t even funny”…?  Where did that phrase come from?  Like, in what instances would it ever be funny?  “Wow, I’m so caught up and it’s downright hilarious!”

I guess I just don’t get it?

You know what else isn’t funny?

My gut.

I freakin’ HATE my tummy.

This is my new favorite soup. Omg.

Okay, that picture of amazingness right up there has nothing to do with why I hate my stomach.  I’ll elaborate more on that in a minute.

Right now, I’m venting about my tummy.  It’s cathartic.  Bear with me here.

So, yeah.  Basically, I’m not allowed to eat anything.

You remember how excited I was about my new coconut milk kefir?

Yeah, right.  No.

Kristina is a bloody genius, that's all I can say.

Total no-go.

After eating it yesterday, my tummy was a bit off, but I paid it no heed.  However, today, my stomach was quite furious with me and told me in no uncertain terms that if I ever fed it that kefir ever again, things would get ugly.

A glance at the ingredients seems innoucous, but it has not only guar gum, but also xanthan gum, carrageenan, and chicory root inulin.  Even though I’m using, like, a 1/4 cup at a time, that’s more than my stomach could tolerate.

It hurts to suck in my tummy, and when I move, it sloshes like a water balloon.  To make matters worse, I’ve been invited to a barbecue tonight, and I don’t know how I’m going to button my trousers over my distended belly.

I’m furious at my body, but whatever.  I’ll get over it.  Sigh.  It just makes me so bloody sad that I can’t eat anything I like without my stomach hurting.

This was a complete flavor package of yum.

However, Kristina’s Spabettie’d Vegan African Peanut Soup more than made up for it.

Ever since I saw the recipe on her blog, I’ve been silently salivating to myself and promising that I’ll make it soon.

It’s been long enough.

Unfortunately, when I migrated into the kitchen to start preparing it, I realized: d’oh!  Foolish me.  I bought every other ingredient to make chili later this week, but forgot the tinned tomato.

That also meant, alas, no tomatoes for the soup.

These leftovers are gonna be so good!

However, a quick google search revealed that sweet potatoes are common in African cuisine, so I decided to swap out my tomatoes for potatoes.

Hey, it’s like, a two letter change.  Same diff.

Other than that change, the only other thing I did differently was to leave out the soy (can’t eat it), use almond milk in the place of the broth, and add a dash of cinnamon and cardamom as it cooked.

Wow.  Kristina, you are a genius, girl.  Oh my gosh.  Peanuts and curry?  I would have never thought to combine those two.  So. Freakin’. Delish!

GO!  Make this now!  It’s that good.  I’m definitely going to make it again, but this time with the tomatoes like I’m supposed to.

A roasted sweet potato slice with peanut butter and maple served as dessert.

I garnished mine with salted peanuts, a drizzle of maple, and a bit of cilantro and had to stop myself from finishing it all off.

There’s a tiny dish of leftovers in the fridge, and I look forward to dunking the rest of my roasted sweet potato into them before bed tonight.

Is anyone else out there as addicted to peanut butter as I am?  What’s the most unique/different thing you’ve ever combined your peanut butter with? I also love peanut butter and egg sandwiches.  The sweet/savory goes rather well.

Thank you again, Kristina, for this frikkin’ awesome recipe! ❤

And thanks for reading, guys!

❤ Kaz